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Rebound with My Dad’s Best Friend

By:Ava May

Chapter 1

When I pulled up in the cul de sac and lugged my bags up the front steps, I expected Tawney to answer the door. But it wasn’t. In front of me stood Evan Travers. He was shirtless and wore loose fitting shorts. His chest was tan and sweaty and his light brown eyes shined.

“Well, well, if it isn’t little Zoe Moore.”

I tried to smile, but failed. “Hi Evan, long time no see. Is my dad around?”

“No darlin’, he’s out of town. I’m watching the mutts for him.”

I nodded, and he moved to let me through the doorway, grabbing my bags in the process.

“Are you home for good?”

“Yep,” I replied, not in the least bit interested in explaining why I was running home to my daddy when I had been living with my long-time boyfriend. We’d been dating since we were fifteen, and I had just moved in with him six months ago. Now I was home and not happy about it at all.

He followed behind me and settled my bags against the wall. Before I was able to sneak away, his arms wrapped around me, pulling me close. I sucked in a breath when my cheek met his sweaty chest as he ran his hand through my short hair. I’d cut it off trying to make a change—a drastic one.

“You hair is short.”


“What’s going on, Zoe?”

I shook my head and hugged him closer, breaking down for the first time since I’d walked in on Wes and Alicia. I’d thought something was going on, but I shrugged it off. It wasn’t until I went home early from work a few nights ago that I found out I shouldn’t have just ignored the signs.

“What did the little punk do?”

I pulled away and stared at him with tears in my eyes. “What does every man do?”

His brows drew in and he frowned. “Not all men are cheaters, darlin’.”

I shrugged. “Well, he was. But it’s no big deal. Just five years of my life. I’m back to start over. I haven’t talked to my dad so he doesn’t know.”

“I won’t tell him. He usually calls every night to check on the dogs.”

Shaking my head, I sighed. “I’m just gonna go lay down. It’s been a long night.”

“Go ahead. I’ll bring you something to eat, darlin’,” he replied, smiling.

I wasn’t sure what it was, but he seemed different. I’d grown up around Evan. I don’t know how many nights he was the one I’d gone to because my dad was out of town and Evan had taken it upon himself to stay here to take care of me. Not that he had to because I’d learned early how to take care of myself. It was like he was here to watch over me. He was my guardian angel.

“Thank you.” Then I trudged up the stairs. I hadn’t stuck around long after Wes made Alicia leave. He tried to apologize, but really, how stupid would I have had to been? I walked to the left and pushed the first door open. Dad had left it exactly how it was since I was probably fourteen. I kicked my shoes off and curled up on my bed and sobbed. I hadn’t had a chance before. There was too much rage.

It wasn’t long before I felt the dip of the mattress and Evan’s large body wrapped around mine. “Shh. It’s okay, darlin’, you can do better than a boy who obviously doesn’t know what’s right in front of him.”

“It was with Alicia.”

Evan’s intake of breath didn’t surprise me. Alicia, Wes, and I had all pretty much grown up together. She was my best friend since we were in kindergarten.

“Then screw ‘em both.”

“Yeah, that’s what they were doing, all right.”

He chuckled and then I felt his lips on my bare shoulder. “It’s not funny, really, and I’m sorry you’re hurt. But he didn’t deserve you.”

“She’s everything I’m not. Thin, pretty, and apparently more experienced than me.”

“Hey now, Zoe. You’ve got a lot of that wrong. You’re beautiful and your curves are sexy as hell. Boys like Wes just don’t know how to appreciate the curves of a real woman. As for experience, a real man would understand why that was such a good quality.”

I turned and faced Evan. “You think I’m beautiful?”

“Oh hell, darlin’, I always have, but it’s hard to ignore now. You’re a beautiful young woman. Any man would be lucky to have you.” He kept his eyes on mine until I licked my lips. Maybe coming home was a good idea after all. I’d always had a crush on Evan. He was tall and built. No one would have been able to guess he was nearly forty.

“Does that include you?”

