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In A Heartbeat(61)

By:Hilary Storm

I have to thank my entourage of people who helped me by reading and giving me critical advice when needed. I love you guys for putting up with me for the past few months, and I love you for the months of torture that I will send your way in the future books. You have always been there for me in life, so this book is no different. In that group - a special thanks to my reading partner Stacy. We always see eye to eye on books and you have been critical to this entire process. I could never have done it without your words of encouragement. Thank all of you for everything!

Also, a great big thanks to my models who posed for the front cover. They are very special to this series since Taron’s character is strongly based off of the male model’s personality and the female model deals with him daily. Yes ladies, there really is someone like him out there! It makes for some great entertainment! Just ask his wife!

There are so many people who had a part in my journey to release my debut novel. My editor, Anya helped so much with my bad grammatical tendencies. My paperback cover artist, Melissa was awesome and patient when I needed just that. I had a clear vision of what I wanted and she helped make that happen! She also took me under my wing and flew me straight into the social media world of promoting. I know our relationship is just beginning and I look forward to teaming up with her on future projects! Beta Reader Cassandra was brutally honest, just as I asked her to be. I made changes and listened to every critique. Thank you so much for taking the time to help make my book the best story possible.