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Please, Master

By:Opal Carew

Mr. Grant stared at the phone, his stomach so tight he thought it had turned to rock.

Instead of hanging up, King had put the phone on speaker, so Mr. Grant would hear him fucking Sylvia. His gut had turned inside out when he’d heard her call King by his first name. Then when she’d said she loved him…


But he wasn’t so sure. She might have convinced herself she loved him, especially to make her situation more palatable, or maybe King had commanded her. Maybe he wanted her love so much, he had her say it so he could convince himself it was true.

But Mr. Grant was sure Sylvia’s heart was still his.

And he’d thrown it away. God, he was a fucking fool.

Sylvia was the best thing that had ever happened to him and his desire to keep a distance… to keep his heart unencumbered… had totally backfired. Because he knew now that he couldn’t live without her.

Fuck, he had to find a way to get her back.

Sylvia’s heart ached as she lay in bed, Mr. King’s arms around her. She stared into the darkness, wishing it was Mr. Grant who held her close.

Wishing it was Mr. Grant who loved her.

How had she wound up in this position? In the arms of a man who loved her, but whose love she didn’t return? He knew it. Even though he asked her to tell him the words. It wasn’t a command, it was a request, but she was sure he thought if she said it enough, that it would eventually be true.

Mr. King loved her, and she loved Mr. Grant. But Mr. Grant had sold her to Mr. King. For her own good, he’d said. He knew she loved him and he would never return her love, so he sold her to a man who would care for her, and dominate her.

But she didn’t imagine Mr. Grant would have believed Mr. King would fall in love with her.

She sighed and Mr. King’s arms tightened around her.

“You’re not sleeping,” he murmured against her ear, his breath sending tendrils of her hair dancing across her cheek.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you, Master.”

“Not at all. I’m just wondering what you’re thinking about.”

“Nothing important.”

He rolled her back toward him and stared at her, his blue eyes barely visible in the soft moonlight.

“Are you thinking about Mr. Grant?”

She tried not to give herself away… tried not to let her body stiffen… but what gave her away was the tear shimmering in her eye.

He wiped it away, then kissed her sweetly. “I wish you were happy here. I wish being here with me was enough for you.” He spoke quietly, but the edge of pain in his words bit through her.

She stroked his raspy cheek. “You are, Master. You take care of me. You do everything you can to make me happy.”

“And I love you. But you don’t love me. And there seems to be nothing I can do to change that.”

She hooked her fingers around his neck and drew his face to hers, then kissed him. Sweetly. With a poignancy that filled her heart with sorrow.

“But I do love you,” she lied.

He smiled and stroked her cheek, his touch gentle and full of love.

“If only I could believe you.”

Sylvia turned off the water and opened the glass door of the shower.

“Good morning.” Mr. King watched, his gaze gliding over her wet, naked body, as she stepped out and wrapped a towel around her wet hair.

“Good morning, Sir. I'm sorry I slept in. I'll be ready in fifteen minutes.”

She'd woken up alone in the bed to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. When she'd seen it was almost eight fifteen, she'd leaped from the bed and raced for the shower. They usually left for the office at eight thirty.

He shook his head. “No need to rush. You won't be coming into the office with me today.”

He picked up a fluffy bath sheet and started to pat her wet shoulders.

“I won't? Have I done something wrong?”

She loved working as his personal assistant. She fulfilled his needs, and those of his handsome partners, Mr. Connor and Mr. Sayed. They would call her into their offices at any time during the day so they could command her to please them. Often with two, or even all three of them at the same time.

She also enjoyed being in the office. Helping them with reports, phone calls, and various tasks. She loved feeling useful.

The thick towel brushed over her breasts. Her nipples were already swollen from the coolness of the air compared to the steamy shower stall, but the friction of the terry cloth made them ache for his touch.

He smiled. “You did nothing wrong. I'm not punishing you. I just wanted to do something different today.”

He dried down her stomach, then tucked the towel between her legs and thoroughly dried her there. Though the feel of his fingers stroking over her through the thick fabric generated a wetness of another kind.

