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She Fell For A Boss

By:KC Mills

Three Years Prior…

“Get out the car, get out the got damn car,” Detective Torres yelled as he held his gun on Miego while his partner pointed his gun at Kia.

Miego looked at Kia as his jaw tightened and his temple twitched. To say he was pissed couldn't even begin to explain what he was feeling at that moment.

“Don't say shit, no matter what they ask you, don't say shit. They can't put any of this on you, so don't say a got damn thing. No matter what deals or promises they offer. Not a muthafucking word, Kia. Do you hear me?”

Her eyes were wide and her hands shook as she nodded aggressively, agreeing to what Miego was telling her. He knew she was afraid, but at this point, he didn't care. All he needed was for her to keep her damn mouth shut so that she wouldn't make the situation worse. In his line of work, he dealt the cops all the time. Hell, he had even gone to jail enough to know what to expect, but the amount of weight he was carrying had him nervous as fuck. If they wanted to, they could lock him down for a long ass time. He knew all they wanted was the money and the drugs, so it was likely they both would be on their way home as soon as the cops shook him down. But for now, he needed her to let him handle the situation.

From the way they rolled up on him, Miego could feel that something wasn't right. He was a dope boy, well known in fact, and it was nothing for 5-0 to cash in and collect payment to allow him to handle business in his neighborhood. But tonight, shit just didn't sit right. The stop was too damn random and it didn't add up. He never carried the amount of product with him that he was currently holding, and never that much money. Tonight, he had made the mistake of keeping it with him since he had just planned on a quick dinner with Kia. Afterward, he was going to his spot to deliver what he had to his people so they could get it on the streets. Now, here he was surrounded by two unmarked cars and two loud mouth detectives with guns pointed at his window, yelling for him to get out of his car.

With one last warning to Kia, he raised his hands and waited for the officer to open the door. “Don't say a got damn thing, I mean it.”

Torres chuckled after Miego stepped out of his vehicle. He forced his gun against the side of Miego's head and then his body against the hood of his car. Within seconds, he had handcuffs on him while his partner duplicated the action with Kia. Thankfully, she kept quiet like Miego asked, which was about the only thing he was grateful for. He had murder on his mind as he memorized every detail about Torres.

“Aye, Torres, jackpot. We hit the fucking jackpot,” his partner yelled from the rear of Miego's car as he held up two duffle bags. One had thirty keys in it, the other held a little over half a mil in cash.

“Well, well. Looks like the king is about to find him a new throne. In an eight by ten cement cell, behind bars. No actual throne there, but I’m sure you’ll make do.” With a smug grin, Torres pointed to the bags that his partner was holding up. “I’d say that’s going to take the boss off the streets for a while, but don't worry, after we get our cut, your lawyer might be able to work you a sweet deal. I mean, you’re still going to jail, though.”

Miego gritted his teeth, knowing that they were about to take his shit and also take him in with just enough to make sure he did time.

“Ah, come on, Boss, you’re not going to say thank you? We're helping you out here.” Torres forcefully lifted Miego from the hood of his car and shoved him toward his unmarked car.

It took everything in Miego to stay calm, but he did say one thing, and one thing only. “Your days are numbered.”

A cocky grin spread across his face just as Torres laughed and shoved him into the backseat of his car, shut the door, and then walked over to his partner, who had placed Kia in his car. Miego figured it was so they could get her alone in order to make her talk. He prayed that she kept her damn mouth shut. He didn't need her making things worse.

Fuming, he watched as Torres and his partner had a few words, and then Torres made his way back to his car and climbed in the front seat. After he adjusted his rearview mirror, Torres caught Miego’s eye and laughed.

“You ought to be more careful about who you trust. Maybe next time you'll know better.”

Miego’s jaw tightened again as he clenched his fist. He anticipated the day that he would be able to put a bullet in Torres. It would happen, the problem was he didn't know when. Miego was certain of one thing; Torres was going to regret the day he ever met Miego Grant, and that was a promise.

Chapter One

“Aye, Miego, you got a dollar? I need a dollar,” Rog stuttered, barely able to get the words out as he rubbed his bony hands together.