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Penalty Clause (Risque Contracts Book 1)(10)

By:Fiona Davenport

“It was what they preferred, but I wanted you to get as much sleep as possible. You won’t get much rest while we’re here.” His words held a heated promise, and I knew he wasn’t referring to the business we’d come to handle.

“So, what you’re saying is, you could have kidnapped me, flown me to another country, and nobody would have stopped you, or even been aware I was there against my will?”

His eyes flared with satisfaction. “Now that you mention it...yes. Thanks for pointing it out to me. You never know when the idea might come in handy in the future. But I didn’t need to kidnap you. We both know you want to be here with me. The way you begged to come on my fingers and then squeezed the hell out of my cock when you climaxed again is proof of how much you want me.”

He didn’t give me a chance to respond before he took my mouth in a brutal kiss, plundering the depths and claiming every inch his tongue encountered. His fingers tangled in my hair and clenched tightly as he pulled my head back, holding me in place. The slight sting of pain at my scalp sent shivers down my spine. But it was from pleasure, not pain, which was an unfamiliar feeling for me. None of my former lovers had ever been as aggressive as Caleb. I’d always been handled gently in the past and thought it was how I preferred my sex, but I’d never come as hard as I had with Caleb today, and he’d been the furthest thing from gentle.

My heart was racing by the time he ended the kiss. I could barely stand up, my legs were shaking so much. It didn’t matter, though. Caleb swept me into his arms and carried me into the bedroom. He dropped me onto the king sized mattress and quickly followed me down.

I pressed my hands against his chest, slowing his progress. “Aren’t we here to handle problems that require your urgent attention?”

“It’s the middle of the night,” he murmured as his fingers toyed with the hem of my skirt.

“Like that’s ever stopped you before.” I’d seen firsthand how hard of a taskmaster he could be with his employees.

“Right now, I have a bigger issue to deal with. The images your kidnapping comment evoked in my imagination have caused an obstacle I need your help with.”

He moved one of my hands down his chest until it cupped the bulge in his pants. My fingers clenched instinctively on his hardness, the visible proof of how much he wanted me. I felt a rush of sensual power in my veins, knowing I affected him so much. The squeeze of my fingers must have sent him over the edge because he hiked my skirt up and ripped my panties from my body. Pinning me to the bed, he ran his hands along my sides until they wrapped under my thighs and then tugged me down until my butt was at the edge of the mattress, my legs hanging over the side.

My hands clenched the silky sheets as I watched him unbuckle his belt before unzipping his pants. He didn’t bother taking them off, just pushed his boxers down enough so his cock was freed from its confines. With one hand guiding him, he rubbed his hard length between my lips and gently tapped my clit before sliding down again.

“You’re so wet for me already, baby. I can’t wait to be inside you again.”

He swiveled his hips and his hard length rubbed me in all the right places. “Feels so good,” I panted, my legs circling his hips instinctively even though I should be slamming them shut since I was still sore from earlier.

“I can do better than good,” he rasped before pulling his hips back, pressing the tip of his cock to my entrance, and thrusting inside. “Much better.”

“Yes,” I gasped.

“Because what I give you is the best. Isn’t it, Madeleine?” he asked as he pulled back and slammed into me again. When I didn’t answer fast enough, he held back and growled at me. “Isn’t it?”

My body tensed, waiting for the next thrust, but it didn’t come. As my eyes met Caleb’s, his determination to force my admission was clear. Between the steadfast gleam and the muscle clenching in his jaw, I was compelled to answer.

“Yes, Caleb.” My reply was soft, barely a whisper, but it was enough for him. Caleb drove his cock in and out of me at the perfect pace, his hips pistoning in a hard rhythm between my thighs. Unable to hold my head up any longer, it fell back against the mattress as I pushed my hips forward in a desperate search for relief. The feel of his lips wrapped around one of my nipples sent me over the edge, but he increased his pace, fucking me relentlessly before planting himself deep inside and dropping down onto me. The combination of his weight pinning me to the mattress and his hips grinding against me as his cock twitched was enough to make my walls clench harder, another orgasm crashing through my body.