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The Billionaire’s Baby

By:Ella Cari

The Billionaire’s Baby

Key to My Heart, Book 3

Ella Cari

Chapter One

Every day was more complicated than the last.

I sank backwards against the cold tile floor, miserably pressing a damp towel against my forehead while covering my eyes with shaky fingertips. My head pounded, my stomach lurched nastily, threatening to puke up everything I hadn’t been able to eat in the past few days.

What did this creature inside of me want?

Guiltily, I lowered the wash cloth from my face and slapped it on the side of the tub. Easing my back against the smooth edge of the wall, I ran my fingers down my belly.

“I didn’t mean to call you a creature.” I murmured gently, stroking my flesh as though I were stroking the growing head of my child within.

It was about three months along now. Three months since that night with my aloof billionaire husband…

I shook my head, struggling not to think too much about it. Sometimes, though, it was all I could think about.

Sebastian Davis, my reserved but sexy as hell husband of just six months was untouchable but irresistible. I still couldn’t believe how much my life had changed since last year when he waltzed through the front doors of my closing bakery and all but demanded my hand in marriage.

Alright, maybe ‘demanded’ was the wrong way to put it. I certainly needed his help as much as he requested mine.

Without a wife, Sebastian stood to lose all that he had worked so hard for, all that he had spent his life dedicated towards achieving. His extremely lucrative family business would have been taken underhandedly from between his deserving fingers, and I would have lost the bakery my parents loved so dearly.

Though I hadn’t seen my mom and dad for too long before their unexpected passing, I just was completely unable to let their dream be sold to the highest bidder. I’d firmly believed that I needed it stay under my care. I’d attempted, rather unsuccessfully, to run the place myself. Unfortunately for me, I was neither a baker nor a business woman, and I almost lost the entire shop.

Sebastian saved it for me, and I, in turn, saved his wealth. All that was needed was a simple little wedding certificate. Easy enough, right?

We hadn’t meant to sleep together, that’d never been part of the plan. Our relationship was only about the money. That night had been a rather unexpected pleasure, and had resulted in a rather unexpected gift.

Now that there was a tiny little Sebastian junior brewing inside of me, did he mean to pass on the business to it?

I hated calling the baby an ‘it.’ I couldn’t help it though, sometimes it just slipped out. It would be easier to say whether the coming babe was a boy or a girl, but at the same time, I didn’t want to know the gender. Sebastian was dying to be told whether we were having a boy or a girl, but I just didn’t want to know.

Though we weren’t quite far along enough to know the gender yet, I was fairly certain I would keep it a mystery until the actual birth.

Maybe I wanted a surprise. Maybe I didn’t want to face the reality of the baby coming just yet.

There were certain unavoidable ways I did have to face the reality though. A nursery was being built, though fortunately Sebastian had someone other than Alissa in charge of the decorating.

Speaking of Alissa, the sensual she-devil and George Davis, my father in law, were still rolling full steam ahead with their scandalous relationship.

Engaged before the divorce between George and Karina was even dry in the books, we were actually preparing to have their wedding now. It was so unbelievably strange to be here now, waiting to see Alissa clad in elegant white. Would she even wear white?

My mother in law still lived with us, and thighs she’d warmed up to me considerably over the past few months, news of her ex-husband’s engagement had made her sharp and crotchety once more.

In general, I just tried to avoid her as much as possible when she was in one of those moods. I didn’t want to irritate her, not with how grateful I would be for her company once the baby was here.

Sebastian still worked almost constantly, and in the last few months since I found I was pregnant, he’d been gone for over half of that time.

It was hard to imagine what life would be like after the baby’s birth.

Karina was convinced it was a boy. I’d woken up more than once with her kneeling over my belly with one of those dangling crystals, trying to tell which way it was swinging.

“You’re carrying like a boy.” She would say primly as she watched me walk into the kitchen in the mornings for my now decaf coffee. There was nothing I could do but shake my head and walk the other way. I wasn’t even showing yet.

Naturally, she’d been the one to break the baby bearing news to her son.