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Pakhan's Rose (Pakhan #1)

By:V.F. Mason

Pakhan's Rose (Pakhan #1)
        Author: V.F. Mason

The blood dripped from my nose as pain rushed through me from the blow of the man's fist, and I had to bite my lip hard so no sound would escape.

He would get no satisfaction from his actions.

"A Cosa Nostra's princess and the pakhan's woman," the man proclaimed greedily. "Never thought I'd fuck one of those." He licked his knuckles while groaning in pleasure, tasting my blood. I barely contained my gag reflex, my stomach flipping inside me. His constantly shifting eyes scanned my body and clothes, or rather, what was left of them. The glint in them at my nakedness couldn't be ignored. "I'll enjoy tasting their little Rose." Slowly, he started to take his clothes off, piece by piece, and his disgusting, toned skin covered in various scars, which looked like nail scratches, came to light. He had a huge dragon tattoo, located right in the middle of his chest. It was almost a crime putting such a magnificent animal on this fucker's skin.

His two bodyguards chuckled, their guns pointed at me, but I could see the hint of lust in their gazes. They were aroused by everything the man did-fuckers. Normal people wouldn't have worked for this sick man.

"You will regret touching me," I warned with a shaky voice, trying one more time to jerk the chains off my hands, but they wouldn't budge. The granite wall behind me scratched my back to the point of bleeding, and I couldn't remember the last time I had food or clean water in my mouth. My eyelids felt heavy, and for some reason, all I wanted was to sleep and forget ever being here, even though I knew I had to be 100 percent focused on the danger in front of me. My legs were numb from the guards kicking them a few hours ago. Fear rushed through me at the idea of never walking again. "Dominic will kill you for laying a hand on me."

The man smirked, inhaled his cigarette one more time, and threw it on the floor. "Doubtful, but by the time the precious daddy and boyfriend come, you'll already be acquainted with my dick a few times." He palmed his appendage and moaned in pleasure. "Yes, it will be exquisite torture for both of them. Serves them right. I became collateral damage in their war for you. Now, I'll get the spoils." With those words, he darted after me, and my scream of terror echoed through the basement.

For the second time in my life, I was a victim of a man's desire to inflict vengeance for something I had nothing to do with.

Unfortunately for me, this time I had no hope of surviving.

Sixteen years ago


Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick

The sound of water slowly dripping, drop by drop, from the nearby sink drove me crazy, and I barely restrained myself from pulling my hair and screaming in frustration, even knowing it was pointless. 

My body trembled as the wind slowly touched my skin. I wrapped my arms around myself, hoping to hold some heat inside. The blanket draped over my shoulders was worn out and provided more of a sense of comfort than it gave actual warmth against the cold. My lucid mind still thought Damian's scent was on it after all this time. I scratched my arm, wincing in pain as I touched the sensitive spot where Richard used his chains frequently.

I still smelled like that awful man, because John didn't allow me to shower anymore unless I was meeting a client. After Damian and the twins escaped, they wouldn't let me do anything that might help me break out of my 'prison.' I suspected they did it out of spite too, to punish me for the sins my brother had committed.

Well, fuck you, assholes.

It had been almost a year since they escaped, and never once did I regret helping them. The knowledge that Damian was out there living a better life than I was, well …  it brought me happiness and gave me a sense of peace. And I was so fucking glad he thought I died, because otherwise, his mind would never rest and he would've tried to save me.

I knew full well my days could be counted on fingers here, and soon they'd get rid of me. Richard liked chaining and fucking me once a week, but even his eyes didn't light up with lust as they used to. After all, fifteen-year-old boys didn't resemble the small child of six who he used to love.

I closed my eyes and rested against the wall, ignoring the pain it provided. My imagination, the one I used rarely, took me to another place where it was hot and the sounds of waves crashing calmed my nerves.

The Gulf of Mexico.

My mind barely remembered it, but I could still inhale salty, fresh air and feel the warmth of the sand under my toes.

I would die soon.

