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Mated To The Vikens (Interstellar Brides Book 8)(58)

By:Grace Goodwin

“Yes! We both are!” Leah squealed. “Oh, my God, Sophia! I can’t wait. It’ll be so much more fun with you here.”

“Twin girls?” Erik materialized at my side and looked over my shoulder at the Queen.

“That’s what the doctor told me,” Leah said.

Erik whooped and swung me around in a circle, spinning me until I was dizzy and the long tail of his hair swung behind his neck like a rope, smacking Rolf’s grinning face on the cheek.

Rolf stopped him and the moment my feet hit the ground, Rolf, my golden warrior, kissed me like I was delicate china.

And Gunnar, my big, strong, bossy brute wiped tears from his dark eyes as all three of my men surrounded me.

I was lucky. So damn lucky. And loved, more than I could have ever imagined.

And I was wearing orange.

Go figure.