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Protect & Serve(218)

By:Nikki Wild

The same crystal blue eyes gazed mischievously into my soul, inviting me to surrender for a few hours. That same sexy stubble shifted beneath his smile, and I spotted that same sexy dragon tattoo rolling down his arm…

“Maybe a little pleasure, too,” I admitted, feeling the heat of my face flushing red as the bikers nearby began to hoot and holler.

“In that case, I’ll clear my schedule…” Hunter murmured, his finger lifting my chin. “Maybe we’ll talk business tomorrow, hmm?”

The men around us cheered again.

My eyes caught the piercing but approving gaze of Grizz, his arm still locked up in the cast from that bullet he took in Juarez. I figured he’d have discarded it already, but it would probably be coming off any day now…

“I think business can wait one night,” I spoke, turning back to Hunter. “But there’s something that you need to know.”

“Don’t worry, Princess,” he chuckled hungrily. “I know it’s been a while. You’re probably out of practice… I’ll go easy on you.”

I smirked, shaking my head. “It’s not that.”

The room slowly drifted silent, the whistles and laughs gradually drawn back. The single sound in the bar was water pouring from a tap into a cup behind me, slamming onto the countertop harder than necessary.

“Hunter… I’m pregnant.”

* * *

* * *

The end,