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The Boss’s Proposal(2)

By:Amanda Horton

“I knew he would make you feel better.” Holly said as she reached for the eviction notice. Lily gave it over as she looked at her dear nephew.

Holly read over the paper, and cocked her mouth to the side as she thought.

“You have thirty days, so we need to think of a plan.” Lily looked thankfully at her sister.

She had been too panicked to even read what the notice had to say. She cursed herself for being so reactive. She could have avoided this entire fiasco if she had only calmed down enough to read what the paper had to say.

Holly walked to the back of the bookshop and began to make the two of them a cappuccino. The soft aroma of coffee lulled Lily even further. She looked around at her second home. It had been everything that she had dreamed of. She had even planned every book that would line its shelves. The day she paid for the shop was the best day of her life. The day she sold her first book was remarkable. Today compared to those had been the most depressing day of her life. Her heart was in pain, and she felt like a failure.

“ If you get a job, you will make enough to pay rent and manage expenses,” said Holly after thinking for a few minutes.

They decided on this plan as a way to save the store. Holly would run the store while Lily was at work and Lily would take over for the last few hours after her work ended. They knew it was going to be tough but it was the only ‘plan’ they could come up with.

Lily was eighteen, and had just graduated high school, and was in her first semester of college. In other people’s eyes, she had the perfect life. She had a full ride into college, and she was dating someone that she cared about deeply. Lily and Alec Cross had been together since they were fifteen. She was euphorically and deeply in love with Alec. He was handsome, caring and unbelievably intelligent.

Besides Holly, Alec had been the person that had been there the most for her. Whenever her father would start in on her, and Holly was at work, Lily would climb out her window and would run to Alec’s home. It blew her mind how different their worlds were. His mother and stepfather had loved and supported him no matter what. They never screamed at him or got drunk and took their day out on him or his younger sister. They had dinner each and every night, and expressed their love for them constantly.

The fight hadn’t exactly come out of nowhere. It had been the fifth time that Lily had come home from working a five-hour shift at the Cookie Hut, just to find Alec lounging on the couch, playing video games. Lily had gone to school full time, worked part time, and had to study for finals. All the while, Alec had yet to find a decent job. He had yet to even look.

Lily threw down her book bag, and the screams just came rolling from her mouth.

“Alec what the hell!?” Her words made him jump.

“Hey baby. What’s wrong? Bad day?” He asked in a warm voice.

Lily looked around. The apartment was a mess, and it had all been his. She had left it clean when she left before dawn.

“It wasn’t until I came home! Alec, what the hell is all this? Why is the sink full, why are you just sitting on your ass?” Her words were bitter and acidic, but she couldn’t stop herself.

Her feet were killing her, she was exhausted and she was irritated.

“Babe, I’ll clean it up, I just haven’t had time.”

Lily ran to their room and locked the door as she slammed it. She yelled while she beat her fists into a pillow. The tears came rolling from her eyes, and her stomach hurt.

She leaned down onto the mattress and allowed the anger to wash over her. Eventually, the exhaustion took her over, and she fell asleep.

As a few hours passed, she woke up, groggy and feeling pitiful. She knew what she had to do, and she knew that she had to do it now.

Lily liked to have her life planned out to perfection. She had always wanted to own a bookshop and was focused on that goal. She needed someone who felt the same sense of purpose. She was looking for drive that would motivate her. Unfortunately she did not find it in Alec.

As she made her way out of the room, the smell of cleaner rushed her. The apartment had been spotless, and Alec stood doing the dishes. Lily bit her lip as she looked at the man that she loved as she shook her head.

“Alec, we need to talk.” She mumbled as she made her way to their couch.

Lily felt like there was a hot wrought iron in her throat. This was the last thing that she wanted, but she had had enough, and there was no end to this in sight. How many times had she asked him to change? How many chances had she given him? Too many to count, that was for sure.

Her sister had told her so many times to respect herself, and she felt that by staying with Alec, she would be doing the exact opposite. She looked into Alec’s deep eyes.