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The Alpha’s Desire 5(10)

By:Willow Brooks

“I agree,” I chimed in. “I’m sure part of it is retaliation against what I did to him in saving Lex. He’s calling us out.”
“Yes, he very well may be,” Edward said, “but we don’t fall into traps, we create them, and we uphold justice. There should not be wars among any paranormal groups, but this man, he is jealous, angry, bitter, and vengeful, maybe now even power hungry. He believes he can lure us out to get to you, or any of us for that matter since you’ve been trained. We need to put an end to this fight once and for all.”
“We do,” I agreed despite the lump in my throat.
“You know that we would have helped him and his people if he would have just asked us in the first place,” Catherine said before she burst into tears, the loss of Vivian still a deep wound, not even given a year to begin to heal.
“I assumed as much,” I said, hoping to soothe, reaching across the table to add my hand to the many that already had Catherine’s. I offered my support as well. “But, Daniel didn’t think to just ask. He let his anger overrule his common sense. He went for revenge immediately.”
“It is that I don’t get,” Catherine got out, putting a stop to her tears as anger began to deepen her voice, and her hands curled into fists under all the hands piled up on top of them. “Royal or not, we have made it a personal mission to remain approachable. Always. We are known for helping, so why on this earth did he not think to ask us for help? We would have given it. We had no reason at all to hold back. In fact, in my mind, helping them to alleviate their curse would have been helping paranormals, which is our job in a way too. We may not have brought them to the island, but a training academy of sorts in the states could have easily been built. Other sorcerers could have been trained to learn to turn them. We could have all worked together.”
This time, Edward had let Catherine go on. He figured, as we all did, that she needed it. Sometimes ranting can be helpful, so we all listened, agreed, not to appease or even to humor her but in true agreement to each and every word she said. We all knew they would have helped. The frustration laid in the fact that Daniel had not been able to figure out the same.
“We have been talking about how to best approach the wolves these last months, to let us know we are willing to help those who want to escape their curse. We just hadn’t figured out how best to begin the talks with all that has happened. Daniel has made us out to be the bad guys. With all quiet, I suppose it was our mistake, being overcautious, not wanting to put anyone else in jeopardy that we took our time in coming up with our plan. Now, we have this to deal with again. Worse than the first time as innocents have become involved. We are still his targets, but he is using the deaths of others to get our attention this time. We are sorry to rattle on. We are so beside ourselves with this news.”
“We understand,” I said. “You talk all you need to. Rest assured that we will go. We will join in the fight.”
I looked at Lex for his agreement, though I knew I didn’t have to. The idea he would stand beside me no matter what warmed my heart, gave me the first sense of strength since I’d walked into this room and heard the dreadful news that would change my life once again. I’d wanted to go back to visit the states, but had put it off at the same time. Now, I would have to, but not for the reasons I’d wanted to.
I’d been trained for six months to use my magic, and a month now as a wolf. I needed to use these blessing I’d been given to help those who had helped me. I would, without question, as I had Lex when Daniel had taken him, but I wouldn’t go fearless into battle. Not this time at least, if one ever could. The whole idea of it turned my stomach, even just thinking of it. Fighting wasn’t exactly in my nature. To take a life, just the mere notion of it alone made me nauseous. I’d seen that first hand last time I’d come face to face with Daniel and let him go. So, this fight was on me.
If I’d found it in myself to kill that man who had come so close to killing the man I loved, none of us would be facing this mess. I couldn’t even handle letting myself think of the innocent lives lost because I couldn’t kill a man. Sadly, I couldn’t reconcile either side, the guilt or being able to make another decision. Now, if given a second chance to take his life, I’d have no choice, would just need to deal with the way it would make me feel. I selfishly hoped that decision didn’t come down to me, and that made me feel even worse. The whole circular with no upside train wreck of thought wasn’t getting me anywhere, but I had the plane ride back to the States to figure it out, I guessed. I had to change the direction of my thoughts for a moment before I hyperventilated.