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Ssdei: Captive to the Dark(88)


A smile exploded on his face and he turned, pulling me into his arms. The kiss was deep and passionate. The hint of Scotch intoxicated me, and I drank him in, needing more. Needing to seal this momentous occasion with memories that would suffocate the old ones that haunted me until they no longer entered my mind. I knew it was possible, and if anyone could help me do it, it was Slade.

Satin once again rested against my heated skin and my clothes were pulled off with every ounce of impatience I knew my master had in him. Fingers rubbed against the outside of my pussy, coaxing the wetness from me even more. Continuous moans poured from my mouth and they didn’t end when Slade wrapped his fingers around my throat. The constant pressure wasn’t enough to cut off my air supply, but it did show me who was in charge.

“I love you, slave. More than anything. Tell me who owns you.”

Even now, he couldn’t stand not to hear it, and I loved giving myself to him over and over. My soul was his. In the dark we’d found each other, and there we’d stay, relishing in our wicked tendencies, pushing the bounds of pain and pleasure. Thriving in a love that not just anyone could find.

“You own me, Master. Forever.”

The End