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Penalty Clause (Risque Contracts Book 1)

By:Fiona Davenport

Chapter 1


Leaning back in my plush leather chair, I sipped at the scotch I held in one hand while staring at the picture of a gorgeous brunette clenched in the other. She was of average height, with glossy, dark hair and incredible green eyes. Even though her body was toned, her curves were the stuff of wet dreams. Since I first saw Madeleine Connelly, she had dominated my thoughts. When she crossed my path into the ballroom of a charity event six months ago, I knew I had to have her. She was going to be mine, and not just for a night—I would own her forever.

I never walked into a situation without knowing all the facts and having confidence in the way it would play out. I didn’t approach her that night. Instead, I spent the evening keeping her in my sights, observing and protecting what was mine. After finding out her name, I hired a private investigator to find out everything I could about her—favorites, dislikes, family history, childhood, friends, habits, and most importantly, if she was single. I’d never been one to poach another man’s territory. It wasn’t worth the bother when there were so many other available women out there, but with Madeleine, I wasn’t sure the presence of another man in her life would have stopped me. Methodically, I set a plan in motion, leaving her no choice but to submit to me or risk losing everything.

In the photo, her face was pinched with stress, her body coiled tight, and the “fuck off” vibe she carried like a shield translated clearly through the camera. I couldn’t wait to fuck the tension out of her and paint a look of bliss on her features. Just thinking about all the ways I would take her had me shifting uncomfortably in the chair, my dick already begging to sink into her pussy.

Putting the picture down and forcing myself to concentrate on anything other than ache between my legs, I began reading over the contract I had drawn up, even though I knew practically every word.

Madeleine was exceptionally intelligent, and had graduated from Harvard business school at twenty-one, a little over a year ago. Not long after, her father had a heart attack, thrusting her into the role of CEO of her family’s publishing company. Somehow, he’d been able to keep the fact that the business was almost bankrupt from everybody, including the board. When the truth was revealed, Madeleine struggled to bring their heads above water again.

I was a self-made billionaire, having built the biggest publishing house in the country, quite often by taking over companies like Madeleine’s. When I wanted something, I took it—both in business and my private life. With her, it was more complicated. I didn’t want to fuck her and leave. I wanted to tie her to me, and my ability to rescue her company gave me the perfect opportunity.

Or, at least, it was perfect now that I had discreetly, preemptively closed every path to a possible solution, except the one leading straight to me. With the wall she always kept up, I made the decision not to go to her with a proposal right away, eliminating the possibility for rejection. Instead, I exerted my influence through coercion and threats, convincing every other company to decline her offers. I even persuaded the banks to turn down any loan attempts.

When they were holding on by their very last thread, I swooped in and met with the board, offering them the lifeline the company so desperately sought. They were so relieved, they didn’t even blink at the unorthodox stipulations I laid out for their CEO in the contract. They barely read it before signing on the dotted line and setting up a meeting with Madeleine to finalize the deal, though she didn’t have much of a choice.

The term of the contract was one year, during which, if our agreement was in good standing, her company would come under the umbrella of my corporation, and she would have access to my resources and protection. As the majority stockholder, she would retain her position as CEO; however, she was obligated to work alongside me, not only looping me in on all her business decisions, but also setting her up as...an intern of sorts. She would be required to shadow me, learn from my business techniques. Even better, this meant accompanying me on any trips I might need to take. My mind wandered to the hotel rooms we would visit and how she would look spread out on white, silk sheets. Her pale, creamy skin standing out from the flush of arousal visible everywhere on her lush, naked body. Her hair splayed across the pillow while she writhed beneath me, pleas for me to fuck her falling from her pink lips.

Damn it! I was severely irritated at my loss of control, the feeling being entirely foreign to me. I pulled out my gold Patek Caliber 89 pocket watch and checked the time, like I’d been doing obsessively all day. My meeting started in less than an hour, which gave me time to look over the penalty cause once more.