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The Boss’s Proposal(42)

By:Amanda Horton

It was all too much for her to take in and she started sobbing again although she didn’t really understand why.

‘’Pompoms!’’ Ben was laughing at her and then she was laughing again too. ‘’What am I going to do with you? It’s ok, you don’t have to be my partner if you don’t want to,’’ he said, teasing.

‘’Of course I want to be your partner,’’ she whispered up at him, hardly able to believe the turn of events in the space of the last hour or two.

‘’Well good,’’ he said, ‘’Because you’re coming to the training session tomorrow at 11. You’re ready for it! And I have a little something for you too.’’

He opened his bag and pulled out a beautiful new pair of skates. They were gleaming white with shiny new blades.

Laurel couldn’t believe her eyes; they were beautiful! ‘’Thank you so much!’’ she muttered, almost in tears again.

The waitress approached their table and he said, ‘’Now let me guess, your favorite milkshake flavor is… Chocolate? Butterscotch?’’

‘’Nope’’ she shook her head, smiling, ‘’Peanut-butter!’’

‘’Of course!’’ he grinned back, ‘’Me too!’’

‘’Two peanut-butter milkshakes, please!’’ Laurel ginned at the waitress.