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Pregnant with the Billionaire's Baby(57)

By:Carole Mortimer

‘Oh…’ Sin gave the softest of gasps as those silky lashes swept upwards and he found himself falling in love for the second time in his life as looked into deep blue eyes.

His daughter.

Luccy and Sin’s daughter.

Claudia Anne. Claudia for Sin’s mother. Anne for Luccy’s.

‘And your son.’ Only minutes later the midwife stood beside him holding out a second bundle.

Sin shifted Claudia slightly in his arms to accommodate her brother.

Another shock of dark hair, a creamy soft brow, button nose and tiny rosebud mouth, but this time the baby’s eyes were already open and looking up at him.

Sin’s heart melted completely as he looked down at his son.

Luccy and Sin’s son.

Jacob Henry Sinclair.

Jacob for Sin’s father and grandfather, Henry for Luccy’s.

‘Feeling better now?’

Sin gave a choked laugh as he turned to look at a tired but obviously ecstatically happy Luccy. ‘Am I feeling better?’ He stood up to place Claudia into her waiting arms. ‘Meet our daughter, my love.’

Luccy looked down at the tiny but perfect baby she held in her arms. ‘She’s so beautiful, Sin,’ she choked.

‘And our son.’ Sin placed Jacob in her other arm. ‘Thank you, Luccy.’ He gazed lovingly at his family.

Luccy looked up to return his smile. ‘Thank you.’

‘I love you.’

‘I love you, too.’

It was all that mattered.

All that would ever matter…