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By:Jordan Silver

I spanked her ass hard and her cunny juiced as I forced more of my cock inside. Now she was really wild, tearing at the sheets and flinging her head from side to side as she chased her climax.

Her delightful sister adjusted herself on the bed with her body under hers, her head directly under the place where we were joined. Before I knew what she was about I felt her agile tongue on my balls. I wonder where they had learned of such things? Only the best French courtesans were ever into such sport.

When her tongue drove into my arse hole the surprise drove my cock all the way into her sister, which started her shaking uncontrollably, which set my cock to spitting inside her. I hadn’t even broken a sweat.

The night was spent in what some might call debauchery. They tried their best to best me, each arguing over who got my seed last after each bout. But alas, they were no match for my randy cock. He answered the call time and again and did not waver, always rising to the task.

We were all well spent by the time I pulled out of Avril for the last time. Or was it Adele? I have no way of knowing since I’d long since stretched both their little cunnies hours ago.

By the time my man came to escort them from my rooms, they had to be carried. I slept very deeply that night. My juices and theirs, drying on my rod and a wan smile on my face. It’s good to be king.

I had lots of fun fucking the twins for the next week or so, until their father got wind of what we were about and packed them off home. Oh well there was always new cunny to be had when you were the king.

Though some whispered that I was nothing more than a satyr, nothing could be farther from the truth. I have spent the last six years securing my crown after my father’s death.

There had been uprisings to put down, squabbles to settle and coffers to fill. I was a young man of twenty-one when this occurred. Knowing that I would one day ascend to the throne but not expecting it quite so soon I had been ill prepared. But I had more than fulfilled my duties.

Upon my ascension to the throne there were some who viewed me as too young perhaps and untried. You see, up until then, I was thought of as little more than the skirt chasing, rabble rousing prince.

I was young and free and had no interest in a wife, not for a few more moons at least. And fucking was the least hazardous pastime as far as I had ascertained.

I was of course trained in all the ways of battle, as heir to the throne it was a must. I spoke three languages and could hold my own with any philosopher. All the things becoming a king.

I was well liked by many, not so much by some, usually the elderly husbands of the young women I lured into my bed. The truth be known, more often than not they invited themselves and I, ever the obliging servant of my subjects, went out of my way to please.

It was a wonder I haven’t spawned more bastards than I have to date. I celebrate each new birth as it was reported to me, and their mothers had no fear of their futures. They knew their king would see to them. I declare they make out better for having graced my bed than some who’d made advantageous matches.

Chapter 5

King Julian

“Your majesty you must come quickly.”

“What is it?” I did not look up from the drafts I was busy working on. It seemed I could not go one day without some kind of interruption. Not even when I locked myself away in some darkened place in the palace.

“It’s your brother your majesty…he’s…he’s dead.” My hand stopped what it was doing as the words registered. “Where?” I did not let myself feel, instead stemming the flow of raw emotion before it started. My head was already thinking of what had to be done.

“The forest beyond the palace. He was hunting with friends…” I didn’t hear what else was said as I was already racing from the room. Not Frederick. I had failed once again to keep one of my own safe.

“Find my sister and secure her in her rooms under guard. Do it now.” I yelled at the poor guard who’d been loitering in the hallway. Dead, my brother was dead. Was it as innocent as it sounded or was there something else at play? One of the vagaries of being king; you suspect everything and everyone always.

Outside everything was chaotic. Men were running to and fro giving truth to the words I’d just heard. I saw them coming and my knees threatened to give out under me.

In the lead was Theodore Crompton who had been Frederick’s best friend since childhood. “Your majesty I’m…”

“Give him to me.” I took the bloodied lifeless body of my brother from his arms and turned and walked away.

My men had followed behind without me knowing. I hadn’t given any thought to them as I’d fled the palace. Though we were at peace, they never let me go two feet without a shadow. That was Nicholas’ doing, his and my little sister’s.