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Ssdei: Captive to the Dark(8)


“Whoa, you’re swaying a bit.” Jordan linked his arm in mine, taking on some of my weight. I still couldn’t get over what he’d said. Was it just two nights ago? He was quick to change the subject the moment I had tried to get him to elaborate. Not a single word had left him after that cryptic comment. Our conversation had led to hobbies, food, and our ideal place to live if we ever got to choose. It had been nice, but not what I wanted to know.

Bethany turned around, the long, black sequined dress sparkling in her movement. Ever since Jordan and I started spending more time together, she’d cheered up significantly. I liked it. For some strange reason it made me feel good to please her. My family all wanted this and Jordan was growing on me. He was a big mystery. One that I found myself wanting to solve. Yet, the nagging in my brain wouldn’t let me fall for him completely. My wall was still up, and I’d leave it there until I learned more.

“So, where are we going again?” The salty sea air filled my lungs while I tried to get a grip on my equilibrium. As long as I kept taking deep breaths, this would pass. It always had in the past.

“You and I are going to find coffee. Your sister and Charles are meeting Mr. George at his office.”

That was right. Wait. “Coffee?” My eyes lowered to my white and pink watch. “It’s almost five in the evening.”

“Yep, and I have a killer headache. Caffeine will help.”

Bethany and Charles got into a black Town Car and disappeared around the corner. It shouldn’t have surprised me someone would be waiting for them. Sometimes I forgot the lives they led. True, my place and tuition were paid for by my father, but I didn’t take money from him to live off of. I worked so I could afford food and necessities. I didn’t even own a car. Yet, here, my sister and Charles led glamorous lives.

“You hungry? We can grab some burgers while we’re in town. Sure as hell beats salad or pasta again.”

A laugh burst from my mouth before I could stop it. “God, yes. We need to find a place and fast.”

The scene as we rounded the main entrance to the marina wasn’t what I was expecting. A few shops were lining the one road little village town, but that was it. My stomach twisted at the realization that I’d been hoping for a release. Some hole in the wall little club where I could sate my desires when everyone went to sleep at night. This place wasn’t going to give me that.

“What’s wrong? You seem disappointed.”

I looked up at Jordan and settled on his lips. Quickly, I broke my gaze and stared back at the nearly deserted street. “I thought it’d be bigger. That’s all.”

“You looking for something in particular? I’m sure if we went exploring we might be able to find it.”

I nearly laughed. “I doubt it.”

An older model pick-up truck passed in front of us and we jogged across the street even though there wasn’t another car in sight. A bell rang out while we walked into a small café. Out of the room, three tables were occupied. Jordan and I took a seat in the back booth and were greeted by a waitress with red hair, not much older than myself. The dimples she displayed were deeply set while she greeted us.

“I’ll have a Dr.Pepper.” Hell, I didn’t need to look at the menu to know that. Soda was my drug, if there ever was one. I depended on the shit like some people did cigarettes.

“Coffee,” Jordan said, picking up the menu.

The waitress nodded and disappeared to the back. I looked up, spying the restroom not a few feet away.

“I’ll be right back.”

Jordan’s eyes lifted, meeting mine. “I’ll be here.”

Fuck, what was I going to do? My skin was starting to itch again. The small restroom held two stalls and I quickly went into one, trying my best not to even touch the door. The flush rattled the walls and I prayed one of the pipes didn’t burst. That’d be my luck.

The double sinks rested along the back wall and I walked over, checking my reflection in the small mirror. Damn, I looked windblown. Blonde hair hung over my shoulders wildly with a hint of frizz. I couldn’t have looked any worse had I held my head out of a window of a vehicle going a hundred miles an hour.

The long white and grey maxi dress I wore was loose on the top, the spaghetti straps almost falling off with every move I made. It’d fit fine last summer. Now it was too big. The fabric was tighter at my waist and stayed slim all the way to my feet. I looked horrible, but did it really matter? There was no use fretting over my appearance. I had a feeling it wasn’t going to get any better over the next three weeks. The wind was just too bad and if the sea sickness kicked in, I’d look a lot worse than I did now.