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So Far Gone in You(Primal Heat 2)

By:Lynn Hagen

chpter One

Olin coughed back a laugh as he stared at Ollie. “You did not,” he said as he grabbed a shirt from the drawer. After the night he’d had, the shower he’d just taken made him feel like a new man.

His twin stood and smiled, as if telling Olin his little secret had been the highlight of the guy’s day. “Did so.”

Olin turned and faced Ollie as he tugged the shirt over his head. Ollie seemed pleased as punch. There was a glow to him, and Olin had to admit it looked good on the guy. “So, you’re telling me that you finally got laid?”

The smile wavered, and Olin knew there was more to the story than his twin was telling him. Ollie sat back down on the bed and brushed his hand over the blanket.

“Okay, so maybe I didn’t go all the way, but it was close.”

The last thing Olin wanted to do was burst Ollie’s happy bubble. Diminishing his moment wasn’t what Olin had set out to do. He grinned widely and then crossed the room, holding out his fist. Ollie hesitated and then tapped it with his own.

“So, how far did he get?” Olin tried to sound excited that his twin almost got laid.

A blush crept along Ollie’s cheeks, and then his full smile returned. “Hand job.”

“You or him?”


At least someone got lucky last night. The closest he’d gotten to sex was someone brushing past him to get to the dance floor. The guy had been cute, and his hand had nearly brushed over Olin’s cock. It was a sad day in the Taylor household when his dorky twin got some action and Olin didn’t.

“Plan on seeing him again?” Olin asked as he sat on his bed and tucked his feet into his burgundy Vans. They were scuffed and a bit and frayed in some places, but they were his favorite pair.

Ollie shrugged. “I’m not sure. I think he wanted to go further, but when I said no, he settled for a hand job. He didn’t seem very interested afterward.”

As Olin tied his laces, he glanced at Ollie. “Guys can be real jerks. Don’t let his indifference bother you. You’re a good-looking guy. You’ll score again.”

He knew Ollie was a good-looking guy because Olin wasn’t half-bad and they were twins. Call it vain. He didn’t care.

“I don’t want to score again,” Ollie said with a heavy sigh. “That might be okay with you, but I want something meaningful.”

My brother, the romantic. Something meaningful to Olin was a fifth of any kind of alcohol and a wet ass. Twenty-one seemed too young to settle down into a meaningful anything.

But Olin had to give Ollie hope and wipe that sad expression from the guy’s face. He hated to see his brother with anything but a smile. “Well, Mr. Right is out there for you. Keep looking. You’ll run into him.”

Olin got up and grabbed his wallet from the dresser and shoved it into his back pocket.

“Where are you going?” Ollie asked as he scooted farther onto the bed and curled his legs under him.

Olin stopped at the door and turned to him. “Gabriel’s. Syn challenged me to a game of—”

Ollie held up his hand. “Enough said. You’re going to play video games.”

Olin normally hung out at Gordon Park, where all the other guys he’d gone to school with gathered. Some skated on skateboards and others smoked chronically. Ollie did neither. He just chilled with them. It was boring on most days, but it was better than sitting in the house.

But that was getting old, and he was looking for other things to do. So, it was off to Gabriel’s to annihilate Syn and put the man to shame.

“You wanna go?” Olin asked. He didn’t mind hanging out with Ollie, though they were like night and day. The guy always had a book tucked in his pocket. Olin liked that his twin was a nerd. It was pretty cool.

“I have to catalog a new shipment of books coming into the library,” Ollie said as if being around all those dusty books was a thrill for him.

Olin would never understand the guy. But that was fine. He didn’t have to understand Ollie. He was his brother, and that was all that mattered.

“‘K,” Olin said. “Catch you on the flip side.”

He left Ollie to himself and walked into the kitchen to see his Aunt Mya baking. She was always baking. The guys Olin hung out with used to joke that he should carry around a glass of milk because he always smelled like cookies.

Olin never thought that was funny, but hey.

“Heading out?” she asked as she wiped her hands on the apron strapped around her waist. There were already two dozen cookies cooling on the counter.

“Heading over to Gabriel’s.”

Her hands stilled, and then she wiggled a finger at Olin. “Did you ask Alpha Talyn for permission to enter his territory?”