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Officer Next Door(6)

By:Ranae Rose

Alicia took that as a sign of a job well done, and returned to the main house after seeing Sheila off.

“I’d say that went well, if the look on your face is any indication.” A petite woman with silver pixie-cut hair stood in the foyer, dressed, as usual, in a bold printed top and dangling silver jewelry.

“Hi Faye,” Alicia said to Wisteria’s general manager, the woman who’d hired her. “She said she’d call soon to let me know for sure, but I think she’ll be getting married here.”

“Knew there was a reason I hired you,” Faye said, striding toward the staircase with its gorgeous hand-carved wooden bannister. “Have you seen Kerry?”

“Not yet today.” Kerry was the head of Wisteria’s small housekeeping team, and could usually be found somewhere upstairs. “When you find her, would you mind delivering a message for me? Tell her I’ll be counting on her to reign in Sasha this evening.”

“Good luck.” Faye was already halfway up the staircase. “I don’t have to know what you three have planned to tell you that you’re going to need it.”

Alicia felt herself turning a little red as Sasha’s ‘cucumber country’ comment popped into her head. Truth was, she wasn’t sure she wanted to share her gorgeous neighbor with Sasha, or anyone else – not even the sight of him. Watching him get in and out of the shower felt devilish enough; blabbing about his amazing body felt downright wrong.

Or was that just a hint of jealousy rearing its head?

Either way, she took pleasure in knowing that there were details she’d kept to herself, like where his tattoo was.

Now, if she could just keep Sasha from engineering some sort of disastrous confrontation with Liam, maybe she’d be able to manage getting to know him a little – or a lot – better on her own time.

* * * * *

Sometimes, twelve hour shifts had a way of going by incredibly slowly, depending on what went on at the prison. Today had been one of those days – the inmates Liam had been supervising hadn’t caused any major trouble.

Sure, he’d seized a lighter and a few cigarettes from a cell during a search, but that’d been it. No one had bled or died, and a heated argument over which TV channel the inmates would watch – one of their favorite things to fight over – had fizzled out before it’d escalated into an actual fight.#p#分页标题#e#

While Liam would never complain about a lack of violence and mayhem, the day had been torture, and he knew exactly who to blame.

Alicia Dalton. Finally, he had a name to put to the face – and the body – that’d been driving him crazy for the past three weeks.

He would’ve introduced himself sooner to his new neighbor, but he’d had a very real fear of walking up to her and being stricken by a raging erection no clothing would be able to hide. Normally, he’d like to think he had a little more self-control, but he was also a realist.

Fact was, he’d been watching her undress for the past three weeks. Their bedroom windows were directly across from each other’s, and apparently she had yet to hang curtains over hers.

As a result, when she slipped out of her clothing and into her pajamas, her lithe body cast a stunning silhouette against the blinds. Her naked shadow-figure had been dancing through his mind ever since the first time he’d caught a glance and stared, mesmerized.

Maybe he should’ve said something – she probably had no idea she was putting on a show – but that ship had sailed. There was no way he could bring it up now without it being obvious that he’d been enjoying it, and besides… He hated the thought of it stopping.

Having a conversation with her that morning had just about killed him, and his balls still ached as he neared his house, pulling into the parking area in front of the porch. His gaze was drawn automatically to the little blue house next door, and what he saw there didn’t disappoint.

Alicia was outside on her front porch, sitting at the patio table there. A couple of other women were with her – a curvy blonde and a tiny brunette – but Alicia stole the show, no question about it.

She wore her hair down and it hung in auburn waves, brushing her almost-bare shoulders. Narrow straps held up her purple sundress, a clingy thing that stopped a couple inches above her knees. He could just picture himself hiking up the skirt, bending her over the table and finding out if she felt as good as she looked.

He had no doubt that she did, just like he had no doubt about what he’d do as soon as he reached the privacy of his own home. Still, he walked slowly, unable to resist staring in her direction.