His eyes widened. “Especially me. But Zoe you’re hurtin’. I can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s not fair to either of us.”

I nodded, understanding. I hadn’t known he thought of me as anything other than a kid. Instead, I brushed my lips on his and smiled when his eyes fluttered shut. “Thank you,” I whispered. Any other man would have taken advantage of the situation. Instead, Evan held me close until I fell asleep, and when I woke up the next morning he was gone from my bed.

I took my time in the shower, washing away all of the hurt. I needed to bounce back. There were so many things I had to do to get my life back. I dried my body and slid on my cutest panties. I wanted to feel sexy, because I certainly hadn’t felt that way in recent days. Wes hadn’t touched me much for the last few weeks, and now I understood why. He wanted thin, and that wasn’t something I was. I had always been a bigger girl, and that never seemed to bother him. I thought he loved me. It turned out I was very wrong.

Chapter 2

When I went into the kitchen, Evan was making breakfast. The scent of eggs, maple, and sausage filled the air and my stomach rumbled. I loved food and I especially loved Evan’s cooking. “That smells good.”

He turned around and his eyes widened slightly. I was wearing a halter dress and between my breasts was a ring for the keyhole look. The dress was striped and airy. It was one of my favorites that I hadn’t worn in a long time.

“Morning, Evan,” I said and smiled. I felt much lighter. In the shower, I sobbed and cried my last tear for Wes. I knew it would be a while before I actually felt better, but it was a good start. The look on Evan’s face was enough to give me a little boost in my self-esteem.

“You look beautiful, darlin’.”



I nodded and sat down. He placed a plate in front of me and I licked my lips. It had been too long since I’d had his cooking. Wes never cooked and he didn’t like the kinds of foods I did. I wasted no time digging in and blushed with a mouth full when Evan chuckled. “Sorry,” I mumbled.

“Don’t worry about me. I love how much you enjoy my food.”

I nodded, smiling. “You’re the best cook ever.”

“Your dad called this morning.”


“I didn’t tell him you were home, and he extended his trip, so it looks like it’s just you and me for a while, darlin.”

I licked my lips and smiled. “That could be fun. Dad will only tell me to get over it. I know I need to, but I’m not him. He’s more emotionless than I am.”

He watched me while I ate, and then he stabbed his fork on my plate and took a big bite. Our eyes stayed locked, and it was almost like we were communicating without saying a word.

“Your dad won’t be happy if he finds out.”

“I’m a big girl. He doesn’t need to know everything about my life, and I certainly haven’t told him everything. Hell, you know more about my life than he does.”

“Really? I don’t know enough about you though.”

“Looks like we get to change that, now don’t we? You didn’t tell Dad because you knew that if he knew I was back because Wes cheated, he would have come home.”

“And then I wouldn’t have the time with you. You’re right. I’ll admit that I want you to myself.”

“How come you’ve never said anything before?”

“You had a boyfriend, darlin’. I don’t over step.”

“I see.” When I finished eating, he took the plate and finished what I’d left and rinsed the plate before putting it in the dishwasher. I realized how domestic we seemed, and I found I sort of liked it.

After the kitchen was done, I went to call my boss. I sat at my nook and looked out the window as I explained why I had up and left.

“I’m so sorry. I wouldn’t have left without notice—”

“Oh Hun, I understand. It really screws me for this week, but I would have done the same thing.”

“Thanks for understanding.”

“I’ll be sure to spit in the next coffee he orders if it’ll make you feel better.”

I laughed. “Nah, but that would be funny.”

I hung up a few minutes later and realized Evan was standing at my door. “Do you want to get out and do something? It’s better than hanging out in here all day.”

I didn’t want to, but I nodded anyways. I knew what he was doing. He wanted to help me keep my mind off of Wes while also taking me out.

I followed him outside and let him lead me to his car, open the door, and make sure I was buckled before he even shut the door. He was a gentleman. When he got into the driver’s seat, he smiled as he pulled out of the drive. I put my hand on his thigh and his body tensed, but then he put his hand over mine. “You know what this is, right?”