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The Boss’s Proposal(4)

By:Amanda Horton

Even being familiar with the features, Lily had to take a few moments to place the face. When she had last seen it, it had been younger. She saw the same emotion of trying to figure it out, on his face.

The man that stood in front of her had once been a boy, a boy that she had known inside and out, in the most intimate of ways. The name came creeping up to her mouth, where it lingered for more than a moment. It had been years since the name had left her lips, or traced her mind.

“Alec Cross?” She asked, her voice sounding unfamiliar to her own ears.

“Lily?” He asked, his voice imitating hers as he looked down to the paper that he held in his hand.

A part of her wanted to stand and to hug the person whom had been her first love. Another part wanted to recoil away from the awkward situation. The two parts pulled at her, making her freeze and stay still, unwilling to move or to say a word.

She was thankful that Alec had taken the first move. He stepped to her and embraced her.

His scent rushed her. His muscles encompassed her, and his voice lulled her. She was brought back all those years ago when a young girl had loved a young boy. Where the two of them spent every waking moment in each other’s arms.

Lily was overcome with too many emotions to count, embarrassment being the most prominent. She was guilt to have broken up with him.

Here she stood, interviewing her ex for a job. The same ex that she had insisted wouldn’t become anything. She felt her face flush, but she doubted that Alec had noticed the betrayal.

“It’s been a long time,” he said excitedly as he pulled away from her arms and took his seat at his desk.

Lily followed suit.

“Yes, I would say that it has.” Lily contributed.

An awkward silence hung between the two of them. Lily swallowed hard, wondering why this was happening to her. It all felt very unnecessary. Did they need to cross paths now, after 15 years of keeping no contact with each other?

Lily looked at the man that she had made the decision to leave. He was a vision of power, confidence and sex appeal, and she was a heap of regret.

The cocktail of emotions and thoughts that ran through Lily’s mind confused her. Jealousy and embarrassment hit her hard. She also couldn’t deny the fact that she was still attracted to Alec in a very special way. Unlike the other men she had dated and been with in all these years.

Alec, unsure of what else to say and with a head full of tasks he had to get to, went straight to business. “So, you’re applying to the secretary job?” he asked coolly.

“Yes, I am.” Lily tried to say with confidence, but failed.

“ That’s great. Hey, I am in desperate need. Its been crazy here for the last few months and I need someone to manage my schedule and make sure I get my shit done” he said smiling.

“ Alec, its so great to see you. And look at this you’re the owner of XYZ. I am so happy for you. How did all this happen?”

“ Thanks Lily. Well, it’s been an interesting journey, but I would not want to bore you, plus it will take a long time.” Alec wanted to keep the interview professional.

“Is there a particular reason you are interested in this job, Lily?” Alec asked, as he politely remodeled his usual interview question why do you want this job?

“Yes. It’s primarily to save my life’s dream and its kind of a desperate situation” Lily felt there was no reason to lie. It had been more than 15 years since they broke up.

For a moment, her emotions were taken over by thoughts of the bookshop.

Alec looked at Lily for a minute and then nodded.

“Are you talking about the book shop, Lily?”


“ Are things not ok over there” Alec inquired.

“ Not really, we need cash to stay open and the books are not really selling. So I need to get work until we figure it all out”

“ I am happy to hear you achieved your dream, Lily. Good job!”

“ Thanks” Lily was happy to connect with Alec

“ You know, in business things are never stable. So don’t worry about it. I am sure you will figure this out with time”. The chips were down and Lily welcomed the encouragement.

“And, if that’s the motive, then I’m sure you will work hard” He smiled at her, a smile that sent chills down her spine.

“Yes, I will.”

“Also, I know you can write, and I need a ton of proposals written, so we could use your skills. Remember that English paper?” He smiled and winked at her.

A wave of accomplishment washed over her. She had in fact remembered that paper. It was their freshmen year in school and Alec had come to her with a very large English paper on a book that he had failed to read. It was always like Alec to put away the important things until they came back to bite him. They had spent the entire night going over the book, one of Lily’s favorites, and writing the paper. He had gotten an A on it, and neither of them could have been happier.