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Little Black Book(9)

By:Tabatha Vargo

I almost swore out loud. Quickly, I turned my eyes away from him, before I embarrassed myself. “Thanks,” I said out of the corner of my mouth.

He was already gone. I didn’t see him leave, but I felt it. The side of my body cooled and the ear-splitting sounds of the music came back in full force.

Mike swept by and set the drinks I needed on my tray. He winked at me like he was sure I was interested in him. His cockiness was in vain because he couldn’t have been more wrong.

I didn’t spill another drink that night. By the time I was cashing out my tips, I was exhausted and in desperate need of a shower.

“So what do you think?” Trish asked. She was picking up old beer bottles and empty glasses from one of her tables.

The room was empty, except for a few workers who were cleaning up. No one was looking at me, but I couldn’t help but feel eyes all of over me. Something about being in Clive’s after it closed was unsettling.

“Earth to Roz… What. Do. You. Think?” she asked louder, signing to me like I was deaf.

I wanted to say I’d never come back, but after counting all the cash I had from tips that night, I knew I couldn’t turn the job down.

“I’ll be back tomorrow night.”



I stood at the two-way mirror, looking down into the empty club. A few of the workers, including the new girl, cleaned and chatted.

She bent over a table with a wet cloth and wiped it down. Her shorts rode up and the bottom of her ass cheeks popped out. My cock grew hard just looking at her. I hadn’t reacted that way over a woman in a long time, and I wasn’t sure I could be the patient man I needed to be, in order to claim her as mine.

She was different. I knew propositioning her right off the bat was going to be a bad idea, but I didn’t care. I didn’t want to get to know her and I didn’t want her to get to know me.

First things first, I had to fire her. I never mixed business with pleasure, and being between her creamy thighs was much more important to me than an extra waitress.

“The new girl worked out nicely, don’t you think?” Vick asked while sorting paperwork.

“She did. Too bad I’m firing her,” I said, tilting my glass to my lips.

“What? Why?” Vick spun to face me and papers flew from the desk. “She just started.”

I turned and found her bent over, picking up her mess from the floor. “She’s my Jessica.”

Vick stopped and stared at me. “Are you sure? You just said the other night that Jessica Rabbit was a myth. What makes you think this girl has it?”

I was glad she had the smarts to not tell me the girl’s name. If I found out her name, all bets were off.

“I just know.”

She batted a piece of sweaty hair from her face and rolled her eyes with a hefty sigh. “I guess I’ll fire her tomorrow then. I’ll start searching for her replacement.”

She was pissed off, but she knew me well. When I wanted something, I went after it. I didn’t care how I got it.

“Don’t bother. I want to fire her.”

“Fine,” she said tightly, but I ignored it.

“You can fire Mike for me, though.” I didn’t like the way the little bastard was looking at my Jessica, and since I was never one to share, he had to go.

“Mike, the bartender?” Vick asked confused. “Why?”

“Because he doesn’t know how to keep his eyes to himself.”

I didn’t need to say more. She didn’t need to know anything other than the fact I wanted him fired as soon as possible.

I could feel Vick staring at me, before she finally headed for the door.

“I’ll look for his replacement as well.”

It wasn’t like she had to look very far. We had, literally, hundreds of applicants who wanted to work at Clive’s. I sat behind my desk and thought about Jessica. Her image alone was enough to make my dick throb painfully.

I undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants. Easing back into my chair, I slipped my hand in my pants and palmed my cock, squeezing hard. I could have easily called on one of my girls to take care of my needs, but it was easier to imagine a certain redhead’s lips wrapped tightly around the head of my shaft.

Firing her was the only way to go. I needed her desperate. A good girl like her wouldn’t be working at a place like Clive’s, unless she absolutely needed the money. Money was something I had in spades, so money would be what brought her to me. I wanted her to need me. I needed to feel it in her touch—in the way her body rocked against mine. I wanted it more than my next breath.

The following night, she was late to work. I could have fired her on the spot, but I wanted to spend the night watching her move. I sat tucked away at the bar, letting my eyes roam over her curvy body. The sway of her hips, as she slid through the room with her newfound tray holding skills, was almost too much to take. I thought about all the things I wanted to do to her—the noises she would make.