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Paying Daddy’s Debt(9)

By:Alexa Riley

“Treating you as you should be treated, taking care of you. Hold tight.” I wrap my arms around his neck as he takes the stairs two at a time. “I’m guessing my girl wouldn’t like being stuck in an elevator either.”

“No,” I whisper, laying my head against his shoulder. He’s done so much for me so far, and he has no idea how much it’s meant to me. Showing me that I really am his first thought. My wellbeing seems to be his only concern. When we get to the top floor, he puts me on my feet for a second to open the door. Then he lifts me back into his arms and strolls into his home. My breath catches.

I knew the top floor had a balcony, but I didn’t know the walls facing the street were made of glass. I don’t pay any attention to the rest of the home as he puts me on my feet. I head straight for the balcony, my eyes locked on its beauty.

“It all opens,” Ash says, heading for the balcony, too. He pushes a button and the glass wall slowly folds in, eradicating the barrier to the outside world.

“It’s perfect,” I tell him, walking out onto the balcony overlooking the park.

“It is,” he replies.

I glance back at him, but he’s looking at me, not the park. My cheeks warm as I remember how I kind of attacked him in the limo and how he let me.

“What’s that?” I point to double French doors off to the side of the balcony.

“It’s a bedroom.”

“Can I have that one?”

A smile spreads across his face. “It was just the one I was thinking for you.”



She walks to me and nuzzles against my chest. I wrap my arms around her and close my eyes. I love the feeling of her in them.

“Will you sleep with me tonight?” she asks, looking up at me through her dark lashes.

“Anything you ask will be yours, sweetheart,” I say, running my thumb across her cheek.

She takes my hand and pulls me to the bedroom, leaving the balcony doors open. When we walk in, I go over to the bedside table and turn on the lamp. The soft light bathes the room in a glow that makes Jasmine shine like an angel.

I lead her over to the closet and show her the racks of clothes that are hers. Then I guide her to the adjoining bathroom and tell her where all her things are.

“You did all this for me?” There is so much honest hope in her eyes.

“Of course I did. You’re my life. And I told you that I would make all your dreams come true.”

“This feels like a fairy tale,” she breathes, wrapping her arms around my waist.

“Because it is,” I say, taking her lips in a soft kiss.

Soon it’s not enough for her, and she deepens the contact. Her tongue touches the tip of mine, and it’s all I can do to hold myself back. I put my hands around her waist and pick her up. Her legs wrap around me as I walk us to the bed, and I lay her down on the soft blankets without breaking our connection.

“I want to sleep skin to skin, Jasmine,” I say, moving my mouth to her neck and unbuttoning her shirt. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, but I need to be naked with you.”

She spreads her legs wider as my mouth moves down between her breasts. Her hands push at my suit jacket, and I shrug it off. When she moves to undo the buttons of my shirt, I decide to help her by ripping it open. The buttons go flying, but the feeling of her hands on my naked chest is more important.

She kisses down my neck, unphased by my eagerness and then her tongue moves to my flat nipple. Her teeth graze me there, and my aching cock demands attention. I push down on the steel rod with my palm, trying to calm my urges. I will only do what she wants, and if that is to explore me with touch, then that’s what we’ll do. But I want to beg her for a taste.

“Will you let me kiss you, sweetheart?”

“Yes, Ash. Don’t stop.”

She leans up, but I shake my head. “I want to kiss you here,” I say, and then cup her panty-covered cunt. Looking down, I see the innocent white cotton is soaked through with need. “Let me clean you up.”

She bites her lip but raises her hips at my touch. I wait for a moment, and she nods her head, a soft pink blossoming on her cheeks. My sweet girl is so innocent.

I slip off her top and schoolgirl skirt, leaving her only in panties. Then I strip myself naked. My cock is an angry dark color as it pulses with need. Jasmine’s eyes are wild with excitement and maybe even trepidation as she looks at it.

“Kisses first. Then we can just cuddle. Okay?”

“Okay.” She nods and lies back nervously.

Her arms are over her breasts, covering them up, and I lean down, kissing her palms as I move them away. Her breasts are small, with dusky-rose nipples. I kiss them gently at first, then harder when I see how sensitive they are. A quick flick of my tongue and she’s writhing under me. I graze my teeth slightly over the tight bud, and she shivers with need. I move my mouth from one breast to the other, loving the taste of her soft skin in my mouth. I want to consume every inch of her.