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In A Heartbeat(4)

By:Hilary Storm

Oh. My. God.

I hear Ivy in my head. ‘Ev, just do. Quit thinking so much.’ I look around and notice that we have drawn quite the crowd. There is no way I can back out now.

I grab the tequila and pour it around her belly button.

I take a deep breath and go for it. What the hell, right?

I lick the cleavage….I mean the salt.

Then I head to her belly button to quickly get some of the tequila.

I hurry to grab the lime with my teeth only. Making sure not to touch lips, because you know that would just be awful since we've already been there. This bitch grabs my head and obviously wants my lime back. She begins to tongue battle me for the damn thing.

I yank my head up. What is happening?

This time Talon has a freaking smile on his face, Luke is bent over laughing his ass off, and I don’t even know what Holden thinks. There are so many people whistling and hollering that I can’t do anything but turn bright red.

When my cousin's stupid ass quits laughing he jumps up and introduces me to Lana. Apparently she likes girls and he knew that. He decided to wait until after my shots to tell me that tidbit. I'll show him!

"Lana it was so nice to meet you, maybe we can go out for a date sometime!" I say with a wink so that these guys can’t see.

The boys’ faces drop. I look around and admire the fact that I was actually able to shock them. Bingo! That is exactly what I was after.

I decide to follow Lana to the bathroom to clean up and let the boys wonder. Lana lets me know in the bathroom that she knows I am not into girls. I apologize for using her and she tells me that it was not a problem and that she enjoyed it. Oh man, I feel better. That was crazy shit.



Eaven is freaking hot. I can’t keep my eyes off of her. She is feisty and nervous at the same time. I can tell she is out of her comfort zone. I watch her as she leaves our table. I have a hard time taking my eyes away from the sway of her ass in those jeans. Her legs look like they go on forever.

I notice her hair shining in the lights as I try to remember if her hair was blond with brown or vice versa. To be honest I had a hard time taking my eyes off of her hot pink shirt. Her chest fills it completely. When I did let my eyes move anywhere, they seemed to stop when I hit her eyes. She has the bluest eyes that I have ever seen. I know we were making people feel uncomfortable as we seemed to have this connection with our eyes that wouldn’t quit.

Then she had to go and drink the tequila. I like a girl that can handle herself. Most girls drink those wine coolers or fruity mixed drinks. She had my attention for multiple reasons. That stunt she pulled with the tequila shots will forever be embedded into my mind. Damn.

“Luke, why the hell have you not told us about your cousin?”

“Do I need to remind you of your man whore brother?”

“No, I guess not.” I frown because he has a point.

“Don’t even think about it, she is way too innocent for any of you boys.”

He did not just say that to me. Why do I give a shit what he says? Wait, I don’t. It is time to take the stage. I better find my man whore twin.

I go to the back room and find Taron, making out with a busty blonde.

“Taron, get your dick in your pants and take the stage.”

I rip off my shirt and take my spot on stage. I am in my zone. The first song we will play is a hardcore rock song. I have a huge solo part in it. I prepare to lose myself and get ready to put everything I have into my performance, like I always do.



As I leave the restroom, I notice Ivy on the dance floor. I head over to dance while we still can.

"How was their dressing room?" I am curious why she is back so soon.

"Crowded." She seems frustrated.


"That bastard was making out with me and grabbed another girl that was walking by. I may be a kinky bitch, but I don't share. What have you been up to?" I can tell she just wants to change the subject.

"Oh nothing, I just did body shots with some chick while trying to get the attention of the twin to your lover boy."

"What the hell? I missed it."

"Yep! The girl kissed me and I licked her cleave."

"I can't even talk right now, I am so proud of you!" Ivy says proudly.

"Yea well, I think I pissed myself when she French kissed me, and the boys laughed their asses off at me. Then I acted like I wanted to go out with the chick sometime. That shut the boys up. They were choking on their tongues."

"I bet it did. Oh how I wish I would have passed on Taron groping me to see that."