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In A Heartbeat(6)

By:Hilary Storm

“Why do you stare at me like that?” Pause. Nothing

“Well ok then, I guess, uh… it was nice to meet you. I will see you around.”

I begin to turn to walk away as he takes a step forward and then slowly edges me back against the wall behind me. His hands grab me on each side of my hips, and he lowers his mouth to mine. He begins to very slowly brush his lips over mine.

I see his eyes darken as he stares into my eyes with only a few inches separating us. He exhales and closes his eyes. His hands glide up my sides and he softly cradles my head in both hands. He starts to move his thumbs slowly and I am completely lost in this moment.

He opens his mouth just slightly as the tip of his tongue slides over my lips from side to side. I am watching his sensual movements and waiting patiently for him to kiss me. Talon opens his eyes and brushes his lips across my forehead as he pulls away and exits out the door down the hall.

I can’t move. My body is frozen in this spot. I lift my fingers to my lips just as I see Ivy looking at me.

“That was freaking hot! My heart is beating out of my chest from watching you guys. Ev, did he get your phone number?”

“No. He never said a word to me. I am so confused. He seems into me, but hesitant about something. I really like him Ivy.”

“I can tell. He obviously likes you too or he wouldn’t have attacked you like that.”

Chapter Two


This girl is getting to me. Can I do this? Damn it. I just need to get my ass in that bus. If Taron would quit thinking the dressing room is his personal fuck pad, I could have just regrouped in there. I haven’t had an urge to get to know a girl in a long time. I can’t even seem to speak when I am around her. I feel like this girl is going to rip to shreds the wall that I have built around myself.

I hate feeling like this. I was just so used to being with Nicole. We dated for almost three and a half years, but we knew each other since we were kids. We graduated high school together and moved here as freshmen two years ago. We were inseparable. I thought I loved her. It seems I didn’t even know what love was.

She had a rough time before we started dating. Her parents were going through a terrible divorce and she started taking pain pills to ‘deal’ with it. She never would tell her parents that she was taking pills. I was able to help her get past it our junior year in high school. I was at her house enough to go through her things and make sure she wasn’t taking pills again. She seemed happy that we were dating and her parent’s divorce was finalized.

Last year when we moved here, our relationship became even stronger. I was even considering the thought of moving in with her once we finished our sophomore year in college. She was taking birth control pills. I am now very aware that they are not 100% effective. When I found out she was pregnant, I’m not going to lie, it scared the shit out of me. But as the days went by, I realized that we had created a life together. It really hit me hard the day we got to hear the heartbeat. I knew at that moment I would do anything for my baby. That is the day I realized what love is. The due date should be tomorrow.

“What are you doing out here brother?” Holden snuck up behind me.

“Just getting some air. Where is everyone? I thought we were going to finish this night off at the house.”

“They are coming. Hope you are ready, this bus will be full tonight.”

Of course it will be. I need to get the hell out of here. The damn air is suffocating me. I have been carrying this weight since the day I lost everything.

“Talon, are you alright? You look pissed off about something.”

“Yea, I just need to get away from this place. It reminds me of that fucking horrible night.”

“I will go round everyone up.” Holden knows I don’t really want to talk about it. I am tired of thinking about it. I am tired of hurting over it. I will never recover from it.

“Hey,” I hear a soft voice from behind me. Eaven has found me. I look over at her.

“I’m sorry, I should leave you alone. I didn’t mean to make you angry.” She lowers her head and starts to walk away. Angry? She didn’t make me angry.

Shit, she must have read the expression on my face and assumed it was something she did. “You don’t have to leave, I am not mad at you.”

She stops and turns to look at me. I can’t seem to do anything except look into her eyes. I want to crawl inside her soul and stop feeling. If I could just stop this pain for a minute everything would be better. She walks up to me and grabs my hand and places it on her heart. She closes her eyes and wraps both of her arms around my hand and hugs it tight against her chest. I can feel her heart beating as fast as mine is. She doesn’t even know me and I can tell she sees my pain. She leans her body against mine and we stand there.