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Mastered by the Sheikh

By:Opal Carew

I really wish you had gone with someone.

Lily frowned at the email her sister had sent—the same sentiment Trudy had conveyed several times already—as the other passengers started moving up the aisle to disembark the aircraft.

I told you. It’s a singles’ resort. The whole idea is to meet people there. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.

She tucked her cell phone back into her purse and stood up to pull her luggage from the overhead rack, then moved along with the flow of people leaving the plane. Once at the door, she stepped into the heat of the passageway to the airport at Mexico City.

She had a two hour layover before her flight left for Ixtapa and the lovely singles resort that was her destination. She’d never won anything before and she intended to enjoy this trip. Maybe meet a nice man. It had definitely been a while.

After she went through Customs, she stepped into the terminal and glanced around, trying to orient herself. She wasn’t quite sure where to go for her connecting flight.

“Miss Darien?” A beautiful woman in a navy suit stepped toward Lily.


“Congratulations on winning your trip to the luxury resort, Ginesse in Ixtapa. I’m Miss Jonas from Ginesse International and I’ll escort you to the VIP lounge.”

“Thank you.” Lily shook the hand the woman offered.

Miss Jonas took the handle of Lily’s carry-on and started to walk. The woman was stunning with her long, black hair and flawless caramel skin. She wasn’t Mexican and Lily couldn’t place her accent.

She walked quickly and Lily had a bit of trouble keeping up. It had been a long flight and she really didn’t want to race through the airport. They were passing by various restaurants and Lily just wanted to settle at a table and enjoy a nice lunch.

“Excuse me, Miss Jonas.” She hurried to catch up so she could walk beside the woman. “I think I’ll skip the lounge and grab some lunch. You could just give me directions to the gate for my next flight and I’ll make my own way there.”

“No, no. You really must come and enjoy the VIP lounge. You can have a drink and get something to eat there.” The woman started walking faster. “It’s really not far.”

Something seemed odd and Lily reached for the handle of her bag, but the other woman sped up.

“I really don’t want to go to the lounge,” Lily said.

Miss Jonas frowned. “All right. Let me recommend a nice restaurant just ahead.”

The woman steered Lily to the left and reached for what looked like a service door.

“This is a shortcut,” Miss Jonas explained as she opened the heavy door.

“No, I don’t think this is a good idea.” Lily tried again to grab the handle of the suitcase, but the woman was through the door already. Lily turned, deciding to get security, and found two men with steely gazes had closed in on them and blocked her escape.

Before she could yell for help, an arm snaked around her and something covered her mouth. As she breathed in the pungent scent, she felt dizzy and weak.

Everything went black.

Yasin strolled to the terrace doors then paused. He had just arrived and was about to see his family for the first time in three years.

Somehow, he had allowed them to pressure him into coming here for a huge celebration in honor of his thirtieth birthday.

When his eldest brother, Omar, had first summoned him, Yasin had flatly refused, unwilling to return to Marjah, the small country on the south of the Persian Gulf that his family—more specifically, Omar—ruled. Yasin had made a clean break from his home when he’d made the permanent move to the U.S. three years ago, and he’d promised himself not to return.

The way his family did things was not his way. And never would be.

Omar had been livid, of course. But once he’d realized that despite all his money and power, he could not force Yasin to come—barring kidnapping him—he’d calmed down and done what he always did.

Found a way to get what he wanted.

Omar had made an unprecedented offer of compromise when he’d bought this beautiful tropical island—complete with this luxurious villa—so they could come together for the celebration.

Because of that gesture, Yasin had capitulated.

He drew in a deep breath and stepped outside, breathing in the refreshing sea air.

Omar was stretched out on a lounge chair overlooking the sensational ocean vista.

And he was naked. Except for his sunglasses.

“Aren’t you afraid of burning?” Yasin asked.

“Not at all.” Omar clapped his hands and a tall, shapely woman—also totally naked—hurried toward him. “Lotion,” he commanded.

“Of course, Master.” She picked up the bottle on the table beside him and squeezed the creamy liquid into her hand, then she knelt in front of him and began applying the lotion to his chest.

