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By:Jordan Silver

I studied them both, my member rising immediately. It had been quite some time since I’d enjoyed the pleasure of two females at once. Not since I’d taken the wives of two of my sworn enemies maybe a year or so ago. Bah, that had been a jolly good time for all. These two were much younger, their supple flesh promising delights unimaginable.

“What are your names sweet damsels?” I questioned as I walked around them studying them in their innocent nightdresses that was all the more wanton for their seeming simplicity.

“I am Avril your majesty, and I am Adele my lord.” It was not possible to tell one from the other, but no matter, my cock would soon be doing the discerning and he never cared much as long as he was dipped in something warm and sweet. Names were superfluous at a time like this.

I moved to stand before them and lifted my arms. “Disrobe me my fair maidens.” They were only too quick to oblige, fair ripping my garments from my person. Their playful giggles in the midst of their roaming hands heated my blood.

There was much excitement at the sight of my cock, which stood proud and at the ready. They oohed and aahed as their little hands came out to play and tease most expertly I might add.

One of them got to her knees and sucked me into a very experienced mouth, while I swallowed the tongue of the other and played with her little titties. Oh yes, this night promised to be most pleasurable.

The one on her knees used my rod masterfully, rolling her tongue around my tumescent tip before taking me deep into her throat again. Her sister spread her legs for my fingers as I plowed them into her and sucked on her tongue. I pulled my mouth away when the experienced girl at my feet went to work on my balls as she milked my cock expertly.

“Do not make me spill, I want to save that honor for your little cunnies.” She pouted up at me prettily before they switched places. I was hard pressed to tell the difference. They both were very skillful and more delightfully, eager to please. This one sucked on my tongue much the same way she had my cock, like she was starved to be filled.

“On the bed with you both, up on your knees your king wants to have some fun.” They ran to the bed and knelt with their fine arses facing me, wagging them in vulgar invitation. I stood next to the bed and ran my hands over both well formed arses and up between their thighs. I licked first one beautiful pussy, making the recipient coo with pleasure before moving on to the next for more of the same.

Their tastes were like sweet wine on my tongue as I ate away at their quims, my tongue boring into them deeply. It was obvious that they had been fucked before. Their honeypots were deep yet tight around my tongue. Good, no messy hymen to discard of.

I ate them one after the other going back and forth, until my cock threatened to revolt and I’d had my fill of cunny juice. Stepping up behind the first one I took her bony hips in my hands and forced my overly large cock inside her, until she made a sound of distress.

I love that sound, the sound a woman makes when my cock splits her in two. When my cock is too big for her to take but she wants that sweet pain all the same. This one was truly a tight fit. Her vulva strained to hold my cock and the sight served only to make my rampant cock grow harder, longer.

“Ooh your majesty, he’s ever so huge; the stories about your member have not been exaggerated.” I drilled her with deep hard thrusts one hip held firmly with one hand while the fingers of the other fucked her twin who rode them with boisterous delight.

Though they’d been used before, they were still tight and my cock enjoyed the feel of being in a new playing field. Their language was way ahead of their years, which was something else I enjoyed. No doubt they’d heard whispers of my penchant for the more obscene when fucking.

“Fuck me your majesty.” The one on my cock moved faster as her climax drew close. She threw her arse back hard against me taking more of my wildly fucking rod into her tight cunny. If not for my prized control she would’ve drawn my seed from me before her sister got a taste. A hard squeeze of her nipple was enough to make her scream and squeeze her tight cunny down hard on my cock.

When she finally bathed my rod with her copious juices, I pulled out as she fell to the mattress beneath her, her little pussy well used, and entered the other one in one deep, hard stroke. “Ahhhhh.” Her scream held a tinge of pain much like her sister’s and she looked over her shoulder at me with widened eyes and hanging lips. I smiled as I fucked into her even harder.

Now I could tell the difference, this one was a little tighter than the other and she moved quite differently as well. She was a wild bitch to be sure, as her grunts and moans and pleadings to be fucked harder by my royal cock rang out in the room.