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Protect & Serve(2)

By:Nikki Wild

All of my protests came to a sudden halt as his hands found their way to my hips. A tingle flashed up my spine and I was lost. He held me so softly, his chest pressing into my back and his head finding its way along the edge of my neck. Even the thrumming sounds of the party downstairs seemed to fade away as he inhaled deeply, drawing scent from my shoulder up and over my collar, his lips pressing effortlessly just below my ear.

“Mr. Hale, what are you doing?” I managed to whisper, heat rising up my body in a way I had never felt before. No man had ever held me like this. I was too busy for dating, too driven for a casual encounter. What in the hell was going on?

“You can stop playing pretend, Sandra. We both know why you’re here.”

I couldn’t bring a single word to my lips as he pressed himself tighter against me. I could feel something pressing against the small of my back. Something almost frightfully big…

His… Is THAT his… Oh my God… What am I doing?

“You’re here to be fucked… Aren’t you Sandra?”

Oh GOD! My thighs clenched together, heat suddenly blossoming from my secret place between them. The whole world was being turned upside down, and all I could do was try to breathe and make sense of it all. I felt as if I couldn’t move. It was as close to an out-of-body experience as I’ve ever had.

Nathan’s hands swept up my sides, brushing up against the edges of my breasts through the clean and creased uniform. He gripped at my arms, bringing them together behind me. Before I could make sense of anything, I felt the cold metal against my wrist.

My handcuffs!

I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I started to protest, but he caught me mid-word and lifted me off my feet, spinning round and tossing me toward the big heavy wooden desk. I crashed into it, my thighs stinging as he came up behind me again, forcing me down until my face was pressed against the cool hard surface. Without a moment’s hesitation, his hands were moving around my waist, tugging at my belt and bringing my uniform pants down around my ankles. I could feel the air sweeping across my skin, only the thin protection of my panties maintaining my innocence.

“Happy birthday to me,” he said, his voice taking on a hoarse sound as he swept his fingers over the curve of my hips. I gasped as he brought one of them around and against the inside of my thighs, forcing my legs apart as far as they could go with the pants still wrapped round my ankles. “I don’t know where the agency found you, but remind me to thank them later.”

What in the hell was he saying? My mind swam and my body burned for his touch. None of this made sense. There was no way anyone would treat an officer of the law this way. Mr. Hale’s fingertips made their way to the scorching heat between my thighs and pressed against the thin cotton between us, sending a wave of pleasure over my body. Why in the hell wasn’t I stopping him? The cold realization dawned on me as pulled my panties roughly aside.

I wanted this.

I’d spent my whole life denying myself the pleasures of men. I had responsibilities. My sister… My schooling… The academy... My work ethic kept me away from these kinds of situations. Now I was at the mercy of a man who had never even bothered to ask permission. A powerful man who could have anyone he wanted… And he wanted me.

And I wanted him.

“You’re so wet, Sandra,” Mr. Hale breathed, his finger moving ever so slowly between my nether lips. My body shuddered beneath his grasp, the scent of sandalwood and scotch filling my nostrils as I inhaled deep. I could feel him moving behind me, and suddenly a new sensation entered the mix. Something very large was being pressed up against the soft and hidden opening.

“We can’t,” I gasped. “I’ve never… I’ve never… Oh God…” I squealed as his cock moved downward, slipping along between my virgin folds but not penetrating me. Instead, he brought his hips forward, the length of his shaft pressing against the front of my pussy, every inch of flesh sending courses of pleasure firing from my sensitive nub as it drew slowly along it. I could feel my slick wetness being drawn out, coating him in my own desire. His hands returned to the space between my thighs and I could feel him rolling a condom over his impossibly large member.

“It’s too big…” I whispered, feeling the sheer girth beneath me as my hips shifted, his cock slipping side to side against me and driving me out of my mind with pleasure.

“They didn’t tell you about that at the agency? Not every girl can handle it,” Mr. Hale responded, drawing himself back until the head of his enormous cock lined itself back up with my delicate tunnel. “What do you think Sandra? Do you think you can handle it?”