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By:Jordan Silver

My friend Lord Sotheby, Earl of Camden who sat beside me at table turned his head in the direction I’d indicated. There were two very beautiful young maidens making coy gestures towards me as they sat at one of the lower tables.

“They’re the Marbury twins your majesty. Their names quite elude me at the moment, but I can assuredly acquire them if you’d like.” I looked idly around the room at what other fare was on offer. It had been almost a fortnight since I’d enjoyed a good bout of bed sport with a worthy vixen.

“Later, and for goodness sake James, be quiet about it. I’m growing tired of having my dalliances bandied about by every wagging tongue from here to Edinburgh.”

“As you say your majesty.” James hid a cunning smile behind his chalice as I glanced once more to the nubile young things, who weren’t too shy about their flirtations.

I ignored them the rest of the evening as I spoke to my men. We’d just returned from securing our borders, something I kept on top of even in peacetime. Much had happened since I took the throne. After I’d destroyed all my enemies and gained the loyalty and support of my noblemen, the land had gone through a period of restoration and rebuilding.

It was the first time since the Aguilons had taken rulership of the land that the people had known true rest. Now they were enjoying a time of secure prosperity. The court had been given to balls and fetes that lasted into the wee hours of the morn with much gaiety and lightheartedness.

I had changed much myself in the years since becoming king. I still enjoyed the same pleasantries as before, even more so now in some cases. But I was no longer the carefree boy I had once been. My days were filled with training and planning and settling disputes where necessary.

I had implemented much to see to the betterment of the poor of the land, where my sire had given more care to his noblemen. Now the poor had lands, which they could work without the heavy burden of inflated taxes.

I did not see where these changes had hurt the coffers. In fact my wealth had grown exponentially since there was no church to feed after I’d sacked them all and given their largess to those who needed it more.

Of course I had not allowed the land to fall into lawless heresy. My people were allowed to worship without having to have someone between them and their maker.

I didn’t allow myself to think of that bloody day so long ago, or of the months that followed when everything was in an uproar. I’d quelled the fears of those who thought we would regress back to the old ways of a Godless nation, after I’d expelled all the priests and clergy.

Instead I’d given my subjects the option to pray to their maker in the privacy of their homes. Each manse had a chapel for worship and there were learned men tasked with the duty of weddings and funerals. But gone was the grandeur and pomposity of the church that had ruled for so long.

My people were now free to enjoy their lives without fear of some vengeful deity that was waiting at every turn to swoop down and destroy them for the slightest mishap. But now worshipped a more understanding and benevolent creator.

Instead of a lawless, pagan society as some feared we would degenerate back to, the people had actually opened a discourse among themselves.

Neighbors gathered together to share what they had learned or ascertained from the scriptures. There was more freedom and so a more happy and content people. It had taken some doing, but we were finally moving forward.

The war had been fought and won, my enemies vanquished and my life had settled down to the jousts and hunting in the last few months. Mixed only with a few intermittent tours like the one just finished, when I ensured that my land was safe from marauders.

I stayed in the hall late into night, taking in the reverie and dancing while letting myself enjoy one of those rare moments when I had nothing more pressing than my next jug of wine on my mind.

I’d almost forgotten the two delights James had promised me by the time the night had drawn to a close.

Upon my return to my chambers not long after taking my leave, I was pleasantly surprised to find the two lasses awaiting me. I quirked a brow at the scene before me, as I came deeper into the room.

“And what have we here?”

“Good eve your majesty we are your humble servants come to please you at your request.” They knelt on the bed and bowed their heads in obeisance while having their charms on display.

“Come.” They flew off the bed to join me in the middle of the room. The fire made a mockery of their light gowns. I could see the vee between their thighs and the pink tint and high apple shape of their mouthwatering titties.

They giggled as young girls were wont to do, but I couldn’t see a lick of shyness or uncertainty in the two as they stood for my perusal. Their hair had been let down from its torturous fashion of the day and now fell freely down their backs like spun gold.