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Own Me (Romance on the Go)

By:Jenika Snow

Own Me (Romance on the Go) - Jenika Snow

Chapter One

I had the worst fucking hangover imaginable, but that had to mean my night had been pretty incredible, right? I opened my eyes, blinking several times to clear my vision. Everything was hazy, but I blamed that on the pain throbbing behind my eyes, and the fact I’d just woken up.

I tried to remember what happened, but everything came back blank coupled with searing agony in my head. The taste of stale alcohol was still on my tongue, but it wasn’t a pleasant taste, but one mixed with a night of being passed out.

Did I black out? God, I can’t even remember.

But still, despite the pain, I tried in vain to recall what had happened. Aside from the wild party I attended with my friends and the many shots of whiskey I had consumed, everything else was this mishmash of colors and sounds of a night I couldn’t even fully remember.

After several minutes my head started to clear and things slowly started coming back to me in pieces.

The next thing I realized, with clarity, was that I was completely naked and strung up like some kind of piece of meat on display. My heart started beating faster, harder, and I felt like I was going to pass out.

Can you pass out if you’re standing?

I didn’t know but I sure as hell felt like I was going to give the ground a kiss.

I blinked several times and glanced around. I was in someone’s bedroom. There was a monstrous king-sized bed and dark wood furniture that made up most of the room. I didn’t see any decoration, no pictures on the wall, nothing that told of memories from whoever inhabited this room. A fire was lit off to the side, the heat from the flames unable to penetrate the chill that surrounded me. A table was opposite the fireplace, a thick, velvety looking cloth covering it and concealing whatever was hidden beneath it. And it was obvious there were things under it if the bumps and elevated material were anything to go by.

A sharp ache settled in my arms and shoulders, something I didn’t notice until just now. I tried to move, but I was immobile. I lifted my gaze above me and tried to move my hands, but realized some soft material was tied around them. A pulley type system was erected above me, and the rope attached to my wrists was secured into it.

The chilled air brushed along my bare pussy lips, and I glanced down, just now realizing my legs were obscenely spread open, and the same soft material was tied around my ankles, keeping them spread wide. My heart pounded against my ribcage as I became acutely aware of the situation I was in. I closed my eyes and tried desperately to remember what happened.

Loud music and laughter filtered through my mind as memories finally came into play. I could see images flash behind my closed lids, ones of people grinding to music and downing copious amounts of liquor. It was like a movie reel replaying in my mind’s eye, telling me that whatever I’d done last night had gotten me into this apparently fucked up situation. I snapped my eyes open, my breathing becoming ragged as I tried once again to break my bonds. Either my captor was a sailor with a crazy talent for tying knots, or whoever kidnapped me had done this before. I voted on the latter.

And then I heard the sound of heavy footsteps on the other side of the bedroom door. My heart stopped, sweat started to bead between my breasts, and I sucked in a lungful of air as I tried in vain to listen harder. And that’s when I saw the doorknob turning a second before I heard it creak as it opened. I was starting to hyperventilate as I envisioned all kinds of horrific things that would soon be my fate. Despite the fire on and giving light, the room was still shrouded in shadows, making it hard to see much.

Light from the hallway suddenly spilled in when the door was pushed fully open, and I blinked against the sudden onslaught of brightness. I saw a large profile fill the doorway, the lights coming from behind him and hiding his face from view. Whoever it was didn’t move for several seconds, but I knew the person was staring right at me, drilling these holes into my very body. It was like I could feel their gaze on my skin, touching me, making my flesh pucker from a sudden chill. My nipples hardened, and my pussy became wet on its own. I felt like my body betrayed me.

I was suddenly conscious of my nudity and the way my nipples were pebbled hard. I wanted to snap my legs together because I knew my pussy lips were spread open and the pink flesh of my cunt was fully exposed. I swallowed roughly and watched as my captor walked inside. I could tell it was a man just from the sheer size of him, which I admit was quite intimidating.

He left the door open as he stepped further into the room, and didn’t stop until he was inches from the fire. I still had yet see his face full on, but his profile showed a strong square jaw with a light covering of scruff on his flesh. An image from the previous night, or maybe it was the same evening, slammed into my brain. I would have stumbled back from the force of it, if not for the fact that I was strung up like some sacrificial offering.