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By:Jordan Silver

The lady Georgina had been sent away in shame and was now living out her days in some remote holding of her sire’s. I’m sure the stable boys and grounds keepers were keeping her well occupied. It was none of my concern.

Our wedding had been a quiet affair out of respect for her period of mourning. I had kept her well away from all that nonsense with the council and my advisors. She knew only that I would make everything better for her and our unborn child and she had no need to worry.

Since the day we proclaimed our love for one another, we have been inseparable and that love has only grown in all this time.

She’s such a joy, I sometimes watch her in wonder. I could’ve lost her forever. I’d long outgrown the guilt of knowing that had my brother not died I would not know the happiness I now enjoy. We had healed together her and I and moved on from all our troubles.

Nicholas and Lillian too were expecting and my friend and sister were quite happy, my old friend now settled down to wedded bliss much as I have. Her hand in my hair brought my head up to gaze at her.

“You’re glowing pet. Are you happy?” I unwrapped her as I asked the question and helped her up from the chair, leading her to our bed. “Very happy my lord.”

“Good.” I helped her onto her side, which was the most comfortable way for her to take me. When she rode me earlier the babe had kicked and rolled in her tummy scaring me half to death.

I slid into her waiting heat with my hand resting on the rounded mound that kept my child in safety. “I will not harm you or the babe but I have to have you.” She was already lost in passion, pushing back against me with one leg slightly bent to give me easier access to her.

Her appetites of late have become as voracious as mine and I find myself feeding her needs throughout the day. She has such little respect for my time that she interrupts me at every turn when the need is upon her.

“Your majesty.”

Uh-oh she calls me that only when she’s quite peeved with me. “Yes little love?”

“I need more of you.” She tried pulling me into her with a hand on my arse but I held back. It had been weeks now since I’d given her my whole length, no way would I risk bringing harm to her just for my own pleasure.

One of her crazy fears was that I would stray once the child in her womb made her too encumbered. But she could have no idea of my love for her if she believed that. “It’s enough love, just feel me.” I stroked into her with my hand now between her thighs rubbing her little button to bring her to climax.

Stubborn ‘til the end she pushed herself back hard. Her slippery heat, and my greedy cock won the battle and I was soon buried to the hilt in her honeypot. Once she had me where she wanted me she did not let go, but instead held me captive with her tightening muscles.

Her milk burst forth on its own, and ran down her tit and I sped up my thrusts as I maneuvered my head down to taste her. My tongue lapping at her nipple was all that was needed for her to scream out her climax and it wasn’t long before I too was emptying my seed in her.

“I cannot wait to breed you again as soon as this one comes. I find I like the idea of planting my seed in you and watching it grow.” The whispered words sent her into paroxysms of ecstasy as my heart exploded with the joy of all the years to come.