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The Alpha’s Desire 5(2)

By:Willow Brooks

The night vision had to be the best. With larger pupils and more rods, my eyes now glowed, utilizing low light, allowing me to see in the dark as much as I could as a human in the light. Sometimes more. The world of the woods, while humans slept, had been a new place for me to discover, especially on this tropical island of unique and beautiful animals of all types. When I couldn’t sleep, usually eager, anticipatory excitement over what I would practice or learn in training the next day, I now loved to go out prowling as a wolf, watching the nocturnal lemurs the Royals had brought to the island to protect forage for food or just hang about in the trees. The little creature’s whimsical play could serve to entertain me for hours.
Smell had proven the most overwhelming of all to adjust to. My wolf nose now able to detect one hundred times greater than my human nose, things like even natural decay could overpower, leave me reeling at first. If possible, my touchy female stomach had turned, reeled at smells taken in as a wolf. I knew my human brain still worked when in wolf form, so why not? Even the salty ocean full of fish had been quite the challenge to process and not gag, if a wolf could do so outside of eating.
Training had been especially detailed with this new and highly improved sense. Smell was vital to a wolf’s existence in ways I’d not realized initially. Scents were actually used for interpretation of situations, to predict danger, or the state of prey to fight back. I’d gone through extensive trials to learn to decipher what I smelled, and to utilize the knowledge gained from those smells in case we were needed to go back to the States and fight one day. In particular, we’d recreated scenarios like we’d been in at the warehouse where Lex had been taken by Daniel, the man in the black suit, showing me how I could have sniffed out and evaluated the situation as the other werewolves had done.
While we didn’t make a practice of eating in wolf form, I’d been trained to in case survival meant staying in the form for an extended period of time. Thankfully I’d not been a vegetarian, or being a meat-eating wolf may have been hard. Of all of the senses, this one stayed with me, gave me issues not in my wolf form, but once I’d turned back. Because my werewolf had powerful jaws - in fact I’d been told twice as powerful as a wolf’s which were twice as powerful as a canines - the ripping and tearing of food gave me the creeps, made my human form shudder if I thought of it after.
The hunt had been a paradox, as exhilarating to the wolf as it was revolting to the human. As a woman, I ate meat purposefully, never associating it with the actual animal it came from. In hunting training, we’d been given game to chase that had been purchased for food. When the animal ran, there was no outwitting instinct, my wolf ran and attacked. Yet, after, the bloody raw meat in my stomach, I had a hard time once I shifted back keeping it down. It was unclear if the food ingested as a wolf remained in my human stomach, but I surmised it couldn’t given the sheer quantity. Still, the idea of it later made my stomach roll. Thankfully they’d only made me do the hunt a few times, stopping after I’d been successful at it.
The only thing my training had lacked, as in I’d been told but not practiced, was wolf pack mentality. With no new recruits at the moment, I had been mainly trained alone by Catherine and Edward with Lex’s help. So I’d been told about the alpha and the omega roles, important for structure in battle, but not had the privilege to run with a pack; well, not a true pack. The Royals and Lex had simulated one for me though a few times with the Royals here that shifted too.
I’d found a connection to one, another male. Though no one thought anything of it. Apparently often two would make a stronger connection without rhyme or reason as to the why of it. I’d not had the chance to really flesh out the ability though, just enough to master it and move onto something else. With so much to learn, I assumed there’d be time another day to go back and practice and improve upon what I wanted at some point.
Running now, with Lex either beside or ahead of me, was just for fun though, a thrill of letting the wind I created with speed alone rush through my fur. With all five senses sharper, the world around me came alive in ways I’d never dreamed possible even if just out playing, exploring, in this form. I didn’t have to concentrate for the changes to be very apparent at all times.
Everything about life since meeting him had been just that way though, a thousand times better to put it simply. Before I’d woken at horrible hours to the annoying sound of an alarm clock to gulp down cold cereal and cheap coffee before fighting the crowds of New York to get to a boring pencil-pushing job of servitude in an office setting. Cubicles of computers and phones, staplers and stacks of papers had been about as good as it had gotten. I’d traded that in for castles and tropical forests, along with elaborately cooked fresh seafood and the juiciest of fruits. Even my clothes had gone from boring, dull black dress pants or yoga pants back then, to cocktail dresses and some magical training special jumpsuit that was flame retardant.