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Ssdei: Captive to the Dark(9)


While I washed my hands, I let the water burn into my skin. My eyes instantly closed, basking in the sweet sting. The sensation wasn’t what I wanted, but it would do for now.

Shuffling had my eyes fluttering open to see Jordan’s reflection behind me. Before I could spin around, his hand clamped over my mouth and he jerked my back into his hard chest.

“Shh.” His gaze locked on the mirror, as did mine. Air lessened the moment he shakily moved his palm up to cover my nose too. The whites of my eyes grew. No way had he known what I was into unless someone had told him. The other hand came up and fondled my breast. A moan escaped from his mouth. Or mine. I wasn’t sure. At my nipple being pinched in between his fingers, I dug my nails into his jean covered thighs, all the while trying to figure out how. Who betrayed my secret? Only my father and mother would have known.

Suction from my deep inhales left me lightheaded. After what seemed like forever, my lungs began to blaze just as much as my skin. The need to fight screamed into my brain, but I ignored it. Waiting. Testing. Thriving under what Jordan was doing.

As suddenly as his hand had appeared, it dropped. “I went ahead and ordered for you.”

I couldn’t help but stare at him blankly. “What?”

“Your food. I ordered it. Come on, let’s go sit down.”

Was he kidding? He couldn’t just do something like that and expect us to walk away like nothing had just happened. My hands came to my hips while I continued to stare at our reflection. “Why did you do that?”

A shrug was all he gave before turning around and leaving me there. If I had thought my arms and legs were twitchy before, I obviously hadn’t known the definition. Now I was a complete mess, mentally and physically. Wetness settled between my thighs, but I ignored it and made my way back to the booth.

“Tell me why you just did that.” No way was I letting this go.

He stirred his coffee and took a sip. “Felt like it.” The response was so clipped that it only made me angrier. This wasn’t the man I’d spent the last two days with. That Jordan was inquisitive. Curious. Mystery underlined that, yes. Was this it? The real Jordan Brighton? No. He was playing some kind of game with the information he learned.

“Who told you? And don’t lie to me.”

“No one said anything.” His eyes peered over the coffee cup not telling me anything. “Why couldn’t I have just been testing what you can take for myself? Didn’t we already discuss how we were both different?”

I didn’t believe him. Instead of arguing, I opened the straw and took a drink of my soda. The coldness made its way down my chest all the way into my stomach while I drank heavily. “So, is that what you’re into, then?”

“Amongst other things. Do you want to find out?” He gave me that smile again. The tingling that took over made me shift in the seat.

The waitress appeared with two baskets containing a hamburger and fries. I never took my eyes off of Jordan. The moment she left, I leaned in closer. “Absolutely not. That’s asking for trouble.”

“You think?”

“Yes,” I hissed. “We’ve known each other for two days. Not to mention, I’m stopping that part of my life.” My voice lowered toward the end. It was a lie, but I didn’t want him to know how involved I was, or how deep I was willing to go.

“You’re stopping? Sorry, honey, but that’s not something you can just turn off. Trust me, I know better than anyone.” Something flickered across his face. “Your dad wouldn’t happen to know about your…kinks, does he?”

Kinks. That word alone fed the darkness in me like an aphrodisiac. My fingers pressed into the table while my breathing increased. “Why?”

He popped a French fry in his mouth. “Because, I might know why our fathers are so adamant about us meeting.”

“Your father knows about what you like?” Shaking took over my hands as I picked up my hamburger. This wasn’t what we should be talking about. We were inviting more with each minute that went by, yet I couldn’t make him stop.

“Yep, let’s just say he found out very early that I wasn’t normal. Had a few run-ins with girls wanting compensation for what I did to them. Bullshit, of course. They wanted it, and I’m not just saying that as a dick. They knew the safe word. Not once did they call it.”

I wasn’t sure why I wanted Jordan so much in that moment. Maybe it was knowing that he’d done enough damage that the girls had proof on their bodies of his lust. I wanted to be marked, too.

“My father’s men rescued me from a club when I was seventeen when it got raided. He knows.”