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Officer Next Door(8)

By:Ranae Rose

“An aneurysm, then.” Alicia took a generous sip of her own drink, unsure of whether or not she regretted mixing up the big pitcher of alcohol. On one hand, drinking seemed to be spurring Sasha’s loud-mouthed nature to new heights. On the other, Alicia wasn’t sure she had any hope of surviving the evening without a drink or three.

She, Sasha and Kerry had just watched Liam get into the shower with a hard-on to shame all hard-ons. It hadn’t been completely gone by the time he’d stepped out, either. Sasha was beside herself, and even quiet Kerry seemed stunned.#p#分页标题#e#

Alicia had just about died when he’d walked into the bathroom, bare-assed and even more magnificent than she’d let on during her ill-advised discussion with Sasha.

“You never mentioned that he had a tattoo,” Kerry half-whispered, her cheeks stained a bright pink that contrasted with her fair skin and sable hair.

“He had a tattoo?” Sasha asked. “I didn’t even notice, I was so distracted by his huge—”

“Shut up,” Alicia pleaded as a car turned into Liam’s driveway. “I don’t want whoever that is to overhear us talking about him. You two are going to leave in a couple hours, but I still have to live next door to him, remember?”

“Lucky you,” Sasha breathed. “I’m so jealous I could die.”

Despite her declaration, Sasha seemed to forget her jealousy the moment Liam’s visitors stepped out of the vehicle.

Alicia had to admit, she could understand why they posed such a distraction. Both men were built along the same lines as Liam – tall and broad-shouldered. Their jeans and t-shirts didn’t hide their muscular bodies, either. One was blond while the other was dark-haired, and their short haircuts made it easy to picture them in uniforms like the one Liam wore to work every day.

“Are those his friends?” Sasha stage-whispered. “Do they come over often?”

“I’ve never seen them before.”

Liam – fully dressed now – came out onto the front porch to greet his friends, and for a moment, all three women simply stared in silence.

“That’s it,” Sasha said eventually, planting her hands on the table. “There are three of them and three of us; this is too perfect an opportunity to let pass.”

“Wait a minute!” It was all Alicia could do to keep herself from grabbing ahold of Sasha as the other woman rose from her seat. “What are you doing?”

“Making sure our little get-together merges with theirs,” she said matter-of-factly.

“I swear, if you mention the fact that we just spent the past ten minutes spying on him and comparing him to a prize cucumber, you’re never invited over again.” Alicia infused her voice with as much firmness as she could muster, gripping the edge of the table.

Sasha was down the stairs and striding across the lawn before Alicia could say another word.

“Don’t worry,” Kerry said. “She’s crafty. She may have the mouth and mind of a sailor, but she knows how to reign herself in, believe it or not. Like right now – I’d bet you a paycheck she’s about to put on her Southern Belle act and charm them into coming over here for drinks.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Alicia said. “Sasha, a Southern Belle?”

Kerry shrugged, her dark eyes meeting Alicia’s hazel ones. “How do you think she deals with customers at work? She has a polite persona she uses … sometimes.”

“I guess I assumed she wasn’t allowed out of the kitchen.”

Kerry broke into a rare smile. “Oh boy… Here they come.”

Sure enough, all three men followed Sasha across the lawn and right up the porch steps. By the time they stopped by the patio table, Alicia’s heart was in her throat.

“So, as I was just telling these three, I’ve got to get back to baking those brownies we won’t possibly be able to eat all by ourselves.” Sasha turned to Alicia and Kerry, flashing them a wink the men couldn’t see. “They’ll be ready soon, but there’s plenty of time for everyone to relax with a drink first.” She hurried into the house, leaving the other two women outnumbered by the three sexiest men Alicia had ever seen together in one place.#p#分页标题#e#

Liam nodded at her, his sexy mouth set in a serious expression that reassured her he had no idea what she, Sasha and Kerry had just witnessed. Still, it was impossible not to think about it as she met his eyes.

“Nice to meet you again, Alicia.”

The sound of her name on his lips sent a frisson down her spine despite the day’s fading but still considerable heat. “You too, Liam.”