I couldn't fucking wait for this nightmare to finally be over.

Two Months Ago


"Would you like something to drink?" the stewardess asked, a tight smile on her face as she straightened her black uniform. She constantly threw disapproving glances toward Vitya and Michael, who snuggled on a nearby chair and whispered into each other's ear. Clearly, the woman didn't like man-on-man action.

Truth be told, I was surprised with their display of affection, considering gays had no place in the mafias and usually were punished for it, if they couldn't be discreet. However, it was evident to everyone how much they loved each other, and the romantic in me even envied them for it.

"No, thank you," I replied, and rested my head on the window, dismissing her. She muttered something under her breath, and by the click of her heels, I could tell she headed to the front of the cabin.

Gazing at the bright blue sky with soft-as-cotton white clouds, I tried to focus my mind on anything but the sexy Russian Mafia boss who sat opposite me, and even without looking at him, I was sure his whole attention was on me.

My hands, bound tightly, lay on my lap, so I didn't have anywhere to go, even if I wanted.

And I didn't want to, because it made no sense.

The man kidnapped me and believed I belonged to him. No amount of reasoning would change his mind, so why waste the energy?

"This time, for sure, you started a war." I spoke softly, finally locking my eyes with his as my breath hitched. Amber pools were filled with desire and longing, and his fists were clenched, probably from the inability to touch me.

Dominic shrugged, not caring in the least for the consequences of his decision.

Arrogant jerk.

Sexy, smoking hot, delicious, arrogant jerk.

The man exuded an aura of dominance and danger, and everything inside me wanted to submit to him, to let him have his way with me.

His shoulder-length, dark hair emphasized his amber eyes with long lashes and his tanned skin. His bulky figure was completely covered with tattoos. I wanted to trace them with my tongue. Looking at the man filled me with images of our sweat-covered bodies entwined on white satin sheets.


Control, Rosa. Control.

My shifting uncomfortably on the seat didn't escape his notice, and a frown marred his face. "Are you all right?"

I wondered if he regretted the promise he had given me. Raising my hands, I wiggled my fingers, and asked, "Is that really necessary? I don't know about you, but I wouldn't jump out of the plane. Even if it meant escaping your company." His eyes narrowed, but he ignored my words and continued to sip his coffee. However, I was so freaking tired of him, my dad, and their war that I poked the bear when I probably shouldn't have. "I wish I were back in Italy though. Lorenzo sure is a much more interesting man to talk to than you." Sighing heavily, I added dramatically, "Too bad you snatched me right before our engagement." The last part was a lie, because although Dad kept on pushing me toward him, he never mentioned a wedding as a sure thing. Not to mention, the guy in question was scared shitless of the pakhan of the Bratva. He wouldn't dare touch me.

"Oh, shit," Michael murmured, as Vitya shook his head at me. I didn't have much time to study their reaction though, because in a second, the sound of a glass breaking exploded throughout the small space. I shifted my focus back to Dominic and noticed the broken glass in his hand, his eyes filled with fury.

"Enough." In one swift move, he stood up, freed my hands, unfastened my seatbelt, picked me up, and darted to the secluded cabin at the back of the plane.

With all my might, I started to hit his back. "Let me go, you crazy man." He slapped my ass, and I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning in pleasure. Because any touch from the man stirred deep desire inside me.

Finally, he reached the room. He opened the door, closed it with his foot, and immediately pressed me against the wall. We both breathed heavily as my legs circled around his waist and my fingers laced through his hair. "You had to go and make me crazy."

Leaning forward, I licked the seam of his lips, and he growled, opening his mouth and capturing mine with his. The kiss curled my toes as our passion collided in a soul-searching duel. With tongues entwining and his erection pressing against my core, I whimpered. Then he let go of me.

"You allowed another man to touch what's mine." The steel didn't leave his eyes as he ripped open my dress, giving him a perfect view of the lacy push-up bra showcasing my breasts quite nicely.

"I need to get you out of the clothes you wore for him," he growled, and his words snapped me out of my frenzy.