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Second Chance at Love(6)

By:Victoria Wells

So what was he doing here now? The only time he showed up at her place was to take the kids out. And even then he waited in the car. She was certain Dom was aware they were at his parents’ house with Zoe. There was no reason for him to be here.

Having run all this through her mind, an uneasy feeling settled in the pit of her stomach. Panic set in. Has something happened to the kids? With that last thought Karen swung the door open.

“What’s wrong? Are my kids okay? Is Zoe okay?”

Dom’s dark gaze roamed Karen from head to toe. Gone were the makeup, updo hairstyle, and evening gown. In its stead were a hot pink, long sleeve t-shirt clinging to her breasts, nice fitting jeans hugging every curve and French pedicure toes peeking from beneath the hem of her jeans. The makeup was scrubbed clean from her face, her dark hair hanging loosely around her slender shoulders. She barely looked twenty-five. No one would believe she was thirty-four with two children ages nine and eleven.

Dom gave her a lazy smile. “The kids are fine. Are you going to let me in?”

Relief washed over Karen. Panic subsided, and before she was aware of what she was doing, Karen had stepped aside and let Dom in.

Bad mistake.

Chapter 3

As soon as Karen closed the door she knew she was in trouble. Within the beat of a second she found herself backed up against the living room wall. The next thing she knew, her arms were held high above her head, pinned to the wall by a strong, large hand.

“What are you—”

Karen’s inquiry was cut off by Dom covering her mouth with his. Squirming, Karen made a futile attempt to escape. It was no use. She was no match for his strength. He proved as much as he slipped his tongue in her mouth, holding her wrist firmer and wedging his leg between her thighs just in case she had any ideas of kneeing him in his privates. Leaning against the wall with his free hand near her waist, he created a prison, one from which she wouldn’t escape, not until he was good and ready to free her.

She tried to fight it. Tried to fight him. Honest she did. The more she struggled, the more his tongue stroked the inside of her mouth, driving her crazy. Her nipples puckered and the area between her legs throbbed. Relaxing, Karen welcomed the supporting wall at her back. Any anger she had suddenly evaporated into a thin mist. Letting out a soft moan, Karen fully surrendered to the kiss.

The second Dom felt her relax he released his hold on her wrists. He halfway expected her to haul off and slap him into next week. Pure pleasure coursed through him when she stood on her tippy-toes, leaning her breasts into his chest, wrapping her arms around his neck with no intention of breaking the kiss.

Dom let out a deep groan when Karen’s pelvis bumped into his groin. Threading his fingers in her loose hair, gently tugging her head back, his hot mouth nipped at her exposed neck. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

Karen didn’t know if she was trembling from the threat of his words laced with promises of pleasure or from the slick, wet tongue gliding along her neck as if she were the best-tasting lollipop in the world.

“Do what?” Karen asked, her voice coming out in a soft sigh.

“This.” Dom answered, thrusting his groin into her pelvis.

The sensual haze wafting around them suddenly vanished. Dropping her hands from their resting place around his neck, Karen placed them on his wide chest, giving him a gentle nudge. “Please back up.”

What in the world had gotten into her? Better yet, what had possessed her to act like a wanton tramp in heat? If he hadn’t said anything she’d probably have her legs wrapped around his waist, dry humping like crazy. Embarrassment coiled all around her. If the floor opened up and swallowed her alive any second it wouldn’t be soon enough.

Backing up, Dom saw the flushing in her cheeks. He wanted to kick himself. Why did he have to go and say something? His intention wasn’t to make her feel bad. Just to kiss her out of her mind.

“I’m sorry.” They both blurted out at the same time.

Chuckling, Dom offered, “You go first.”

Smiling shyly, Karen suggested, “Let’s go sit down.”

Dom followed as Karen led him over to the sofa. Stifling a groan, he looked toward the ceiling. The sway of her jean clad hips was driving him insane. Please help me.

Shrugging out of his jacket, he laid it on the arm of the sofa as he sat next to Karen.

Facing Dom, Karen tucked her legs beneath her. Nervously she nibbled on her bottom lip. “Dom, we shouldn’t have done that.”

Cocking his head to the side, he gave her a lopsided grin. “What did we do?”