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Mated To The Vikens (Interstellar Brides Book 8)(2)

By:Grace Goodwin

I could do nothing but stroke the two cocks in my hands as the one fucking me had me pinned to the bed.

“I’m going to come.” It was the second man’s deep growl. I could feel him thicken in my palm just before I felt hot pulses of seed land on my belly and breasts.

Perhaps it was the knowledge that I’d stroked him off so well that he couldn’t hold back. Perhaps it was the fact that I had a man fucking me as a second came all over me, but I came too. Hard. I screamed as I gave over to the pleasure of it all. I barely heard the first man’s growl, but felt his seed coat my body. As the shimmering feel of the orgasm began to taper, their hands moved over my body, spreading their seed. It should have seemed weird, being coated in the sticky essence, but it heated my flesh wherever it touched. My nipples hardened and I clenched down on the cock that fucked me with wild abandon.

“She’s so tight I can’t hold off.”

His body stiffened above me as he shouted out, his seed pumping into me. I’d never imagined I could feel a man’s release inside me, but his was hot and copious, coating my walls, sliding out around his thick cock. I came again, the need too great.

“Such a good girl. You are ours. You belong to all of us. Our seed is on you. In you. There is no going back. You will desire us always, as we do you.”

“Yes. Again. More, please.” I’d forgotten I still held their cocks, both remaining as thick and hard as if they hadn’t just come. They shifted, their cocks slipping from my fingers.

The man between my legs pulled out.

“More,” I begged.

I sensed them shifting on the bed, moving so that a different man was between my thighs. I was flipped onto my belly, a hand about my waist pulling me back for the next man’s cock.

“Yes, more,” the deep voice said. “Always.”

I whimpered as he filled me, collapsing as my body convulsed in another orgasm, my pussy rippling over his cock.

“Miss Antonelli!”

A woman’s voice. Confused, I hung on to pleasure as the aftershocks of the orgasm made me shake and moan. And that huge cock fucked me, filled me, stretched me with relentless force.

God, I wanted more, but the sensations faded no matter how I clung to them.

“Miss Antonelli, are you all right?”

My eyes fluttered open and saw a familiar face looming over me. It wasn’t one of the men who’d been in bed with me. It was a woman, one I recognized all too well. Her face was pretty, but severe, as if she took her job very seriously. Warden Egara. The woman who worked for them. The alien races who claimed to be protecting our planet from some terrible horde of creatures. “Warden Egara?”

“You screamed. Are you hurt?”

“I…you heard me scream?” God, I’d come so hard that I’d screamed? Who else heard me lose it?

She nodded, but remained silent.

“Sorry.” I looked around and wondered exactly how thin the walls were in this place. The room looked like a medical office, the walls white and the furniture clinical, unwelcoming.

Of course, no one stayed long. The brides and soldiers were processed in different sections of the building. So, there might be a whole squadron of soldiers on the other side of the wall listening to me have an orgasm all over some alien cock. Who heard me scream? Probably everyone in the building. The tingling after-effects of the orgasm still pulsed in my body. My core clenched, eager for the man’s hard cock to fill me once more. My nipples were hard and my skin was soaked in sweat.

I was supposed to be matched to the perfect alien mate with some high-tech program. But that hadn’t exactly been a test. No, that was more like being tossed into a live-stream adult film.

“Was that the test, the matching protocol I read about?”

Warden Egara raised both brows, a slight grin lifting the right side of her mouth. “Yes.”

“What kind of test was that?” I asked.

She looked over me critically, as if still worried about my health. But my question appeared to ease her worry and the intense crease between her brows relaxed. “Intense, isn’t it?”

That wasn’t the only word I’d use. Incredible. Exhilarating. Overwhelming.

I nodded as I licked my lips. My hands were restrained in the testing chair and I wore the ugliest hospital gown ever to grace the female form. Dark gray with little Interstellar Bride Program insignia all over it, I felt like I was in a psych ward, not an alien dating service.

My nose chose that moment to itch and I sighed, resigning myself to twitching my face to relieve the sensation. I wasn’t surprised by the thick restraints on my wrists and ankles. In fact, I’d grown quite used to them, for I’d been in handcuffs enough over the past few months.