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Jasper(Zeus's Pack 1)

By:Lynn Hagen

Chapter One

Okay, he could do this. Jasper climbed out of his truck, inhaling

the fresh forest, pine scented air. It had been a long journey, and he almost made it to the Eastern pack located in Pride Pack Valley

before his truck sputtered and died on him. It was just his luck that he decided to finally be with his mate and his truck broke down.

Now what? He tried his cell phone, but there was no reception out

in this desolate place.

Grabbing a backpack with his essentials from the bed, he left his

truck. He would have his intended mate, Zeus, have someone who

could figure out what was wrong with it come get it, or at least tow it to the nearest garage.

Jasper stepped into the woods, deciding to foot it.

It was only a mile away. One stinking mile to go and his truck

wanted to have a hissy fit. Fine, whatever. The damn thing could sit

there and have a fit if it wanted to. He wasn’t waiting around. Let a

mechanic deal with it.

He sighed as he looked around. This was new territory for him.

Jasper was used to the forest surrounding his old pack, the Brac Pack.

He missed them terribly, but since he had discovered that his mate

was the Alpha of the Eastern pack, what could he do?



There was only one choice, a choice he had fought against for

months. He had feared leaving behind everything he knew, everyone

he knew, especially his best friend, Cody. That was why he fought it

so hard. The fear of the unknown could do that to a guy.

Jasper pulled his backpack tighter to his shoulder, hearing a low

growl off to his right. He was a Timber wolf. His hearing was

superior above all other wolf breeds.

Just his luck he was mated to a Grey wolf. Timber wolves were

the largest, fiercest creatures around. Rumor amongst Timbers was

that Grey wolves were lazy, deaf, and blind. He prayed this wasn’t

true because he was about to become part of their pack.

Jasper walked casually, not letting whoever it was know that he

was aware of their presence. He didn’t know any of the pack members

he was heading to except the Alpha, and he really only talked with

him briefly.

So was the person following him part of his new pack or a rogue

wolf? The Brac pack was having trouble with rogue wolves. The ex-

Alpha of the Eastern pack seemed to have gathered followers, and

they were out for blood. Jackson, the defeated Alpha that once ruled

over the Eastern pack, wanted the whole Brac pack dead, but luckily

they weren’t that easy to kill.

“Why are you trespassing in my territory?” A deep baritone

sounding voice came from behind a tree to his right.

Jasper kept walking, giving no attention or acknowledgement to

the wolf.

Maybe the soldiers from the new pack he was heading to would

scent him and come to his aid. He was a Timber wolf, but the smallest

of the old pack he just left.

Jasper was only five foot nine and one hundred and ninety

pounds, a shrimp compared to his old pack mates. Alpha Maverick of

the Brac pack was six foot nine, a giant among them.

“I asked you a question, Red.” The voice growled again, this time

lower, more menacingly.


Lynn Hagen

“Duh, I’m ignoring you. Get it?” Jasper rolled his eyes. He could

take on one lone wolf, piece of cake. He hated when people called

him Red. Just because he had red hair didn’t make the nickname likable.

Jasper came to a halt when a massive shadowy figure emerged

from behind the tree where he had been lurking. Holy crap, maybe he

would need just a little help with this one.

The stranger stood almost as tall as his old Alpha. Jasper gulped.

Although the guy was stunning, he was also scary. His short, black,

curly hair surrounded his golden face. There was something about

him that warned Jasper to be very cautious.

He might be hot, but Jasper wasn’t stupid enough to ignore that

dark foreboding in the man’s features.

The topaz eyes glared at him, daring him to take one more step.

Jasper, being who he was, took it.

“I wouldn’t go any farther if I was you. The next step could be

fatal.” The menacing figure advanced, grabbing Jasper by his throat.

“I asked why you were in my territory,” he snarled close to Jasper’s


“Taking a basket to grandma?”

“Try again, Red.” The hand clenched tighter. Okay, the guy didn’t

have a sense of humor, so much for joking his way out of this.

“Stop calling me Red, damn it. It’s Jasper, not fucking Red.” With

a hand wrapped around his throat, squeezing tightly, Jasper crossed

his arms over his chest and rolled his eyes once more.

If he was going to die, there was no use crying and begging. He

didn’t beg even on a good day, at least not to strangers. In bed was a totally justified excuse and hot as hell to do.