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Ssdei: Captive to the Dark(4)


The shoes he was wearing slid against the side of the Jacuzzi and he pulled off his shirt. The defined muscles in his stomach and chest had me looking down. I may have been into some dark shit, but my innocence was still there. I wasn’t naïve to the fact. After all, I was still technically a virgin, despite the rape. He hadn’t ruined me there.

“You father talks about you all the time. He’s proud of how far you’ve come.”

“He talks about me?”

“You sound shocked.” Jordan unbuttoned his khaki shorts, pulling them off. The white and dark blue swim shorts hung low on his hips, revealing a perfect V. Heat blossomed on my cheeks and I swallowed past the sudden lump in my throat. What in the hell was wrong with me? This was so out of my character. It had to be some weird new version of sea sickness, or sun poisoning. Surely my pale skin was as red as a cherry from being outside all day.

The wind blew my sandy blonde hair across my face and I quickly pushed it back. “I guess I am surprised in a way. I didn’t know I was a topic for discussion. What all has he said?”

A mischievous smile came to his face. “Join me and I’ll tell you all about it.”

I knew that look all too well, and I wasn’t interested. “Sorry, I don’t have my swimsuit on.”

“I bet you do.”

Damn him. I did, but I wasn’t about to get in the hot tub. No way, no how. “I don’t think being in water, on top of the water, would be good for my sea sickness. I’d rather not push it. I’ve been lucky so far.”

“As you wish.”

The water sloshed against the sides while he sat back and continued to stare. Silence between the two of us lasted all of five minutes before the sound of the waves caught my attention. My stomach instantly flip-flopped. If I didn’t get my mind off of it quick, I’d be hanging over the edge of this boat in a matter of minutes.

“Fine.” I stood and pulled the dress over my head. The white bandeau bikini I wore did little to flatter my curvy body. I’d mainly gotten it so it’d blend in with the dress without standing out under the material. As for looks, my body was as pale as what I wore.

The water was warm against my legs as I climbed in. The way Jordan raked his eyes from head to toe had that blasted thing in my chest running a marathon.

“Better,” he said, lowly. “Now, where was I? Oh, right. Your father says you’re almost finished with your Bachelors in Psychology. I’m intrigued. What made you choose that path? Are you going for your Masters, Doctorate, or are you looking to get into counseling when you finish?”

“I won’t stop school until I’m licensed. My plan is to become a child therapist, but I’ve teased with the idea of going for something like a criminal profiler.”

“Oh.” Disbelief lit his tone. “Now, that is interesting. Does daddy know?”

The smile that came to my face was automatic and he returned my expression with a one of his own. “No. You’re the first person I’ve ever told. I’m not sure how he’d feel about it. He’s stressed for as long as I can remember that I need to go for something respectful. Safe. Stick to an occupation like a doctor or lawyer. FBI wouldn’t impress him.”

“Well I think it sounds cool. And thank you for confiding in me. I don’t blame you for not telling your old man. There’s things mine doesn’t know that I sure as shit wouldn’t want him discovering.”

Without thought, I leaned closer. This guy was more intriguing than I’d first thought. “Like what?”

The nonchalant shrug was followed by him leaning back, again. “Just things.”

What kind of response was that? “I told you a secret. It’s your turn to tell me one.”

“Oh, is that the game we’re playing? Okay.” He nodded for me to get closer. I sighed but moved another few inches toward him. Only then did he lean to the side to get level with my ear. “I almost always do the opposite of what my father says, but I think I’m going to make an exception in this case. I like you.”

My head jerked back and I looked at him. So, he was being put up to this too? And he actually wanted to go through with it? No. Not going to happen. I scooted back, crossing my arms over my chest.

Amusement lit his face while he repositioned himself against the back. “You’re not interested.” I could tell it wasn’t a question, but more of a shocked statement. The sound of his laugh traveled over the water and I looked around nervously for my sister. What was taking them so long? “Wow, now there’s a first. I have to admit, I’m a little upset that you’re against seeing what will become of the two of us. Is it my looks? Are you not into guys? I was told you don’t really date.”