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Ripper's Torment

By:Sam Crescent

Chapter One

Ripper gunned his machine. He shouldn’t be fucking riding given how much alcohol he’d consumed, but there was no getting away from helping Princess. Judi had been officially adopted by his president, Devil, but everyone within Chaos Bleeds referred to her as Princess. She was their princess, the club princess, and no one messed with her without starting a war with the club. They all cared about her and would do anything to protect her.

Checking the name of the road, he broke the speed limit trying to get to her. Judi should be back at Devil and Lexie’s party, not along some dirt road where she could get fucking murdered. Didn’t women have any regard for their own personal fucking safety? He was getting pissed just thinking about her all alone. What the fuck was she doing out of the house? In fact, if she didn’t have a good enough excuse he was putting her over his knee and slapping her ass silly for putting her life in danger. Didn’t she know how important she was to them?

These roads were not safe for any kind of woman, not even the Chaos Bleeds Princess. He wouldn’t even leave a whore to sell her wares down this strip of road. All kinds of fuckers were traveling down this road, intent on harming those weaker. He saw her standing on the embankment, pacing up and down. Ripper drew his bike close to her. The light shining over her showed the copious amounts of blood smeared over the front of her body. Princess, what the fuck?

Climbing off his bike, he went to her. She was crying, the tears streaking her face.

“What the fuck did you do?” He went to her, holding her at arms’ length where there were no streaks of blood. Checking her over he saw none of the blood was hers.

“He wouldn’t let go, and I couldn’t get him to stop. Please, Ripper, I need your help.”

She was sobbing. The tears poured out of her eyes with every second that passed. Cursing, he stared past her shoulder to see the car with the inside light still on. The sight made him feel sick as he knew some of what was about to come. He couldn’t be mad at her for too long. Judi was a real sweetheart, and he’d seen her get stronger since Devil adopted her. They had all tried to make her leave her past behind. There was more to her than being forced to be a prostitute.

“Show me,” he said, speaking gently.

Ripper followed behind her heading toward the car. Moving toward the passenger side, he saw the mess that met him. He’d caused a lot of death in his years, and the sight before him didn’t affect him one bit.

“What happened?” he asked, already thinking of the men he could call to help clean this up.

“I was walking, and he told me to get into the car. I refused, and he stopped the car. I started running, and he grabbed me. I tried to get away, Ripper. I promise. I tried to fight, but he was too strong. He picked me up and dumped me in the car. I couldn’t get out of the car. If I attacked him while he drove he could get us both killed. I didn’t want to die. He parked here, and I freaked out.” She stopped, lifting her hand to wipe the tears then stopped when she saw the blood on her hands. “He was an old customer, or at least that’s what he said, along with a lot more shit.” Her lips wobbled. “I somehow got out, and he grabbed me, calling me everything I can imagine.”

From the sight in front of him, Ripper knew what happened. Judi had lost her temper, panicked, and shot a bullet into the man’s head. He stared at the man’s face lying just outside of the door. From the state of her clothing, she’d tried to hold his head but failed. Shit, he shouldn’t have given her a gun. Devil was going to fucking kill him.

“Shit, I’ve got to get this sorted and you out of here.” Running fingers through his hair, he cursed looking out over the horizon. “Give me the fucking gun,” he said, holding his hand out. Judi handed him the gun. The sun had set and wouldn’t be making an appearance for a good few hours. “Get your clothes off,” he said, removing his jacket. Ripper turned his back giving her privacy.

“I’m so sorry, Ripper,” she said.

“I don’t want to hear it. You’re going to do as you’re fucking told without comment.” He held his jacket out for her to take. “Get on my bike.”

She straddled his bike, holding on to him. He drove to one of the exclusive hotels designed for special clients needing an hour a time room. Ripper waited for the key then helped Judi up to the top floor, letting her into the hotel room. “Don’t let anyone in. Take a shower and get the shit off you. I’ll shout your name when I get back. Don’t answer the door to anyone else.” He didn’t stay behind to hold her hand or console her. The last thing he needed was to waste time. What the fuck were you doing out this late at night alone, Princess?