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Night After Night(7)

By:Lauren Blakely

She glanced up at him, answered with her pretty green eyes that she intended to stay that way, to ride him hard with her warm mouth.

“You take me in deep, now, okay?”

He might be the one handcuffed, but he still wanted her to know that he liked to be in charge. He couldn’t move his hands, and that was a shame because he wanted to pull her head closer to him.

With her lips gripping him, she stroked him with her tongue.

“Keep doing that,” he rasped out. “But I want it harder and faster.”

She didn’t need his direction, but she took it, sucking him in as far as she could. He felt her throat relax as she drew him in, and he loved that she wanted all of him. That she inched her body closer, that she moaned as she tasted him.

“You’ve got all of me now. But I can’t touch your hair with my hands like this, and it’s killing me not to grab hard on all that luscious hair,” he said as he began thrusting into her. The view of those red lips around his cock sent waves of pleasure through his body, hitting him deep in his bones with the intensity. “So I need you to know that when I take you soon, I’m going to have my hands all wrapped up in your hair and I’ll pull harder to make up for what I’m missing right now having my hands cuffed.”

She wiggled her eyebrows playfully, then swirled her tongue against his dick. She was the sexiest sight in the world, those gorgeous red lips opened wide and holding on tight. But as much as he wanted to keep watching her, he could barely focus anymore as his climax started to build, and he shuddered. He closed his eyes, rocked into her mouth, and told her what was coming next.


“I’m going to come any second. And I’m going to come in your mouth. That all right with you?”

She nodded and sucked harder, stroking him with her hand, all while keeping him far inside her delicious mouth. Then she grabbed his ass hard with her other hand, pulling him even closer as his orgasm tore through him, and she swallowed his release.

When he recovered the power of speech, he told her he needed a Purple Snow Globe.


* * *

Julia had never been pinned with her own bra before. But here she was, spread out on one of the leather lounge chairs in the back of the bar, her hands above her head, the silky straps digging into her flesh. That man knew how to tie some serious knots. After buttoning his jeans, Clay had proceeded to take the reins. He undressed her quickly, stripping her down to nothing, his eyes raking her over as he tugged off her sweater, her jeans, her bra and then her panties, inhaling sharply when she stood naked in front of him, savoring the view before he laid her on the chair and quickly tied her own pink lace bra around her wrists.

“I liked that bra, you know,” she said.

“It’ll still work.”

“Are you sure?”

“Do I look like the kind of man who would rip such a pretty pink bra?”

She shook her head. “I bet you are the kind of man who could take it off with his teeth.”

“I might do just that next time.”

“No cuffs for me?”

“Think of me like MacGyver. I use other tools,” he said with a glint in his eyes.

“Fine. I’m all for equal opportunity bondage.”

“And I’m all for equal opportunity oral.” He kissed her mouth hard, silencing any more of her quips. But he quickly broke the contact. “Now where’s that Purple Snow Globe you just made?”

She tipped her chin to the table next to them, eager to see what he had in mind for the drink he swore he’d never touch.

He reached for the glass, holding up the purple drink with raspberry juice, gin and her secret ingredient, then sugared on the rim. His lips quirked up in a grin. “Now I won’t have any regrets about not ordering this, though I believe this is the only way I’d want to drink a Purple Snow Globe,” he said, then carefully tipped the edge of the glass above Julia’s breasts, letting some of the liquid spill between them. She shivered as the droplets slid down her belly. Clay bent his head between her breasts and licked up the dark liquid.

“Mmmm. That is a an award-winning drink,” he growled against her skin, and she writhed into him. He raised his head and poured more of the drink on her belly. Some of it spilled onto the lounge chair, but he quickly captured the rest with his tongue. A ripple of desire tore through her as he touched her. She wished her hands were free so she could push his head between her legs where she wanted him. Where she was dying for him. She desperately wanted to grab hard onto his hair, pull him into her, and let him plunder her with his tongue. She ached for his touch, and she was turned on beyond any and all reason.