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In A Heartbeat(7)

By:Hilary Storm



He is hurting. I just want to take it all away for him. I can feel my heart beating so fast. If I lean into his chest, I bet I will be able to feel his beating. I can feel him tense up. I don’t think he is breathing. I squeeze his arms a little tighter and nuzzle my face against one of his hands. Finally, he exhales and leans his head on mine. We are not saying a word, but saying so much to each other at the same time. We stand like this until we hear people coming out of the club. He takes his hands from mine, but only moves back a couple of inches so that we aren’t touching. Holden is following everyone trying to herd them all to the bus. I see Ivy falling back with Holden.

“We should probably get on the bus before everyone else. Otherwise, you might just have to sit on someone’s lap.” Talon warns me.

We walk toward the bus. I don’t know if I should try to sit with him or not? I decide that I will lead the way so that I can sit first and see what he does. This bus is just a huge RV that used to be my aunt and uncle’s. Luke took it over as his band bus, and apparently the drunk cab for the club. I can’t even imagine trying to drive it.

I walk to the very back and sit on the left side of the bed. Talon follows me back there and sits with me. He smiles and says “This should be interesting.”

What is he talking about? Luke takes a seat beside us along with a cute little redhead. Asher files in and sits at the table area with his arm candy. The bus fills with people I have never met. I hear Holden yelling, “Taron, get in the bus before I leave you here.”

Taron makes this grand entrance. He stops midway and glares at me. He prowls towards us and says, “Lil bro, what have you brought me?”

Talon quickly says, “Not a damn thing.”

“This is my bed. Everyone knows this.”

Talon stands and looks his brother in the face and says, “Not tonight.”

Holden grabs Taron by the shoulder. “Sit your ass down. We are just going home. You can sit somewhere else.”

Great I have chosen to sit in the bed of the self-absorbed horny twin. How many body fluids are in my vicinity from prior ‘rides’? I need a shower.

I notice Ivy in the front of the bus right behind the driver’s seat. Taron sits with her. I feel really bad for making Ivy have to deal with him. She won’t mind sacrificing since she knows exactly where I am and who I am with. She makes a great wing man. It is kind of nice to give her a break from always being the pilot.

Holden finally gets everyone situated and starts up this beast. Luke decides he is going to stare down Talon for sitting with me.

“What is your deal, Luke?” This is awkward since Talon is sitting between us and I have to lean over him to talk to Luke.

“Why aren’t you sitting with Ivy where you belong?”

“What are you talking about? I can sit where I want.”

“What made you choose to sit here?” Luke says while glaring at Talon.

“Luke get over yourself, I am not dealing with you tonight.” I say, hoping he will drop his whole demeanor.

“The hell you are not. You will listen to me.” Luke snaps back at me and I can feel Talon tense up.

“Luke, talk to me some other time. I want to enjoy the rest of the night. I don’t want to fight with you. Please don’t try to be my big brother and save me from myself. You were just telling me earlier that I don’t have any guts and I need to live a little.”

I can see Luke struggling with something. He wants to say something to me, but pulls back. I don’t know if it is because Talon is his friend and he is trying to decide what to say or what is going on with him.

Talon looks at Luke and says “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt her.”

Luke frowns and says “I guess I should be glad you didn’t decide to sit with Taron back here. I would physically remove you from this bed myself.”

“The fact that Taron usually sits here, makes me want to physically remove myself.” Both guys laugh at me.

I scoot back and enjoy the rest of the ride. I decide to twist open the little window so the wind is blowing on my face and through my hair. I look over and notice that Talon is resting his head on the wall behind us and the wind is hitting him as well. It is a perfect cool breeze that is very refreshing after the heated moments of tonight.

After we make a couple of stops to let some people out, we get to the Walker house. I can tell there has been some female influence on the décor in their house. Talon is showing me around. They have a decent sized kitchen with an island in the middle. There is a small table on one side of it. Their living room has a giant TV with large speakers on each side. I also notice game controllers sprawled out on the floor in front of it. There are three couches lining the walls in this room. I notice everyone is going to the backyard and decide I need to find Ivy.