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Protect & Serve(3)

By:Nikki Wild

He was pressing just slightly between my folds, the head barely pressed against my maidenhead. I couldn’t respond. I couldn’t even breathe. His words held no meaning. Agency? Telling me about his cock? Girls? He may as well have been speaking Greek for all the sense it made to me now. I squealed as he lifted my arms behind me, pulling my breasts just barely free from the desk as he gripped the chain between the cuffs.

“Are you ready, Sandra?”

Oh God… Was I going to do this? Could I possibly? What in the hell was I thinking?

“Say yes, Sandra.”

I bit my lip as his free hand wrapped itself in my hair, pulling my head forcefully back and lifting me even higher off the desk. My thighs strained against the edge of the wood, my legs parted, his cock pressing against me but still unmoving. None of this was supposed to be happening! Pleasure and desire was coursing through my veins as I found my voice.

“YES!” I shouted, screaming out as he thrust forward, taking my innocence. His cock impaled me, every inch sinking into my willful depths, his body freezing up in the aftermath.

“Sandra… You’re a virgin?” he asked, holding himself steady with his cock still throbbing inside me.

“Just fuck me,” I screamed out, lost in the overwhelming sensations of pleasure mixed with pain. “Fuck me please…”

I’d lost all control, and Mr. Hale was no better off. His hips began to move faster and faster as he wrapped my hair with his hand, forcing me around his cock as if her were holding the mane of a horse at full gallop. Nothing mattered except this moment, and I was overwhelmed as an orgasm seized my body, the shuddering waves of pleasure rocking over me even as my overstretched depths grasped at his flesh. That was all it took, and with one deep thrust that nearly sent me across the desk, I could feel his cock throbbing and thrumming inside me. For the first time, I could feel what it was like to please a man… And I liked it.

But something was wrong…

I could sense the tension behind me as I lifted my gaze toward the doorway. With Mr. Hale’s cock still throbbing inside me, I stared into the eyes of the young blonde who had let herself in, her slutty police officer uniform clinging to her large fake breasts, the blue shorts cut off high and showing off miles of legs. For a moment, nobody said a word, but the leggy blonde smiled and broke the silence.

“Honey, I don’t do couples. If that’s what you’re looking for, it’s going to be triple my rate.”

Mr. Hale seemed to stutter, his cock pulling free as he reached down and pulled me upright from the table. I couldn’t look him in the eye as he spun me around, his hand brushing up against my chest, grasping at the shining badge still pinned to my uniform…

“Well, what’s it gonna be sweetie?” the blonde asked, but Mr. Hale had lost all of the color in his face. Leaving me standing there, he reached down to pull up his slacks, stumbling across the room and managing to sputter the words ‘leave’ and ‘now’ at the girl before slamming the study door in her face. He returned to me without saying anything more, fishing my keys from my pocket and delicately uncuffing my hands before collapsing into one of his chairs.

“I… I’m sorry… There’s been a misunderstanding. I need to speak with my lawyer,” he began even as I pulled my panties back up over my hips, working to get my uniform straightened out. My pussy ached, partly from the sex we’d just had, and partly because it wanted more. I had to get out of here now. If anyone back at the district found out about this I’d be off the force before I’d even gotten started. There was no turning back now. I’d let this happen, and now, there was only one thing left to do…

“What’s this?” Mr. Hale asked as I thrust the small slip of paper into his hands. He glanced up, but still avoided my eyes.

“A ticket for the noise complaint, Mr. Hale.”

Now he caught my eyes full-on, the crystalline jade pools eroding what little strength I’d managed to muster up. My knees were going weak.

“But… What just happened here… I…”

“You know what happened,” I replied, trying to calm myself. I could still feel the heat between us, my heart beating out of my chest. “I gave you a ticket, and I went on my way…”

“Will I see you again?” he asked, his voice almost desperate.

I stared at him in disbelief, trying desperately to hide the feelings of desperation and desire that were still boiling beneath my skin. He’d mistaken me for some kind of prostitute! He’d taken my innocence and now he wanted to see me again? My mind battled itself as I tried to make the right choice.