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In A Heartbeat(5)

By:Hilary Storm

"Did you at least get an O out of it?" I ask her knowing that she probably did.

"Hell ya, you know I am selfish to get mine first. He will have to get his from someone else."

We danced like we didn't have a care in the world. Next thing we knew the band was taking the stage. Taron gives Ivy a little wink and she flips him off.

Then I notice him.

He is not wearing a shirt. Why is it drummers take off their shirts? He is so freaking gorgeous. I can't take my eyes off of him. His entire torso is tan and his muscles flex every time he moves. He stands to adjust something on a cymbal and I see that he has the ‘V’ muscles that I have always heard about. His pants hug right below those muscles and they seem to be pointing in the direction that my mind keeps going.

As the music starts, I notice he quickly gets lost in the music. It's like he is alone with his drums, creating a beat to his own thoughts. The band is really good, but he mesmerizes me.

His eyes are closed while he plays and I can tell right now there is something very deep about this guy.

"Ev, I've never seen you look at anyone like that." Ivy gets in my ear so I can hear her over the music.

I notice that my heart seems to skip a beat every time I look at him. I start to struggle trying to breathe again as it seems all of the oxygen has been sucked out of the room.

I can’t get comfortable as he starts to stare deep into my soul and it feels like he is inside of it.

All of a sudden, I feel arms come around me and it pulls me out of my Talon trance. It's my cousin Asher, Luke's brother. "How are they doing tonight?"

"Hey Asher, they are great."

"Is Luke killing it?"

"Yea he is." Okay, how terrible am I? I haven't even looked in my own cousin's direction to see him play guitar. I am pretty sure he had a solo back a bit, but I couldn't take my eyes off of this gorgeous shirtless creature.

I glance back up to Talon. He is staring at me again. I am locked into his eyes and can't look away. The expression on his face is full of sorrow and the intensity of it gives me goose bumps. I can feel him deep inside again. How does he do this to me? The song ends and he pulls away.

I notice there is a girl playing bass. She is drop dead beautiful. Luke is rocking that guitar like I've never seen him do. The two of them make a great team as they cover the stage and get the attention of the crowd.

After an hour or so, the band is done. Taron jumps off stage and grabs three girls to head to the back. Talon stands and turns around to adjust some of the equipment in his drum set. That is when I see the massive tattoo that covers nearly his entire back. It is a male angel, with his huge feather wings expanded across his shoulder blades then down the entire sides of his back. The body of the angel is kneeling with his head down, resting on his left arm. The angel looks devastated and defeated. My heart breaks as he exits the door to the right of the stage.

Ivy grabs my hand and heads towards Luke who is rather enjoying his minute of fame from all the girls.

“Seriously Luke, you are going to get a disease from these bitches. Take us back stage to see Talon.” Ivy scolds my cousin as she waits impatiently for him to reply. Asher joins in on all the left over groupie groping and we quickly realize that my cousins are not helping us back stage.

Ivy looks towards the exit and says “It’s not like this is a concert and we need passes. I have already seen where we need to go. Do you want to go back and see if we can find him?”

I quickly tell her “Yes”, which surprises her. We enter the area in the back and Talon is leaning up against the wall right outside their dressing area. He is looking down, but quickly notices us. Ivy is in front of me, but his eyes meet mine. He has yet to ever speak to me. Why am I so intrigued with this guy? Thank God he put his shirt on. I’m not sure my restraint would have lasted.

As we approach Ivy tells him “Great job tonight, you guys rock!”

His eyes still have not left mine. Ivy notices and decides to slip down the hall. I am left there with him and our awkward silence. I decide to break the little quiet game we have been playing.

“You did awesome tonight.” Pause. Nothing.

Since this is the first time we are standing together I notice that he is probably a good foot and a half taller than I am. I look into his eyes hoping he will reply to me.

“I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you.” Pause. Nothing.

I am getting a little frustrated now. The intensity that radiates off of him is suffocating me. I have obviously misread this guy. He doesn’t even have the decency to speak to me when I am trying to talk to him.

“Are you mute?” Pause. Smirk.

Now I am confused. Why has he been staring at me all night?