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Officer Next Door(7)

By:Ranae Rose

She was pouring drinks from a pitcher for her friends, but looked in his direction just as he reached his porch steps.

He nearly tripped and fell up them. Instead, he gripped the rail, digging his fingers into wood that reminded him of the hardness straining the front of his uniform pants. After tearing his gaze away from his new neighbor, he retreated into his house, locking the door behind himself.

The kitchen clock showed that he had fifteen, maybe twenty minutes before the guys arrived. He wouldn’t need that long, but he hurried to his room anyway.

Once he stripped off his duty belt, uniform and boots, he considered taking a quick shower. The early summer heat never failed to make him sweat, and his heavy, dark uniform definitely didn’t help. Besides, things would be a lot cleaner that way, and not just because he’d been sweating.

He headed down the hall to the bathroom, his hard cock leading the way as thoughts of that purple sundress – and what lay beneath – raced through his mind, fueling the almost painful lust his neighbor inspired. It was all he could do to turn on the water and step into the shower before he wrapped his hand around his dick.

The water was hotter than he’d meant for it to be, but he chose to let it scald him rather than pause to fix it. With the hot liquid streaming down his back, he faced the wall and finally let himself wrap his fingers around his shaft, creating heat and pressure that served as a substitute for what – who – he really wanted.#p#分页标题#e#

He still hadn’t decided whether having such a beautiful neighbor was a blessing or a curse. As he pumped his hand up and down the length of his cock, it felt like both. God knew it’d been a while, and if Alicia was interested in being anything more than neighbors, he had a feeling her arrival would be the best thing that’d happened to him in one hell of a long time.

On the other hand, if it turned out she’d prefer for him to keep his distance, he’d be sentenced to a case of aching balls sure to endure as long as she was living next door.

Or at the very least, until she invested in a set of bedroom curtains. Normally, he didn’t consider himself the type to spy, but damn, he was only human…

The thought of her undressing, completely oblivious to the fact that he was watching, pushed him to the edge immediately. Urgency surged through him, making every muscle in his body go tense. He thrust into his fist, picturing the outline of her naked body.

Somehow, seeing everything and nothing at the same time was more of a turn-on than he ever could’ve imagined. By now, he’d memorized her every curve, from the teardrop swells of her breasts – each enough to be a handful – to the half-moon perfection of her ass, a roundness he ached to lay hands on.

Instead, he braced himself with a hand against the shower wall. His fingers slipped against the slick tile, prompting him to stand a little wider, wary of falling. The tension mounting below his gut alone was almost enough to knock him over; he could only imagine what it’d be like to actually get his hands on Alicia.

In fact, he could imagine it in agonizing detail. His mouth watered at the thought of tasting her breasts, for starters – locking his lips around the nipples that made her silhouette something that kept him up at night. They tended to be hard when she undressed, and sometimes her fingers brushed them, causing them to draw up even tighter, even more defined. Whenever that happened, his own fingertips tingled with the urge to touch her, not just there but everywhere.

If given the chance, he could spend an entire night exploring every inch of the curves he’d come to equate with just-out-of-reach perfection.

With a sigh, he shoved his fist to the base of his cock, succumbing to the first surge of desperate pleasure. Come surged over his hand, joining the flow of hot water dripping from his fingers. It felt good, but not good enough to appease the desire for something more, the palpable lack thinking of Alicia never failed to make him aware of. There was no way around it: he wanted her. Bad.

He kept pumping his hard shaft until it hurt, then let the too-hot water wash away the mess before he finally adjusted the temperature, finishing his shower beneath a tepid flow. He was still half hard when he stepped out, reaching for the towel he’d left hanging on the door.


“Oh my God,” Sasha gasped. “Oh my God!” She lowered her face to her glass and took a long drink of Alicia’s homemade sangria.

“Calm down,” Alicia managed to force out. “You’re going to give yourself a heart attack.”

“Are you kidding me?” Sasha looked up, her eyes shining. “I’m barely into my thirties – way too young for a heart attack.”