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Something for the Pain

By:Victoria Ashley

ZIPPING UP THE FLY OF my favorite denims, I hop into my truck while apologizing to Jade. Things were just starting to get heated when I heard my phone go off and saw that it was Tripp. I tried my hardest to ignore it, but every time she calls I let my heart do the talking . . . even when I am naked and rock hard.

Shit! That is going to hurt later.

When I answered, she had asked me to meet her at our favorite bar. She said it was important, which leads to why I am now sitting in my truck with a pissed off Jade throwing my shirt at my head.

“Who does that, huh?” Slipping on her stilettos, she leans in and grips the top of my window as I toss my shirt into the passenger seat. She lets out a deep breath and looks away, embarrassed. “No man in his right mind leaves during sex to go see another woman. What makes you think this opportunity is going to come up again? Do you just assume that you’ll get another chance?” She turns back to face me again while brushing her black hair behind her ear. “Well do you, Alex? Huh?”

I shove my key into the ignition and watch her chest as it quickly rises and falls. She sounds angry, but her eyes are full of want and need as they scan over my tatted chest and arms. Her body is still craving my touch and wanting more; it’s clear as fucking day. From the way her body was reacting to mine in the bedroom, there is no doubt in my mind that if I wanted this to happen again, it would. The question is, do I want it to happen again?

“Look, Jade. I already explained this to you. When a friend calls and says they need me . . . I go. Not that it’s any of your business, but I’ve known Tripp since I was eight. If she needs me, there is nothing that is going to stop me from going.” I bring my eyes down to her breasts and lick my lips. As turned on as I may be, my head overrules my dick when it comes to Tripp. “Not even some very dirty sex.” I turn the key, starting up the engine and a small growl escapes from her throat. “Save the growling for the bedroom.”

Running her tongue over her perfectly bleached teeth, she takes a step back and places her hands to her hips as I pull out of her driveway. There is no doubt that she is pissed to the max, but she’ll get over it. They always do. This isn’t the first time I have left during the middle of sex to take care of Tripp. It won’t be the last time either. In the past I’ve left elevator sex, office sex, bathroom stall sex . . . basically sex in any place you can think of. This is the norm for us. This is how we’ve always been, how we function.

When I arrive at Blue’s, I jump out of my truck, slip my shirt over my head, and yank the back door open. It’s pretty close to empty, so I spot Tripp immediately after I step inside. She’s already seated in the far left side; our usual spot.

Her eyes lock with mine, and seeing them light up is all the confirmation I need to know that I made the right decision by coming. It’s always the right decision when it comes to her.

“Holy shit, Alex. I think that was a record.” She glances down at her phone. “It took a total of five minutes and thirty nine seconds. Don’t I just feel special.” Her full, slightly pink lips turn up into a smile as she stands and walks over to me.

I can’t help but to notice how hot she looks today, in her little white dress. It’s short and tight, molding to her curvy, tanned body. That sight does things to men, uncontrollable things. I have to admit to myself that I have never met anyone more beautiful in my life than her. Everything from her little freckled nose to the intensity of her big, blue eyes screams perfection to me.

She throws her arms around me and I pull her close, out of natural instinct. The soft smell of vanilla is present; her usual choice of shampoo and body wash. I never get tired of her scent. I’m around her so much that the smell even haunts me in my damn dreams.

After a few seconds she pulls away and slowly runs her hand through my hair with a light tug. I love my hair being tugged. It’s on my top list of shit that turns me on, and for some reason she knows exactly how I like it.

Her small nose scrunches, making a cute face as her eyes take me in. “From the looks of your messy hair I would say I interrupted someone being a dirty boy again . . . no?”

She leans in and places her nose against my neck, running it just under my ear and stopping. Goosebumps rise on my flesh as she takes in a deep breath and moans, before pulling away and licking her lips. It’s so damn seductive and she probably doesn’t even realize it. “And you smell delicious, so I’m guessing I am right? I take it a lot of girls are getting tattoos these days.”

