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By:Jeff Collins


"Oh, darling, what a good fuck! What a beautiful fuck!"

Reed Caine slowly pulled his enormous dick from between his still-groaning wife's legs. As the head pulled free of her hungrily clinging cuntlips, Caine realized he was fully prepared to fuck the voluptuous, young Mexican girl without waiting to regain his full hardness.

After all, this would be the last night that he and his wife would get to enjoy the charms of Maria's beautiful, olive-skinned body.. She would be returning to Mexico City the following morning.

But that was as it should be. He and Mona had agreed that they should only keep their foreign "maids" a year before sending them back.

The hiring of young girls as maids and using their bodies for a year had been a stroke of genius on Mona's part. They had both grown tired of the wife-swapping and social sex clubs where most of the men were laded and the women equally bored with sex.

Mona had suggested that they hire girls from abroad. It had worked beautifully, and Maria was their third girl. Caine looked from Maria's gently writhing, waiting-to-be-fucked body to his wife.

He rolled carefully off Mona's body, his prick protruding rigidly up in front of him, the sleek, wet shaft pulsating gently.

Mona murmured drowsily. Her sexual exercise had completely satiated her, and she lay with her head turned sideways on the pillow, breathing deeply, her legs spread wide apart as he had left them.

Caine looked again at Maria.

The girl's left tit was still held loosely in Mona's hand, and she stared steadily back at Caine, her passion-filled eyes full of lust.

Maria had been the hardest to bring around to their sex games. Rut once she started, there had been no stopping her. And now, a year later, she would suck a pussy as willingly as a cock, and her young asshole was as talented in taking a prick as was her pussy.

Caine leaned over his wife's slumbering body, his mouth close to the young girl's face. They kissed with their lips wetly open, and Maria's tongue crept between his teeth, moving deliciously into his mouth and licking sensuously across its roof.

"How do you wish to make love to me, Reed, darling?" the beautiful young girl asked, cupping her tit and pointing it toward his waiting lips.

"Let's just play around and see," Reed replied.

He cupped her luscious tit and gave it a soft, gentle squeeze, then let the firm, white mound roll gently in the palm of his hand, supporting it with a soft caress of his fingers.

Maria leaned toward him as they continued kissing, letting her hand stray to his stiff cock. She stroked tenderly up and down, using only the very tips of her fingers. Her gentle, coaxing touch filled Caine with an aching longing for the very young, very beautiful girl.

"I'll fuck you now, Maria," Reed whispered. "I'll give you my dick."

"Yes, yes, yes!" the young Mexican beauty sighed, spreading her legs and lifting her cunt toward the head of his swaying cock.

Caine rolled further between her thighs. He clamped his lips around a swollen nipple and entered her slowly, feeling the warm, juicy cunt walls open to take his big dick. They yawned wide, yet clung to his cock flesh-muscles of pulsating pussy flesh caressing his throbbing meat.

"Oh, Reed, dearest, your cock is so good in my hot pussy! Fuck me, fuck me good!" she moaned in her broken English.

Reed chuckled. "You'll really know how to fuck all those Mexican boys when you get home, Maria!"

"Oh, Reed, I don't want to go! I want to stay here! I want to keep eating Mona's sweet pussy and fucking your big, beautiful cock!"

Caine paid no attention, and concentrated on pleasing her pussy to get her mind off leaving. He pushed into her until his prick was buried to his balls. He dropped his head and captured a succulent tit between his lips, molding the other breast with the palm of his hand, rolling his hips in wide arcs, trying to corkscrew his cock deeper and deeper into her.

Her moan was contented now; the caress of her fingers at the back of his neck was the satisfied, soothing expression of a woman getting happily fucked.

Reed fucked slowly, as if he had all the time in the world, sucking each swollen tit in turn, leisurely rolling his hips in wide arcs. Then, clamping his lips to hers again, he picked up the pace of his fucking, his cock sliding through the glistening folds of her pussy with increasing urgency.

Maria was good pussy; he would miss her. But by the following week, he would be fucking not one, but two beautiful young "maids".

"Higher, darling, higher! Get your wonderful prick on my clit."

