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Play With Me, Baby

By:Fiona Davenport



“Sir? Your coffee is ready.”

I snapped out of my trance and took my cup, mumbling a thank you to the barista. My eyes were glued to the woman who had just walked in the door of the coffee shop. I felt as though I’d been punched in the gut, all the air rushing out of my lungs.

Bean Cup was around the corner from my office and I was a workaholic, so I frequented it often. But, I’d never seen her before. I definitely would have remembered. She was dressed in tight jeans, a loose, soft-looking sweater, and knee-high boots with a heel that elevated her a few inches. Despite the footwear, it was easy to see that I would tower over her. She was absolutely gorgeous, with long, curly red hair, striking green eyes, and milky white skin with a sprinkling of cute little freckles.

She looked to be in her early twenties, couldn’t have been more than five foot two, and I’d guess she wasn’t more than one hundred pounds, soaking wet. Her tits were small, but high and round, mouthwatering. I’d always been an ass man though, and when she passed me on her way to the counter, I could have wept at the perfection of her backside, tight and each cheek a perfect handful. I would dwarf her with my six-foot-three height and muscular frame. But, I liked the fact that she was so dainty and there was no denying how my body reacted to her.

I stepped out of the way of several other customers, but still couldn’t tear my eyes away from my ginger angel. For the first time in my life, I felt a little tongue-tied, unable to form the words to say hello. I needed to know her and my body was demanding to fuck her.

She was almost out the door before I came to my senses and I hurried after her. I watched her climb into a green Volkswagen Beetle before rushing to my car. My long forgotten coffee sloshed over the rim of the cup in my haste and the hot liquid stung my hand. “Shit!” I turned and spied a trashcan a few feet away and tossed the beverage, then climbed into my silver Tesla.

I managed to make it out of the parking lot in time to catch sight of her car and follow after it. As I drove, I sifted through all the different ways I could approach her. Probably a good idea to avoid mentioning following her, or any behavior that could come off as stalking. Despite my intention to do just that.

A few miles down the road, the green bug turned into a parking lot and pulled into a space. By the time I drove in, she’d exited her car and was walking towards a store on the end of a row of shops. My eyes drifted up to the name of the place and my jaw practically hit the floorboards. It was a good thing I was parked or I might have gotten myself killed from swerving in shock.

Dirty Players: Toys, Lingerie, and More. What the fuck was my girl doing going into a place like that? And who the hell was she planning on using that shit with?

She had seemed so guileless and innocent, I had actually wondered for a moment if all the tattoos hidden under my suit would freak her out. Not to mention the bar through one nipple and the one through the tip of my cock. As I gazed up at the sign and then glanced down to watch her spectacular ass disappear inside, I wondered if I’d been off in my assumptions. I was usually stellar at reading people; it would have been real fucking inconvenient for the talent to fail me in that moment.

I couldn’t sit back and wonder. I needed to figure out just what my angel was doing at that naughty place because she didn’t belong there, and she’d never set foot in it again if I had any say about it.

Shutting the car off, I again contemplated how to approach her. Finally, I decided to just wing it and climbed out of my car. Reaching the door quickly, I pulled it open and stepped inside. The light was dim inside the shop and I had to stop for a moment and let my eyes adjust. Once I could see clearly, my gaze swept around the room, looking for the pint-sized redhead. When I didn’t immediately spot her, I began to wander around shelves and aisles. I rounded the end of an aisle carrying an astonishing variety of personal massagers and stopped.

I let out a breath I didn’t realize I’d been holding when I saw her again. The checkout area was in the center of the room, a box shaped counter that surrounded the employees on all four sides. Standing at a register was the object of my search.

What the actual fuck?

She worked there? A smile lit her face as she laughed with some customers while bagging up their items. It was a young couple, but behind them in line was a middle-aged man who was staring at her like she was his next meal. My fists clenched at my sides as I fought the desire to stalk over there and introduce the guy to my right hook.

I did, however, make my way over to stand in line behind him. He glanced over his shoulder at me and when he spied my fierce scowl, his eyes widened slightly. After he turned back to the front, I noticed the angel glaring at me. I almost shrugged, unapologetic at my behavior. I was going to make sure that the jackass in front of me kept his eyes and more importantly, his hands, to himself.