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She Used to Be the Sweetest Girl

By:Briann Danae


“Will that be all for you today, ma’am?” Brix asked the lady through the speaker.

It was five p.m. and her day was finally coming to an end, for now. Working at Ross First National Bank had been her little hustle for the last three years, and she was more than ready to get off. She had an even longer night ahead of her and planned to be up late. A part-time bank teller through the week, and what she considered to be a cake boss by night. She could bake her ass off and everyone knew it.

“Whew! That’s the last customer everyone,” the manager said, locking the door as everyone began a slow clap.

Brix began counting her drawer down and took it to the safe. Everyone was slow poking around and gossiping, but not her. She had moves to make and needed to get going.

“I’ll see y’all Monday morning. Have a safe weekend,” she said before hopping in her car.

Wal-Mart was her first destination. She had three orders for tomorrow, and if she didn’t pick up the ingredients as her mama asked, she was going to hear her mouth. Being the only child had put a lot of responsibility on Brix. Although her parents had spoiled her growing up, things definitely were not the same once her father died. A horrible car accident two years ago ended his life and left her mother unable to work. Brix stepped up to the plate, as much as she could, to provide for her and her mother. The monthly checks her mom received, plus her income, were only covering the bare minimum. No matter how much overtime she went in for, or how many cakes she sold, she never felt like she was doing enough.

She whipped into a parking spot, cutting the car off in front of her as they blew their horn at her rudeness. “I didn’t even see them, whoops,” she laughed, getting out the car and walking through the double doors that seemed to open only when you almost ran into them.

“Okay, two dozen eggs, food coloring, non-salted sticks of butter, and shoot… what else did she say?” she rambled on, grabbing a cart. She did not feel like calling her mama and hoped she would remember as she walked the aisles.

As always on a Friday evening, the store was packed. Although Schucks was closer, Wal-Mart had better deals. Moreover, she knew where everything was located. She walked down the aisles, getting what she needed, yawning, while mentally preparing herself for the long night ahead. This was her normal routine. Go to work all day, and then bake all night. Only thing she wishes she could change was to have more time doing what she actually loved, but that time would come one day. Things always come to those who wait, and she had been patiently waiting for the last three years for a miracle to happen.

“Ah, that’s what I need! Vanilla extract,” she said, remembering. Pushing the basket over to the next aisle, she moved to the side, sucking her teeth. The last item she needed was on the top shelf, way out of reach for her tiny frame. Standing at only 5’2, pretty much everything was out of her reach.

“Why would they put the stuff all the way at the top,” she said, rolling her eyes. She peeked outside the aisle until she saw a guy walking by in a blue shirt. He had strolled by in just the nick of time.

“Hey, excuse me, sir. Can you please grab this item off the shelf for me? I don’t know why you guys put things so high up,” she said, getting his attention.

“I don’t work here, but I’ll grab it for you,” the guy said, walking into the aisle.

Sure enough, the blue shirt he was wearing was not in representation of Wal-Mart at all. It was True Religion, just as his jeans that hung slightly off his behind. Brix blinked her eyes a few times, trying to control her lustful stares, as he reached above her. The cologne he was wearing, which she was sure cost a grip, invaded her nostrils. Damn, he smells good, she thought, scooting over some. He brought the bottle down, placing it in her hand, with a smile on his face. Brix looked away, not wanting to get trapped in his gaze.

“Thank you. Sorry for thinking you worked here,” she said, placing the box in her basket, completing her list.

“It’s all good. A nigga do look like he works here,” he replied, laughing.

His smile was breathtaking to her, even with one tooth being slightly crooked. She felt herself smiling just because he was.

“Yeah. Kind of hard not to blend in with the employees,” she said, leaning on her basket.

Shemel didn’t mean to, but he couldn’t help but stare at her. Brix’s long eyelashes, pouty lips, and dainty nose captivated him. With each word she spoke and blink of her eyes, he licked his lips, admiring her beauty. He had never seen her before, but was happy to be wearing the right colored shirt today.

“You right. You might wanna bring a step stool with you next time. You know, so you don’t have to ask random people for help,” he chuckled, while readjusting the items in his arm.