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Teasing My Dad’s Best Friend

By:Ava May

Dr. Bowens and John Metcalf have been friends for as long as they can remember. They grew up in the same neighborhood, their parents were best friends and even after they finished school and had families of their own they remained friends.

Dr. Bowens or Mitch had been married when he was younger. It was right after he had opened up his practice. He had fallen for one of the nurses that worked for him and it almost cost him his career. She ended up getting pregnant and threatened to expose their affair if he did not marry her. Only a few months after the two of them were married, his wife miscarried and was left with nothing to hold against him so he filed for divorce. He refused to live his life in a marriage that was nothing more than a sham and the result of being blackmailed. After that Mitch refused to get married or even consider it. He turned into a bit of a playboy going out and having sex with whomever he wanted all the while letting them think that they had a chance of a future with him. He never cared whose heart he broke as long as he was getting what he wanted.

Now that he was 40 he was beginning to wonder if that was the right decision. Most of the women his own age were already married, those that were not weren’t worth his time and the younger girls, all they were after was money. Mitch longed for the days of his youth when he was able to have sex with anyone he wanted. As he looked in the mirror and watched himself age, he felt less like a man and more like an antique.

John had married Angel right out of college. They were college sweethearts, inseparable and disgustingly in love as Mitch used to call it. Only one year after they had gotten married Angel had their daughter Alissa. She was to remain an only child. Mitch was a police officer and Angel was an attorney, the two of them decided that they simply did not have time for another child.

If you asked Alissa they did not have time for one. She was raised by babysitters, young girls who were trying to earn extra money while they were in college or high school. After being dumped out at a daycare or school all day she would come home and have a teenage girl looking after her. More often than not the girl would have her boyfriend over and would have not time for Alissa. She would sit in her room until the baby sitter would feed her, then she would take a bath and go to bed.

Alissa grew up feeling completely alone and unwanted. Of course her parents would have told you that she had everything a girl could ask for. They filled her room with all of the possessions they could think of. If she showed even the slightest interest in something they bought it for her. She always had the latest cell phone, the newest laptop, the best clothes and had even gotten 2 cars since she turned 16.

The first car was the one her parents bought her for her 16th birthday. They had thrown her a huge party, and let her invite everyone she knew. Since Alissa didn’t really have a lot of friends she invited everyone at school just so she could rub it in their faces that she was having a huge party and they were not.

Alissa’s parents had over 100 pizza’s delivered and they didn’t even say anything when they found out several of the guests had brought alcohol into their home. They had opened up the pool for the party and their home had suffered a lot of damage because of it. They had bought Alissa an Escalade because that was what she said she wanted.

As the party came to a close, they led Alissa out of the house and surprised her with the car. It almost broke Angel’s heart as she watched her daughter shrug her shoulders and say, “Oh, um thanks,” in the sarcastic tone that she used.

That was when Angel realized that she had not really been a part of her daughter’s life and tried even harder to buy her love. First she took Alissa out to buy an entirely new wardrobe. Alissa accepted all of the gifts of course and her mother thought that they were bonding, but that was just one of the games that Alissa had learned to play.

Just weeks before Alissa turned 18, she had wrecked her Escalade because she was doing her makeup while she was driving. Alissa was not like the other girls her age. She had started having sex at a very early age in order to get the attention that she desired so badly. Her parents, of course, had no idea, but one of her older friends had helped her get on birth control.

She didn’t hang out with people her own age, but instead began attending college parties when she was 14 and when she told her parents that she was going to a sleep over at a friend’s house it usually meant that she was going to some huge frat party.

Her parents thought that she was a normal innocent girl and never would have imagined the types of things she was doing. She allowed boys to do all types of things to her body that would make her mother blush. In high school the girls called her a slut and the boys loved taking her behind the school. She would flirt with the teachers doing everything she could to get them hard before teasing them and walking away. She had even experimented with girls and although she enjoyed it, she preferred to be with men.

Alissa had recently graduated from high school and her family was trying to come up with something that they could all do together before she left for college in the fall. Mitch (Dr. Bowens) suggested that the family join him at his cabin on the lake for the summer. He had planned to go up there to get away from all of the hustle and bustle for a few months said that he would be more than happy if they joined him.

Alissa was less than thrilled at the idea. She did not want to be stuck in the woods with her parents and her father’s best friend. She knew there would not be anyone there that was her age and she could not imagine spending the entire summer with only her vibrator to please her.

Her parents refused to hear her out and told her that they were not going to listen to any arguing. They knew that once Alissa left for college, they would be lucky if they ever saw her again. As she had gotten older over the past few years her parents seemed to understand that they had not done the best job. She could see the guilt on their faces when she looked at them and it did not bother her at all. She wanted them to suffer. They had taken away her entire childhood. They had never given her any good memories and had never even planned a family outing before.

They had no idea that Alissa began sneaking out when she was 12, that she had tried so many times to get their attention but they had never even noticed. She was sure that she could have died and no one would have known until she didn’t show up for school for a week.

Alissa packed her bags for the upcoming trip and even though she was sure there would be no sexy boys there for her to tease she packed her sexiest bathing suit, several super sexy outfits, and even a few sexy nighties. As she threw the nighties into her suitcase she rolled her eyes as she thought about how oblivious her mother actually was.

Angel had bought those nighties for Alissa assuming that she would only wear them to bed and that they would make her feel pretty. They had made her feel pretty alright. Each time she wore them in front of a different man they made her feel really pretty.

Alissa wondered what it would do to her father’s best friend if he saw her prancing around in one of the nightgowns. She wore them in front of her parents all of the time, neither one of them took notice. Alissa made a mental note to wear them in front of the doctor and see how her parents reacted.

Once she had her bags packed she wrestled them down the stairs and sat them at the front door. She ran back up the stairs and grabbed her purse reminding herself to ask her father for some extra cash for snacks. She had a ton of money, she made sure to ask for more money every day, even if she did not need it. Often her mother would hand her a 50 dollar bill or her father would hand her a couple of 20’s when she only needed one or two dollars.

They had given her a credit card to use for gas in her car so that she did not have to worry about running out. Often times she would use it for other small purchases and they never said a word about it except for the time that she bought a 500 dollar outfit on the card. It was not that they had gotten mad about the outfit it was that she had used the wrong card to buy it with. Alissa wondered if they had any idea just how lame they were.

It was not long until Mitch and Angel had their bags packed and were loading them into the families SUV. Alissa was in the kitchen looking for a snack when Dr. Bowens pulled up.

“Hey John,” he yelled as he got out of his car.

“Good to see you doc,” John said as he walked toward Mitch’s car.

“Not this weekend,” Mitch smiled as he shook John’s hand. “Where is that spoiled brat of yours?”

John laughed and nodded toward the house. Mitch looked up at Angel and gave her a wave. “Tell your younger sister to get her butt in gear,” he teased.

“Ha,” Angel laughed. “I only wish I looked that young.” She walked toward the house to get her daughter while the two men talked about the trip. They planned on spending a few days out on the lake fishing and leaving the girls to themselves. Angel had told her husband that she needed some time alone with their daughter before she went off to college and John had agreed.

He had wanted to spend time with his daughter as well, but they simply did not have a close relationship and he had no idea what to do with her besides take her shopping. Of course, there were not going to be any shopping malls out at the lake so their time together would have to wait.

“Why don’t you throw your bag in our car and we will all ride up together,” John suggested to Mitch.