He continued drying down her legs. Crouched in front of her, he stared at her naked pussy. His lips brushed her stomach, then he pressed a hand over her mound. When she felt his fingers glide over her fleshy folds, she murmured softly. Then his finger pressed inside and he stroked. He leaned forward and licked her, then pressed his tongue tight to her clit.

She forked her fingers through his thick hair. “Oh, Mr. King. That feels so good.”

He chuckled against her, the rumbling sound sending quivers through her.

“You've distracted me.” He stroked his hand possessively over her stomach, then stood up and took her hand. “Come with me.”

He led her out the door to the bedroom, her wearing only the towel on her head. He picked up a black box from the dresser and opened it. Inside, was a soft pink, bullet shaped vibrator.

“I want you to wear this today.” He pulled it from the cushioning. “Sit on the bed and I'll help you with it.”

She sat on the edge of the high bed as instructed and opened her legs. He knelt in front of her, then stroked her already slick flesh. He pressed the end of the vibrator to her opening, then eased it inside. He pushed it with his fingers until he had it positioned comfortably.

“Does that feel okay?” he asked.

She could feel it in there, and squeezed her muscles around it.

“Yes, it's fine.”

“Good. Now let me show you something.”

He stood up and pulled his phone from his pocket, then tapped on it. Her eyes widened as the vibrator began to move inside her. Just a light buzz.

He tapped again, and it vibrated faster.

“You're controlling it with your phone?”

“That's right. And I can do it from anywhere in the world.”

He made it go faster still and she quivered at the pleasure.

He tapped again and the device stopped. She drew in a deep breath.

“Every hour, on the half hour, I want you to go to my den.” He took her hand and drew her to her feet, then led her down the hall and into a room with wood paneling, a large desk, a leather sofa, and a leather chair directly across from the desk.

“You'll sit on that chair and face the computer. You'll open your legs and rest them over the armrests and stay there for at least ten minutes. I have the webcam centered on it and I'll be watching you from my office. During that time, I want you to show me how you'd like me to be touching you if I was here. You can tell me what you want, too. I'll be able to both see you and hear you. You can do anything you want to achieve that goal. But you mustn't come. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

Once Mr. King had left for the office, Sylvia dried her hair and combed it out, then went into the kitchen and poured a mug of coffee. She hadn't bothered to dress. She filled a bowl with cereal and milk and sat down at the table. Once she was done, she washed the dishes, keeping an eye on the clock. Nine twenty.

She dried her hands and hurried to the den. She sat down, waiting. Soon it would be nine thirty. Her inside passage contracted at the thought, squeezing around the bullet inside her.

She hooked her knees over the armrests as he'd instructed, opening her legs wide. Exposing her naked pussy.

She watched the clock and at exactly nine-thirty she glanced at the webcam, which was perched on top of the computer monitor. A blue light turned on.

She felt a little self-conscious. She was alone in the room and he might be watching her, but she didn't know for sure. Maybe the camera had come on based on a timer, not because he was there. Maybe he was at a meeting. Or didn't realize the time.

She jumped as a vibration started inside her. Her gaze darted back to the webcam.

He was there. Watching her.

The vibration stopped.

He wanted her to show him how she'd like to be touched by him if he were here. She cupped her breasts and lifted them. Then she teased one nipple with her fingertips. Stroking it. Sending need quivering through her.

Imagining his fingers brushing over her.

A tingle started low in her belly. Then the vibrator quivered inside her. Slowly at first, then it increased. Her head dropped back on the chair and she arched her body, the tremors inside her sending pleasure fluttering through her.

She stroked down her stomach and found her clit, then stroked it lightly. The vibrations increased more and she arched again.

“Mr. King. You're making me so hot.”

Pleasure rippled through her and she toyed with her clit, stroking it more firmly. Increasing in speed.

“Oh, I'm getting so close.” In fact, she had to fight back the waves of arousal.

The vibrator slowed and she relaxed a little. Was Mr. King holding his hard cock in his hand? Was he stroking it?

She pinched her nipple between her fingers while her other hand tweaked her clit. The vibrator sped up again.