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Ruin and Rise

By:Sam Crescent & Jenika Snow

Ruin and Rise

Sam Crescent and Jenika Snow

Shakes had chosen to give up what he loved, what he’d bled for, killed for…would have died for. The Soldiers of Wrath had been his family; filled with men he called brothers. He would have given his life, his very last breath for each of those members, but that was before Daniella had entered his life.

To be with Daniella, losing his patch and cut, getting his Soldiers’ tattoos blacked out, had been worth it. He was proud to have done what he did: staking his claim on Daniella by running, trying to take her from her motherfucking, sadistic, and psychotic father, Zeke. That bastard owned him now, and the fact Shakes had to work for the fucker, watch him try and bond with Daniella, start a fatherly relationship with her knowing damn well he was a pimp, drug dealer, and ultimately a killer, had Shakes on edge constantly.

But Daniella was the reason that he wasn’t dead right now. If she hadn’t been there, shown Zeke that she loved him, Shakes would have been nothing but blood and brains on the porch of that house. Nevertheless, Shakes would have laid his life down for her.

No matter what.

On the run with her for such a short time all those months ago, Shakes would have willingly offered his life to Zeke. Yeah, he’d been wrong to just take her and not give a shit if Zeke threatened Demon’s old lady, Deanna, and their unborn baby. All Shakes had thought about was being with the woman he loved, trying to start fresh with her, and giving her the life she deserved…away from Zeke.

Shakes would have walked through hell to keep her in his life. Even though he had been ready to lay his life down for her, ready to give up watching her grow big with his babies, and not grow old at her side during all the fucked up times in between, he wouldn’t have changed the outcome of what had gone down.

He stared at himself in the mirror. He was naked aside from the towel wrapped around his waist. Water dripped down his body, and he lifted a hand and ran his palm over the foggy mirror. As he stared at himself, even all these months later, he saw a man that had never thought he’d be one of those men that would do whatever it took to be with his woman. But Daniella was his, would always be his, and he’d proven that he’d never let her go.

He stared at the blacked out tattoos on his body, the ones that used to be his Soldiers of Wrath markings. They were no more, not after he was kicked out of the club for betraying his brothers. But that was how it had to be. No matter who an asshole was in the club, if they went against the rules, betrayed that brethren, and put lives in danger, that was it.

It fucking sucked; that wasn’t a lie. When he was booted out, he’d lost a part of himself, a part he’d never get back.

Turning away from the mirror, he stood in the doorway of the bathroom, stared at the woman that meant more to him than even his own life, and knew she was worth it. She’d always been worth and always would be.

After turning off the light, shucking the towel in the corner, he slipped into bed with her. Covering them up, he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. She’d taken a shower earlier; he could smell the soap on her.

His dick hardened instantly, his balls drawing up. He wanted her, wanted to fuck her, shove his dick so far, so deep and hard into her he didn’t know where she began and he ended. Yeah, fucking cliché and shit, but it was the truth.

He’d just gotten off work as security detail for her father, Zeke, and the idea that he had to work for the bastard had Shakes always on the brink. Yeah, the asshole was trying to mend things with Daniella, have an actual relationship with her, but the fact was that he was still a dark and twisted individual. However, Shakes loved Daniella, he had to put up with all the bullshit that came along with it. But again, it was worth it. He just wished he didn’t have to see her father every single fucking day.

He smoothed his hand over her side, loved when she moaned in her sleep, and couldn’t contain his own groan. He didn’t want to wake her, but he needed her, needed her softness, her sweetness, to wash away the shit he’d seen while with Zeke. The asshole’s strip clubs were BDSM clubs that catered to wealthy, high profile men. There were also beatings of men that had fucked with Zeke, ones that Shakes had to stand guard, watch, and witness. He wasn’t a stranger to violence, and he sure as fuck had dealt with plenty of it himself, but that didn’t mean he wanted to be Zeke’s bitch lap dog and watch him beat a man while wearing a pair of brass knuckles.

Pushing everything else away, he focused on the sound of Daniella’s breathing change, felt her body tense before relaxing, and knew she was awake.

“I missed you, baby,” he said against her ear, whispering in the darkness.