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The Boss’s Proposal(6)

By:Amanda Horton

She thought back to a time between classed where the two of them had made eye contact in the hall. The gaze was intense, and meaningful without a word. A teacher had broken it up, telling them to ‘cool it’, even though neither of them were doing or saying a thing.

After a few too many moments had past, she broke the silence this time.

"Is there anything else I can do for you?" She asked, as she interlocked her fingers.

"No, that'll be all." Alec said as he gazed at her out of the corner of his focused eye.

Lily buzzed as she left Alec’s office. She had felt the undeniable tension that had been pulsing between them. She replayed the instance over and over again as she thought about what it had been that had engrossed him in her. She came up fruitless, but desperate for more.

She wished for that moment of connection to have lasted forever, and it left her tender for more.

The rest of the day, Lily spent it trying to draw Alec’s attention like she had in his office. She did what she could to get that buzz, if only for a moment.

Each and every time that she looked at him, she wondered what the hell that girl was thinking so many years ago. She had lost a man that was handsome as well as driven.

“Lily, come here will you.” Alec called from his office.

As quickly as she could, Lily was going into his office, she had wondered how much work she had ignored. A knot formed in her stomach and she clenched her hand, willing the nervous energy to be relieved.


“I have some questions for you.”

Lily sat down across from Alec. He was a difficult man to read. His face gave way to a mysterious essence, one that was not there when he was young.

“What are your questions?”

“Well, I was wondering if you could ask around. Work effectiveness has gone down greatly, and they aren’t going to talk to me about it, so…”

“You want to use me as a spy?”

Alec let out a laugh as he shrugged his hands.

“I wanted to avoid using that word, but yes.”

“Okay?” Lily said as she stood and left the office.

She checked the watch that sat on her right wrist for the time before heading to the lunchroom. Inside, people sat around large, round glass tables as they gossiped. Lily felt like her face was giving her away as she made her way to sit among them, something that until this point, she had avoided.

After a few moments of awkward silence, a woman that Lily recognized as Sadie Gilstrap smiled to her.

She was young, younger than her at least, and had short black hair that had streaks of red in it

“Lilith right?” She asked, offering the first olive branch to the new girl.

Lily was thankful for the gesture.

“Oh, just Lily is fine.”

“Great! It’s nice to meet you.” Sadie had a cheery disposition that Lily was thankful for.

The rest of the table introduced themselves, and within a few moments the awkwardness had dissipated and all that was left was friendly chatter among coworkers.

“So, do you all like working here?” Lily asked, cutting to the meat of what she wanted.

“Well, we did.” Mike, and older man whom worked in accounting said as he took a large fry and put it into his mouth.

“What do you mean?” Lily asked.

“Mr. Cross has made a few budget cuts, and even though they were minor, it kind of made it suck around here,” added a young teen named Daron whom was working in the mailroom.

“What kind of cuts?” Lily continued.

“Well, our lunch breaks are shorter” mumbled April.

The staff continued to add cuts that had been made, and Lily found each one to be an annoyance. She could understand why all these people had been upset by the cuts. They were the little things that made work enjoyable.

“Well, that doesn’t seem quite right of him.” Lily noted.

“That’s what we thought,” Sadie said as everyone stood and made their way back to their areas. Lily however, disappeared into Alec’s office.

“How did lunch go?”

Lily sat down and looked at Alec. She had known what happened to most people when they got a heavy dose of money, and more respect than what one could do with.

“It was informative.”


“Alec, why did you make so many budget cuts?”

Alec leaned back in his seat and a look of almost embarrassment crossed his face.

“Well, I thought we could be more productive.”

Lily let out a laugh that was more mocking than she had intended it to be.

“Alec, when you want your staff to be more productive, you focus on raising staff morale, not lowering it.”

“Lily, you don’t understand. Every morning they would bring in donuts and coffee and talk for an entire hour before beginning work.” Alec said, trying to defend himself.