They are, but I won’t get into that with her.

Walking over to the small booth, I avoid her question, take a seat, and wait for her to take one across from me. I need to get my thoughts in order and keep my control in check. It’s not easy just leaving while you’re balls deep between a pair of long, slender thighs and not getting a chance to even finish. I reach for the Miller Lite that she has waiting for me, hold it up to my lips, and tilt it back while adjusting myself under the table.

With curious eyes, she takes a sip of her Daiquiri and eyes me up and down with slight amusement. “I’m going to take that as a yes to my question. I know you too damn well, stud. No words are needed.”

“Yeah. . . . And she was pretty pissed off too. She practically chased me outside in the nude. I’m lucky she didn’t stab my dick with her damn stiletto.” I set my beer down in front of me and give her a questioning look as she grins and covers her mouth. I wait for her to tell me what the hell was so important, but she just takes another sip of her drink before licking the red slush from her lips and playing with her straw, as if we could just sit here all day. She’s trying to put off telling me something, but she can’t hide shit from me. “So . . .” I push. “Tell me.”

She lets out a little laugh. “Is someone a little impatient today?” She asks while getting comfortable in her seat, trying to pretend that nothing is up. “We don’t have anywhere to be. Well . . . at least I don’t.”

“You said it was important. What’s up, Tripp? You and Lucas breaking up?” I raise an eyebrow and try to look concerned, but inside I’m fucking thrilled and hoping that I’m right. She’s too good for him, but she’s too blind to notice.

Her smile only broadens as she shakes her head. “Oh come on. You know that’s not it, and technically we’re not a couple. I mean . . . it’s nothing serious, yet. Don’t make me say it again, dammit.” She pauses and starts playing with the end of her ponytail. She always does that when she’s nervous. It’s fucking adorable, making me want to reach across the table and pull her into my lap. “Actually . . . Lucas asked me to move in with him the other day. He found a good deal on a really awesome house and wants to get out of his apartment. I have to admit, it’s hard to pass up.”

You have got to be shitting me.

Her words stop my fucking heart, taking me a few seconds to respond. “Please tell me you said no.” I take a long swig of my beer and swallow, before taking another one, while looking her straight in the eyes. The way my heart is racing right now is making me uncomfortable, leaving me uneasy. I don’t like where this conversation is headed. “You did say no, right?”

“Alex! Why would I say no? This is a great opportunity to get out of my aunt’s house. I just turned twenty-one. Who in their right mind would choose staying at home over freedom? Come on.”

“I’ll give you one good reason. The only one that you need, and you know I would never steer you wrong.”

She leans over the table and puts her face close to mine. Her eyes bounce back and forth between mine, challenging me. “Oh yeah, Alex Carter. What is that reason? You always seem to know what’s best for me. Go ahead, enlighten me.”

I lean in closer so my lips are almost brushing hers, then I stop and wet them. I see her eyes dart down to my lips before she looks up nervously and focuses her attention back on my eyes. In a small moment of weakness, I almost flick my tongue out and run it across her lips, but stop myself from making that mistake. “You’ve been dating for less than a year. You’re too young to move in with a guy, with this guy. It’s a horrible idea. I don’t agree with this shit, Tripp. I can’t.”

She rubs her nose against mine, before kissing it and smiling as if she already knew exactly what I was going to say and already has her answer perfectly planned out. I’m not surprised. “That is exactly why we will have separate rooms. It’s a three-bedroom home with an indoor and outdoor pool. It even has an extra room, big enough for a pool table and gym equipment . . . or anything that you want. It’s the perfect party house. We are young and wild, right. I want to live that way for once. It’s time to have fun and loosen up before settling down and doing this grown up shit.”

Running my hand through my hair, I take a drink of my beer and shake my head in aggravation. “I don’t like the idea of you guys living alone together, Tripp. I know you’re not exactly a couple, but he might start to get possessive of you once he gets that taste of what it’s like to have you every day. I don’t trust you in his hands. He doesn’t deserve you and my opinion on that won’t change.”