“Sit,” he said to Yasin. “Take off that shirt and let one of the women take care of you, too.”

By “take care”, Yasin knew the attention would go well beyond applying lotion if he wanted it to. He didn’t want one of his brother’s women to fuck him, especially in this public area, but he knew better than to deny his brother’s hospitality. Getting lotion smeared on him by a lovely naked woman he could accept.

He unbuttoned his shirt and another young woman hurried over to take it. She then knelt in front of him and smiled timidly. When he returned her smile, her large brown eyes lit up. Moments later, her soft hands were stroking warm lotion across his chest.

His gaze wandered to his brother and the woman kneeling in front of him. Her hands had moved down from his stomach and were now stroking over his cock, giving it very careful attention.

Fuck, why did his brother have to be such an exhibitionist. Omar loved having his women walk around naked, and he would touch them and have them touch him. There seemed no limits.

Yasin’s inclination was to protect women. To revere them.

Omar coiled his hand in her long hair and pulled her closer, pressing his cock to her lips. She opened and took it in her mouth, then he pulled her tight to his groin. Yasin could hear her gag, but she quickly got it under control. Then she began to glide up and down his member.

The woman caressing Yasin with her soft hands moved down his stomach, then stroked over his swimming trunks. His cock, already hard from watching Omar, swelled even more.

But when she started to reach inside, he grasped her wrist.

“That won’t be necessary.”

“Ha ha!” Omar chuckled loudly. “It is never necessary, brother, but it is pleasurable. Enjoy it!”

He could see Omar was enjoying it. The woman’s mouth glided up and down his rigid shaft and he arched to her.

Fuck, it was hard to ignore his need as his brother was getting sucked off beside him. At a nod from Omar, the woman in front of Yasin cupped her own breasts and stroked them. She squeezed the nipples making them poke forward in invitation.

“Please, sir. I would very much like to please you.”

Fuck. His cock ached and he knew that the woman really did speak the truth. It was what she was trained to do.

He could remain stoic and ignore the demands of his body, but what would be the point?

Finally, he relented with a nod and she smiled brightly. She slipped her hand into his trunks and pulled out his cock.

Before she leaned down to take it in her mouth, he cupped her cheek.

“First tell me your name.”

Her eyes widened. “My name is Hafsa, sir.”

He smiled. “A beautiful name for a beautiful woman.”

Her cheeks flushed in pleasure and she lowered her face. When her lips rested against his tip, he had to stop himself from groaning.

It had been too long since he’d been with a woman. He’d been too busy lately to worry about romance, and he didn’t do one night stands. And this...

He groaned softly as she took him deep into her warm mouth. He never did this kind of thing.

But right now, with her sweet lips squeezing as she glided up and down his aching cock, he put aside thoughts of family friction and simply enjoyed the attention of a lovely woman.

Heat swelled in his belly and his heart pounded as she moved faster on him. She cupped his balls and caressed them softly.

“Fuck yeah!” Omar pulled his woman’s head tight to his groin as he released in her mouth. It looked like the poor woman could barely breathe as he gripped her tightly.

Yasin’s own cock blazed with need as Hafsa kept gliding it deep inside her.

Omar finally released his woman and she scurried away.

Yasin relaxed on the chair, pleasure shimmering through him. Hafsa sucked harder, her fingers working magic on his balls... and he felt the heat build. She glided faster, taking him deep into her throat.

Ah, fuck, he imagined his cock inside her feminine body. As the pleasure built, images wafted through him of shoving her against the stone wall and driving his cock deep inside her. Of pinning her hands above her head and thrusting deep and hard. Of her crying out. In pleasure, but also a little in fear.

He felt the tension cinching inside him like a tightly wound spring, until in a sharp, electrifying pulse, it jolted through him and erupted from his cock into her mouth.

He groaned, shuddering as she continued to suckle. Then she glided from his tip and licked his shaft all over with her delicate tongue.

As he relaxed under her gentle touch, guilt and disgust jolted through him at how he’d fantasized about taking her. It was barbaric. He hated that his family’s blood tainted his urges in such a way.