Her body began to squirm beneath his, her moans around his darting tongue in her mouth growing more impassioned. He had her at her peak. He lifted his body and rode her like a stallion. Her cry of release was savage, uninhibited, and he kept slamming at her hard and fast, building her to a second climax, building both of them to a scaring come.

"Want me to stop?" he asked with a mocking gleam in his eyes, slowing the pace of his fucking.

"NO!" she shrieked, lifting her head to look down between their sweating bodies at the rockhard prick as it skewered her creaming hole. "Please! Don't stop! I'm almost there again! Don't stop!"

"Don't stop what?" he asked innocently.

"Oh, God, you're teasing me! Fuck me! Please, fuck me!" He was slamming at her again. "Ohhhhh, your cock… yes, yes, yes! It's sooooo gooood!"

Then she couldn't talk any more. She just squealed and groaned, obviously enjoying the fantastic fuck.

Reed felt as though he could last forever. He rode her hard to a second climax and thought he would go over with her, but at the last second he was able to hold back. He teased tier with his big prick, keeping it hard but barely moving it back and forth in the gushy pussy.

He leaned into her again, kissing her lips, her neck, sucking tenderly at her tits. Maria lay relaxed now, her soft moans happy, massaging his pulsating cockmeat with subtle movements of her inner muscles.

"Ohhhh, so good," she moaned. "Such good cock!"

Reed lifted his body and went at her again. She cried out for that third body-shattering orgasm. And this time he was right with her. His cum splattered into her cunt as her shrieks filled the air. Spurt after spurt of sticky male juice cascaded the length of his throbbing shaft to puddle in the depths of her pussy.

He kept rolling his hips to stay deep inside her before he began to get soft. Then he lay still. He nibbled at her ear and rolled onto his back, pulling her to him.

Maria rested her head on his shoulder. "Ohhh, God," she purred.

"Feel better?"

"Yes, it's good, so good fucking you!"

"Spread, Maria, darling!"

Reed and Maria looked down. Mona had awakened. She was crawling between the young girl's thighs.

"Spread your legs, dear," the woman cooed. "I want to suck my husband's delicious cum from your pussy!"

Next week, Reed Caine thought, as the slurping sounds came from between Maria's spread legs, dear Mona, you'll have a Swedish pussy and an English pussy to eat my cum out of!

His name was Lars. Trudy Swensen didn't know his last name. She rarely knew her customers last names. She didn't care, as long as they gave her a good fuck and paid her well for her pussy.

From where she stood, she could see streaks of gray through his brown hair, and his face had begun to acquire a few wrinkles. She could see that not very long ago he must have been ruggedly handsome, but he was now on the verge of losing his good looks. But several of her friends who had serviced him said that he had a fantastic cock and he paid well, even if he was a little kinky. That's all Trudy cared about.

"I want to watch you walk," he was saying to her. "Walking is very important… it reveals a lot. Judges can sometimes predict the winners of a beauty contest by watching the participants walk." "I'm not here as a beauty contestant, Lars,"

Trudy smiled.

"Ah, I know that," he replied. "But when you walk, your ass moves. That's what I want to see."

Trudy smiled uncertainly, gazing with a questioning look at the older man. He grinned in encouragement and nodded for her to go ahead.

"Walk toward me slowly and do what I tell you." He was breathing heavily in the quiet room as Trudy moved carefully toward him.

"Very nice… yes, very nice," he muttered as he watched her hips sway slightly with each step. "You are truly beautiful, and your ass is magnificent!"

She turned around in a complete circle and then stopped, looking at him to see what she should do next. He was breathing erratically as he stared up and down her enticing young body. Trudy noticed his hands were moving in his lap. Finally, he stopped what he was doing and looked at her eyes again.

"Come closer, my dear," he whispered.

She took the remaining steps to bring her to the edge of the table where the man sat watching her. When she was towering over him, he smiled up at her, staring hungrily at the bulge between her thighs. His hands were clasped together over the crotch of his trousers as he devoured her luscious young body with his eyes.

"My friends tell me you love your work," he said.

Trudy laughed heartily. "If it has anything to do with fucking, I love it!"

"Good, good. I like a blunt, open girl." Slowly, as though he were unveiling an art treasure, he removed his hands from his lap, exposing his long prick to the young blonde's gaze. It was partially erect and quivering like a snake between his legs.